What is the alternative app for PowerPoint on Apple products?

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If you bought a new apple product, you might ask about PowerPoint replacement, the Apple version of PowerPoint is called Keynote. It is an app that runs on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS platforms. Keynote provides a powerful presentation experience with beautiful transitions and animations, intelligent editing tools, and a library of over 700 customizable themes. Its easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools allow users to create stunning presentations without prior design or coding knowledge quickly. Additionally, Keynote has several pre-installed templates that allow users to start immediately. Read this article for more information about how Keynote differs from Microsoft PowerPoint? Do you need Keynote if your Mac has Keynote? Let’s take a look at the details, etc.


Keynote Vs. PowerPoint

Keynote’s objective is very similar to PowerPoint’s. Both applications are intended to assist users in creating and delivering great presentations. Both applications have some great features. You will find nearly all of the essential elements you need to create and deliver great presentations in either one.

You will need to learn about the various options when migrating from PowerPoint to Keynote. Even if you are an experienced PowerPoint user, this is true.

PowerPoint has been around since 1987. Keynote is a newer entrant to the presentation industry. It is, therefore, not surprising that Keynote is superior in certain areas. Keynote is better than PowerPoint in some areas, but Keynote offers a different approach to other aspects.

Here are differences that could be mantioned:


Saving Options & Default Themes

Keynote gives you many options for the default theme. These themes are fantastic because they offer great background options and layouts that are superior to the PowerPoint default template. Advanced users might not be affected by Keynote’s default themes, but it can add some jazz to your presentation if that is your preference.

You might also be interested in the ability to save your presentation after you have finished designing it. While PowerPoint has many options to save your presentation from choosing from, Keynote is somewhat limited in this area. Although Keynote allows you to save your presentation as a PowerPoint file, animations and shadow effects can be affected.

The good news is that Keynote can open and edit PowerPoint files even if you don’t have Microsoft Office installed.


Options, menus, and shortcuts

You’ll notice a change in the layout of the Keynote software’s menu and options once you open it. The lack of options can cause users to feel disoriented and confused. Although the initial look is clean, it has caused Keynote’s designers to hide many important editing options behind menu bars and dropdowns. I recall that the first time I used Keynote, I spent 20 minutes trying to change the shape’s color.

Keynote’s user interface needs to be clearer. The options are challenging to find.

The color menu seems less robust than PowerPoint’s. It can be tedious to change and set the default color scheme. This is an essential feature of the software. Shape shadows, a simple option, may not be as rich in features as you’d like. Shape merge options are only available for some advanced users.

There is some learning curve with most applications. If you’re migrating from PowerPoint to Keynote, it’s essential to spend some time getting to know the options. Even if you are an experienced PowerPoint user, this is still true.



PowerPoint is a popular tool for animating PowerPoint slide’s. PowerPoint has everything covered when it comes to animations. But wait until you look at Keynote’s animation options. While some might argue that the animation options serve no purpose, they open up a world of possibilities for your design.

Although you might be pleasantly surprised at the types of animations Keynote offers, you won’t be surprised at the architecture of Keynote’s animation options which are very similar to PowerPoint.




Can I open PPT files using Keynote?

Yes, you can open PPT files using Keynote. Keynote makes it easy to do this. All you need to do is select the file in your Finder or Open windows and then choose “Open With” followed by “Keynote”. This will convert the PowerPoint file into a Keynote presentation that can be edited and changed. It’s also worth noting that any changes made to the original version of the PowerPoint file won’t be reflected when working with the converted version in Keynote.

Additionally, certain features, such as transitions, embedded video, and audio recordings, may not be supported when opening PPT files with Keynote. You should always review these differences before beginning work in Keynote. Opening PPT files with Keynote is a quick and easy way to work on presentations without manually transferring the content. You can be up and running in no time with just a few clicks.


How to install Keynote?

The best thing is that you don’t have to! Contrary to the Windows OS, where you must separately purchase Microsoft Office Suite that includes PowerPoint, Keynote is not required to be installed on any Apple MacBook or Apple laptop. Keynote is pre-installed on all MacBooks, unlike PowerPoint, which must be purchased separately.

Keynote ships preloaded with the Mac operating system right out of the box. This is a great option. You are included if a PPT file is available while using your Apple device. If Keynote is accidentally deleted from your MacBook, go to the macOS app store, search for Keynote and then download it again.


Can we use Microsoft PowerPoint on my MacBook instead of Keynote?

Absolutely! You can choose Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac if you don’t feel comfortable with Keynote for Mac or simply don’t have the time to learn Keynote. It is easiest to purchase a paid subscription to Office365 and then download the software from either the App Store or Microsoft Office’s website.


What is the alternative app for PowerPoint on Apple products?

What are other presentations apps?

You can use many other programs to edit your PPT file on your Mac, even if Keynote or PowerPoint are not installed. The problem is the user experience, learning curve, and overall appearance and feel of the PowerPoint file and its functions.

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