What Softwares Do Youtube Animators Use?

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YouTube has become an effective and famous platform that people use daily. You may see animated videos on YouTube in channels and shorts, but do you know how to make one? animation software widely exists on the internet, and you may need clarification about which one of them is useful and helpful for you to make an animated video for YouTube.

In our blog post, we will introduce you to the best animation software to create high-quality content for your YouTube. Whether you are a Professional designing graphics for YouTube videos or a beginner with limited data about YouTube animation, this blog post will be useful for you to know what Software YouTube animators use and which one is good for you. Let’s learn what YouTubers use to animate videos with ease.

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1- Toon Boom Harmony

The animation software Toon Boom Harmony gives a pain-free process for animators and studios with the most advanced and revolutionary technology utilized in megahit movies, TV shows, online shows, ads, games, and others.

Artists or studios can use different techniques to make animation with the technology of Harmony. Some of them include traditional animation, where each drawing is traced and tidied up, scanned in Harmony, and finally inked and painted using digital means. Drawing and animation mode, where there are no papers where you draw on and then digitize it as with earlier versions of Harmony. Cut-out character rigs that are manipulated by either repositioning, rotation, deformation, scaling, or substitution of different body parts drawings.

Harmony has an extensive set of features to unlock the full potential of digital animation, such as deformers with which you can specify the articulations for a sketch and distort it instead of drawing over. Built-in visual effects that make possible faster production pipelines as third-party tools are not needed anymore. A three-dimensional space where you can move or turn around layers on all sides and generate multiplane scenes. 

These features make Toon Boom Harmony an excellent and exciting choice for YouTube animators to create their YouTube animation videos with this application.

Contact info: Toon Boom Harmony

what animation software do youtubers use

2- Adobe After Effects

One of the major types of YouTube animation software that many professional YouTube animators prefer to use is Adobe After Effects. It is suitable for creating animated films. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this type of video editing requires a powerful computer configuration, which means that you will have to own a powerful PC, and undoubtedly, the resulting effect will be good.

Adobe After Effects already has several gorgeous animations. Hence, there is no need to download another pack with them. It is also worth mentioning that YouTube animators have several advantages when dealing with after-effects. Some notable examples are:

Professional-level editing

  • Both are compatible with Mac or PC.
  • Creating videos with offline Software
  • Simple drag-and-drop features

Of course, it has some limitations, such as its cost can be too much for a beginner, and it requires a high-level system that Doesn’t provide 3D animations.

Contact info: Adobe After Effects

what do youtubers use to animate

3- Visme

It’s cloud-based, so everyone from small startup designers to professional web agencies can use it to put together animated graphics for socials, infographics, presentations, ads, and banners.

The package of animations and interactions are used in designing appealing images that surpass mere static pictures.

With Visme’s animation software, it is possible to get a huge number of templates, a library, free stock photos/videos, personalized animation characters with gestures or movements, illustrations, and much more.

Intuitive drag-and-drop friendly editor. However, Visme is free to use, though with some restrictions. For additional costs, the paid plans begin, which is $12.25 monthly.

Thousands of animated templates cover different needs, and with a customizable pre-animated assets feature, you can additionally personalize scenes and audio sync. Moreover, Visme has more than 14 different sorts of company-based animatronics, like charts, graphs, and maps, to mention but a few. Secondly, it has a sophisticated custom animation that can be applied to any object and other features suitable for new users.

Contact info: Visme

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4- Moovly

Another sleek online YouTube animated video-making tool. The editor is completely separate; it opens in a completely different window. Most importantly, Moovly suits well enough for everyday presentation. Creating stunning videos becomes easy for a newbie and experienced video animator. It is not rich in colorful characters but simple software that may be useful for some basic-level users. Besides the characters, it also includes all settings of a basic-level project creator, such as adding texts, music, or videos into a running project. It has a large number of templates to kick-start video editing, or for experienced people, one can start working on the blank canvas.

 One of the most extensive template libraries is with the platform. The animation process becomes straightforward as you can drag and drop a simple-to-use customization device that has an interface fit for both new and experienced users. It is also the most reliable exportable and the most compatible file codec of all.

 Note that when using Moovly’s “the Cloud,” you may experience technical issues with a poor network connection and not download the system. In addition, Moovly provides a 30-day free trial that allows one to compare its options with those of the alternative and find out whether the user likes it.

Contact info: Moovly

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5- Animaker

Enterprises can easily collaborate with their teams using Animaker because of its ease of use. These are just eight million users whom they attract with four-kickboxing-quality videos, which are cool and unreal. Similarly, Animaker could be appropriate for companies and teachers who may need to make engaging PowerPoints or movies. The animation program has a stock of templates and premade figures such as illustrations, characters, gestures, etc. Your work is automatically saved in the cloud, so you don’t lose anything. You can create videos on YouTube using different DIY tools it provides.

The platform helps you produce different animated videos, which you will use for various purposes, such as business or on your behalf. You will also be able to make numerous whiteboard videos. Animaker offers a free plan with limited capabilities, and the premium packages begin at an annual fee of $10 per month. Unfortunately, it has only five watermarked downloads for free, and also they are only viable in video production and not for animated images.

Contact info: Animaker

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6- Renderforest

Renderforest is one of the pleasant video modifying equipment that also comes with an online brand maker. In case you’re a YouTube animation maker, this tool will make your lifestyle less complicated as it has some fantastic capabilities that help to create intros. The tool is totally cloud-based, and because of this, you can get the right of entry to limitless animations, movies, photographs, icons, and so on. The web video editor is adaptable, and its editor lets the animator add the logo within the video without problems.

Also, the editor gives the most ease to create motion pictures. It has some limitations like users can’t create square motion pictures, and The Software is available without cost (with no trials) with constrained functions; moreover, because Renderforest is an online tool, it doesn’t work offline. So you need to think wisely in choosing Renderforest if you are a rookie user.

Contact info: Renderforest


As you see, to create trending and attractive animation videos, YouTube animators can use many options. Based on your demands, you can choose between the introduced applications like Figma Animation to create the most effective and winning videos for your YouTube channel.


What do Youtubers use for animation?

Animated visuals are more engaging than plain and static images. They generate the highest number of shares on social media compared to other forms of visual content. Some of the best animation software in the market are Visme, Biteable and Animaker.

How much do YouTube animators make?

The average YouTube 3D Animator earns an estimated $70,522 annually. YouTube’s 3D Animator compensation is $11,196 less than the US average for a 3D Animator. The Design Department at YouTube earns $4,925 more on average than the Legal Department. 

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