What is the best size should images have for Google Slides?

what should image on google slides
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Image size for google slides?

The size of your presentation slide is one of the most important considerations when choosing the image size for Google Slides. You have the option to choose between a 4:3 and 16:9 format. These numbers need to be clarified. These numbers can be confusing.

Awesome Table’s Photo Slideshow extension for Google Slides will do its best to integrate the imported images into the Google Slides canvas. Two important things to consider:

  • Images should be measured in width and height. Uniform sizes will produce the best results.
  • Google Slides page setup.

The images will fit comfortably within the Google Slides canvas if they have the same dimensions (width in pixels and height in pixels). If the dimensions of the images are different, the script will try to output them as best it can.


Why do I need to change the slide size in Google Slides?



Different Screens

The dimensions of your presentation may vary depending on the location. Different screen sizes have different aspect ratios. You will need to adjust the Google slide size based on where you are presenting. You might present in a tablet, mobile phone, or widescreen laptop with different screen sizes.


This feature allows you to choose which screen your presentation will appear on. Your presentation can be built for widescreen (16:9) or smaller configurations such as mobile phones (4:3).


What is the best size should images have for Google Slides?

These recommendations are only suggestions. You may need to increase the pixel size to work with your specific image or site. For any questions, please reach out to your Support or Project Manager!

An 800x600px image is good for acceptable image quality and low disk space consumption.


An image with a width of 1024 pixels will give you better images.


An image with 1920 pixels width will produce the best quality images. It will be the same size as the full-size image when viewed at full screen.


If the dimensions of the images are within the specifications, you don’t need to upload them at 72 dpi. Remember that digital cameras can save raw images as.tiff files using CMYK color profiles. It is best to save the images in.jpg format before uploading.


Sharpness and Resolution

Visually pleasing images should be high quality and high resolution. It is time-consuming but well worth the effort to find high-quality images. It’s better to skip an image than to use one that isn’t quite right.

The demands for image material are increasing due to the constant improvement of projectors and screens. Images with lower resolutions may have been fine years ago but are no longer acceptable on high-resolution devices.


Image Size

Your audience will pay more attention to larger images. Large images are best and should be used in your Google Slides presentation. It is not enough to simply put large images on your slides. These images must be in harmony with your overall presentation aesthetic. It is worth taking the time to incorporate background images and other visual stylistic elements into your google slides.


Multiple Images

Sometimes multiple images are required on one slide. This is often the case when you want to show comparisons or overviews. It is essential to keep everything organized and simple. You can risk having cluttered slides by not being consistent with the layouts and sizes of the images. You can use frames to help you clearly distinguish the images.


How big should your slide be?

16:9 is the default aspect ratio for screen sizes. I use it in all settings, from boardrooms to computer monitors and smartphone screens. You have a lot of slide space to work within the 16:9 format. While the legacy 4:3 aspect ratio is still in use, it creates smaller slides that don’t look as great on modern screens.

The 16:9 format works well for everyday use, but what about when you need to design a presentation for an event or conference? Last year, I designed slides for a corporate conference that featured multiple large screens. The slides were 52″ x 17″ and included a “leave the space blank” area at the bottom. Every event is unique, so getting to know the AV people is essential if you are working with slides like this. They will tell you what size slides you should use for the best viewing. Worst case scenario, distorted graphics are what you don’t want to see on a huge stage.

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