What makes a good logo animation?

What makes a good logo animation?
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logo animations can be a powerful way to convey your message and create an unforgettable brand identity. In this blog post, we will discuss 10 best practices for creating great logos with movement in them!
The first thing you should do when designing a logo that needs some fanciness is gone through every detail of it—start Sketch or PowerPoint open on iOS then switch over if needed so there’s no saved work right alongside what needs fixing – because who knows where those extra pixels might come into play? Once everything has been double-checked twice (or more), save it out as a .psd file just like usual but also add Silence.

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What’s an animated logo?

Heading to the next level in your branding strategy? A logo is like the heart of brand identity. It presents personality and defines who you are as much on paper or digitally as anything else can do for ya! When designed correctly, everyone knows exactly what kinda company/product they’re looking at without having too many other distractions around them which help set up an effective marketing campaign based on good old faithful customer recognition (and love).
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Logo designers of this modern era have been using motion to breathe fresh life into their designs. They are no longer content with only printing on paper or screens, but want the opportunity for interactive experiences as well!

Why does a brand need an animated logo?

Animated logos have become very popular in recent years, and for good reason. The trend brings to life the character of brands while still being visually appealing enough that it’ll attract clients’ attention – which can be difficult when there are so many other amazing designs out on display! Plus you’re guaranteed originality because nobody else will have anything quite like yours–at least not right away anyway; they might end up stealing your idea if left unchecked though…
The list goes On

  • An original image
  • Higher brand awareness
  • Pleasant first impression

Where to use an animated logo

Video content can be applied in different cases with the same purpose. There are many types of videos that have been made for specific purposes, but they all share one thing: their effectiveness at capturing attention and holding it until an intended payoff moment arrives!

  • Social networks
  • Company website
  • Presentations
  • Promo Videos

Best Practice #01: Keep it simple

Logo animations are a great way to add personality and excitement, but they need not have complex movements. Keeping things simple will keep your audience’s attention on what matters most-the message!


Best Practice #02: Use your brand colors

Your company’s colors are an integral part of its identity, so use them to create a more cohesive logo animation. Make sure you’re using the right shades for each and every part because if not then people will be able to see what parts don’t match up properly with their own branding!


What makes a good logo animation?

Best Practice #03: Tell a story

To make your brand’s story come alive, a logo animation could be a perfect way. The best ones are easy and clear to follow so make sure you get one with this criterion in mind!


Best Practice #04: Be consistent with your motion graphics style

The more you make sure your marketing materials look and feel consistent with one another-the better chance they’ll be able to connect emotionally.


What makes a good logo animation?

Best Practice #05: Use typography wisely

Think about the way your logo will be seen by customers. Make sure it’s easy for them to understand and read!
A great text choice is one that both reads well AND looks attractive when displayed at small sizes on product packaging or print ads – but what if you want something more unique? We have lots of cool fonts available in our store, so take some time browsing through them before settling on an alternative – there are no wrong answers here; just give yourself options by investing a judgment call while choosing which best suits each situation

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Best Practice #06: Be mindful of file size

Animation files are very large, which might make it difficult for users to watch your animation. To ensure that they have a speedy experience and do not need patience while loading on their device of choice – keep these sizes small!


What makes a good logo animation?

Best Practice #07: Use good sound design

It is important to use sound effects that suit the visuals of your logo animations. You should also be careful not to have too many overlapping sounds or tones, as this can become overwhelming for viewers and distract them from paying attention to what’s going on in an animation
A powerful tool in making sure customers pay close enough notice about branding, logos are made all kinds obsolete with just one spring! Make certain you pick out appropriate complementary music pieces before adding these into web videos so people don’t get bored after hearing it once already.


Best Practice #08: Add movement to static logos

Consider adding some movement and life to your static logo! This can be a great way of helping the company stand out in today’s competitive market.


What makes a good logo animation?

Best Practice #09: Use animation to explain your company’s story

animations are a great way to tell the story of your company. They can help you showcase what it is that makes YOU unique in such an engaging, entertaining format!


Best Practice #010: Test, test, test!

The best way to ensure your logo animation looks great and functions correctly on all platforms is by thoroughly testing it. You can do this with cross-device or browser tests before releasing the file for public use so that you know what’s going into production systems across various devices/browsers – which will help save time down the line!


What makes a good logo animation?


How do I make a good animated logo?

Keep it simple, use your brand colors to tell a story. Be consistent with the motion graphics style you have going on for this campaign – don’t change too much or else people will get confused about what’s happening! Pay attention to file size so that everything downloads quickly onto mobile devices without too many clicks needed per second; good sound design can really sell something when there are no words involved at all (just think how awesome background music would be). Animation helps explain things better than any photo ever could – just remember not everyone has fast broadband connection where they live which means fewer data storage spaces available in theirs.


Should logos be animated?

Logos are important for brands because they help to be recognizable. A logo that is static might not be well-known among customers, but if you add some movement to it then people will know who your company or business represents immediately!


Can I use my own music for my logo animation?

While you are not legally required to get permission to use copyrighted music in your logo animation, it is generally good practice to do so. You can typically find contact information for the copyright holder on the website where you downloaded the song.



When you want your logo animation to be both visually appealing and effective, it’s important that follow these best practices.


logo animation

Logo animation is a short video that loops smoothly and shows the features of your business, product or service. A logo animation will boost brand awareness and clicks on the items included in it. We can include catchy visuals, colors, text, and audio. We design a logo animation that will suit your business.

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