What is user onboarding?

What is user onboarding?
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Part of the user experience is the usability of a product, which helps the user to use your product as easily as possible. Of course, it cannot be said that the usability of a product is 100% because there is always room for work. But we need to explain more precisely what User Onboarding is.


What is user onboarding?

In general, User Onboarding means teaching the user how to use a product.

For example, when you want to use the Telegram software, this software will automatically inform you of its operation in several stages and will tell you to step by step what you should do, which is called the User Onboarding process.

When a user uses a new product, the first thing that affects how it feels is User Onboarding. Successful Onboarding is when we can define the main benefits and main functions of the product and show the value of the product to the user.


Three things to keep in mind when it comes to user onboarding


  • Help the user understand why the product works.
  • Help the user understand the functionality of the application and know what to do next.
  • Allow your users to customize products.


Here we will tell you some tips to make better use of these mentioned processes and introduce you to each of them.


1. Help your users understand why they should use this product.

In the past years, we have seen several cases in the form of slides before registering in the software. It is true that many people do not pay much attention to these things and do not pay much attention to them, but, if these things are removed, many people will not be able to use the product and will face problems. These highlight the easier and more convenient options for those who intend to enter; You should not limit the user to use the product in one way, but you should leave unnecessary pages so that the user reaches his goal sooner. The benefits shown in this way should excite the user and help people take the first step of using the product.

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2. Education should be integrated.

Sometimes onboarding can be ineffective because the product team explains the process of using the product over a long period. You have to reach the user in a short time to your goal of using the product. If you think of onboarding as an educational aspect of your life, it is actually what happens to you during the experience of using the product. In the first step, after the user registers on your site, you should give a series of training to the user so that the user has a general mindset towards your product.

You should explain to your user how to use the product and specify for the user what the next step is to use the product after registration. Be careful that the training you provide for your users should be relevant, short, useful, and displayed to the user when necessary. This not only prevents the user from wasting time using a product but also makes it easier for the user to work with your product. Also, if you have followed the mentioned item, the rate of skipping your product will be very low and you can attract more people to your product.


3. Ability to customize the product

The last thing is about the ability to customize the product by the user. You must give your users the possibility to choose their desired features from the product and receive their desired features in a customized and selective manner. Your product should provide many customization features such as color, style, font, etc.

If you look at software such as Telegram or WhatsApp, you will see that they have provided options for the user to make the desired changes, for example, in this software, the user can change the chat box and background according to their taste, and they can also use black and light styles. And in a word, change the software to your taste; This has made users more willing to use this product.


Why is user onboarding important?

Consumer onboarding is pivotal in introducing new users to a product. organizations that prioritize onboarding enjoy can make their user’s proficiency tons greater fast.

To start and start employees on time, they should be trained and trained according to their roles and responsibilities. A successful onboarding program leads to greater satisfaction and productivity among employees and enables companies to better attract and retain talent.


Steps to successful onboarding

  • Include a welcome and orientation:

The entry of the application should include an introduction to the program and subsequent orientations, so do not forget the point that you need a basic design in your designs.


  • Guide users through the configuration: 

For file sharing or collaboration tools, a user may need to add contacts or teammates. For a music discovery application, the user may need to specify their listening preferences.


  • Facilitate setup and payoff task

For the task management program, before completing a task, the user must first create a task. Effective user onboarding guides the user through the output tasks while drawing attention to the setup tasks that make up the entire process.


In the end, we know that learning a series of principles may be very difficult and exhausting and you need a little help from experienced people, that’s why I ask you to contact us if you need any help. My colleagues at Temis have more than 5 They always try their best to help you.

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