What to put in an about me presentation?

what to put on an all about me presentation
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PowerPoint presentation is one of the most used in delivering data and information to the audience. You can use it in your presentation at school, to introduce your company’s product, give a review on your company or business improvement, etc.

As a presenter, you should have about me slides in your presentation. But do you know what to put in an about me presentation? In our blog post, we are going to guide you to know what to include in About Me presentation and also introduce you to some About Me presentation ideas to put on your PowerPoint presentation design services.

about me presentation ideas

Why do you need to have a presentation slide about yourself?

In case of delivering a piece of information at an event or conference to audiences who don’t know you, they can meet you by your about me slides.  

  • To start a meeting or job interview.
  • For introducing yourself as a new company member to a group of older team members.
  • Introduce yourself with a professional bio to explain your background and why you can qualify for a job as a resume PPT.


About Me presentation ideas

 Here are some of the best About Me presentation ideas to make presentation slides more readable :

  • Make a fact list about yourself

In facing about me section in a presentation, by adding important things to put in an all about me presentation you can make a unique move. It would help if you organized them into various categories: your key soft and hard skills, what is your educational accolades or training, personal philosophy and values, talk about what’s your goals and aspirations, and personal tidbits or fun facts to avoid being boring.

things to put in an all about me presentation

  • Introduce yourself with an informational slide

You can start with your first and last name, also you can add a picture of you or something that reflects you. Use the surprising element in giving fact about yourself to make an effort. You can put an inspirational quote which is your favorite. Put some information about your educational background, your school, college, and university you studied. Talk about your interests and recent accomplishments or innovations. Keep everything as engaging as possible to challenge your audience, and these could be an ice breaker between you and your audiences.

  • Work On Elevator Pitch

A catchy and powerful elevator pitch is one of the greatest introductions to yourself during a presentation. Thus, when you present to a group of people who have never experienced the same situation before, an elevator pitch briefly describes your distinctive capabilities, what you do best, and how your talents will improve the lives of others.

For example, a ready-prepared Elevator Pitch is generally useful when having meetings and networking as it connects you with others with whom you can convey the value of what you do. Developing a strong elevator pitch might take more than one try. You may need more time to get the best formula. However, the earlier you begin, the quicker you reach the best formula.

  • Use examples and be clear

Be specific and provide examples. It would be best if you talked about your being a good communicator and other qualities of yours. Please don’t say, but talk about it. Give some instances where you exhibited.

things to include in an about me presentation

  • Tell a Story

Strong introductions are personable. You will want them to give you an insight into your personality and the drive that brings up the inspiration behind what you do. Thus, one should begin a more casual presentation with a brief personal story instead of using a statistical graph or slide.

Remember: people will depend on you only if you are reliable. A good example it was revealed in a recent study on neuroscience research of political ads that genuine ads outperformed stock footage ads. Astonishingly, emotional involvement and memory coding among viewers skyrocketed when political ads featured ordinary persons.

  • Start with a brief section to catch the attention of your audience

As a preface to speaking about yourself during your presentation, you could start off with a short segment. Some of the ways that you will use to identify with your audience and catch their attention include, among others. For example, some of the presenters could use a quote or statistics and explain them in relation to the working place or organization of the attendees. Someone else can choose to narrate a funny joke on how the presentation came about or take a few people in the audience to introduce themselves briefly through the microphone.

Handy tips and tricks for the About Me slide

Here are some tips for what to put on an about me slide for more visually appealing and engaging:

  • Consider using high-resolution photos and videos.
  • Professional and legible font and color combinations.
  • Refrain from overstuffing text on your slides.
  • Use simple and clear language
  • Use transitions and animations sparingly

what to include in a get to know me presentation


We believe that what to put in an about me presentation directly depends on who your audience is, but there are so many common similarities in what to include in an about me presentation without attending to who is your addressed audience. As we mentioned above, a strong about me, section and introduction can bring you a stunning start (mostly start) or ending for your presentation. By being personal and relatable and sharing stories to connect your audiences with yourself, you can shine on the stage to reach the goals you are looking for in your presentation event.


How do you write about me in a presentation?

You can begin with your name, job title, and the number of years you’ve been with your affiliated organization. Then, you can talk about your hard and soft skills, educational background, certifications and credentials, and most importantly, professional accomplishments.

What is a good example of about me?

I am a good timekeeper, always willing to learn new skills. I am friendly, helpful and polite, have a good sense of humor. I can work independently in busy environments and within a team setting. I am outgoing and tactful and able to listen effectively when solving problems.

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