What is the best to fix the an error occurred while powerpoint was saving the file error?

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Did you ever receive the error ” An error occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file” after finishing your work? This error may be a problem. There are many reasons why this error can occur. The primary reason could be that the file has been corrupted, or that some slides’ content needs to be reviewed and corrected. This article will explain why and how to fix the error that occurred while PowerPoint was saving the file error.



Reasons for the error file cannot be saved.

There could be many reasons why Microsoft PowerPoint is displaying an error. There could be several reasons for a PowerPoint error. Other possible reasons PowerPoint does not save could be:

  • Corrupted slide due to incompatible data files
  • Storage restrictions or none
  • System errors can lead to a corrupted location
  • Open the file in a new location

These are the reasons there are many solutions for the “an error occurred when PowerPoint was saving the file PDF” issue.



How to fix the an error occurred while powerpoint was saving the file error?


Save the file for a new PowerPoint presentation

You can save your current PowerPoint presentation as a new PowerPoint file if you’re unable to save it. Create a new presentation. Copy the slides from the previous presentation and paste them into a new one. Finally, use Save As to save the presentation file.

Change the file extensions. If PPTX isn’t working, save the file as PPT and check if that fixes the problem.


Check Your PowerPoint for Corrupted Images/ Slides

It’s a good idea to check for slides that are causing the PowerPoint save function to crash when there’s a problem saving a PowerPoint document. This problem can be caused by certain types of images or charts.

You can remove the slides or sets of slides that are not compatible with copying and pasting. Also, you can save the PowerPoint file by removing the images and charts from the slides.


Use a different file format

If you have problems saving a presentation, it is worth trying an alternative file format to check if your file has been saved. If you are having trouble saving your file to the PPTX format, then use the PPTX format.

  1. PowerPoint is the best tool to launch your presentation.
  2. In the top-left corner of the app, select File.
  3. Select Save on the left, and then select Browse in the middle column.
  4. Choose Save as type from the drop-down menu to choose a file format other than the current one. Then, select Save.

Repair corrupted presentation

We mentioned that it is possible to not save the MS PowerPoint presentation if it has been corrupted. Try repairing PowerPoint and see if that fixes the problem.

You can also look for any corrupted slide content such as a font or graphic. If a font is a problem, you can replace it with a standard font.


Create a new PowerPoint presentation from your existing slides

You can recover slides and any changes made to your presentation by creating a new presentation. Then, paste your slides into it. You’ll be able to create a new presentation that contains all of the slides from the faulty one.

  • Open PowerPoint and then the presentation.
  • Choose the first slide from the left sidebar.
  • You can select all slides by pressing CTRL + A on the keyboard.
  • You can copy all slides by pressing Ctrl+ C.
  • Create a new presentation with Ctrl+ N
  • To paste all slides copied into your new presentation, press Ctrl+V.
  • You can save your presentation by pressing Ctrl+ S or selecting File > Saving.



Restore Microsoft Office Installation

PowerPoint’s core apps files may be corrupted if the “An error occurred when PowerPoint was saving a file” error persists. These files cannot be fixed by you. Instead, use Office’s built-in repair tool to resolve any problems with your core apps’ files.


  • Open the Control Panel on your computer.
  • Choose Uninstall a program from the utility.
  • Select your Microsoft Office installation from the list, and then click Change.
  • In the prompt for User Account Control, choose Yes.
  • Choose Quick Repair and select Repair.
  • If the problem persists, choose Online Repair and select Repair.

Fix and Check File System Errors

File system errors can be the cause of an error that occurred when PowerPoint was saving a file. Two programs, File Explore and MiniTool Partition wizard can be used to check for and fix errors. This is the guide:


File Explorer

Windows has a built-in utility called File Explorer. This allows you to inspect file system errors on your hard drive.


1: Click the Windows icon on your desktop and click the File Explorer option.

2: Scroll down File Explorer and click on the This PC option. Navigate to the drive containing problematic PowerPoint files.

3: Right-click the drive and choose Properties

4: Click the Check button and switch to the Tools tab.

  1. Wait for the process to complete. If an error is detected, the system will automatically correct it.


Reinstall PowerPoint application

You can reinstall the PowerPoint app if nothing works. You can uninstall Microsoft Office completely, then reinstall Microsoft Office. You should be able to save your presentations after reinstalling Microsoft Office.

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