What’s Pilot Testing, and how it can helpful?

What's Pilot Testing, and how it can help you?
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What’s Pilot Testing?

Pilot Testing can be described as Software Testing that validates a part of the system or all of it under real-time operating conditions. Pilot Testing is used to assess the feasibility, cost, risk, performance, and time frame of a research project.

Pilot testing is an important quality control measure in marketing research and testing. This dress rehearsal is done to ensure the instructions are clear and the equipment works properly.

You can spot any problems before you bring the whole group along. The practice test ensures that testers follow the correct path.

This is the difference between a pilot and beta testing.

  • Pilot testing is usually done with a small group of users. This is done to eliminate bugs from the system before it goes live. It also collects feedback about its performance and ease of use.
  • Beta testing allows many users to test a system that has passed pilot testing. Now you know that the major mistakes and points of confusion are gone. Now, you can fine-tune the process.



Why is pilot testing necessary?

We often only recruit a few users when conducting qualitative usability testing studies. A small number of users can provide valuable insights into design and usability weaknesses and strengths. It can be hard to find the right results if your site design is not what users are struggling with. Based on the severity and nature of the problem, session data might need to be deleted.

Pilot testing is a great way to address these problems. Pilot testing is where the usability practitioner (and their team, if necessary) goes through several sessions before the main study. A pilot test is usually only one session. This allows you to prepare for the entire study and ensure everything runs smoothly. To ensure the study runs smoothly, the test consists of 1-2 sessions.

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Pilot testing can be quite important if you’re:

– This is your first time running usability testing. It is better to start with a session you can discard if necessary.

– Test in a new area. Pilot tests are helpful if this is your first site test. You can also meet with experts in the subject matter to get a better understanding of the terminology and topics.

– Conducting a remote study that is unmoderated. To avoid misinterpretation, study instructions must be tested whenever they are required to stand alone. Pilot testing is required for any study that involves online participation, such as a study via email or a diary study. These instructions must be able to stand alone since no one can answer questions or provide clarifications if participants run into problems.

– Running a quantitative study. It is common to conduct larger-scale studies in order to calculate statistically significant results. Each session must be conducted in the same manner when conducting such studies. A solid script should be developed and then tested.

– Test a high-visibility project. Even if your experience in usability has been extensive, you may need extra care with high-visibility projects. Perhaps the CEO is receiving the results. The test may be done on the company’s flagship product. Every usability project is vital, but some might be more important than others.

– A one-time research project. You can make mistakes in the first test if you do iterative testing. You will do better in the second study. However, if you only get one dose of user research for a design project, it is essential to do it right the first and last time.


What are the benefits of pilot testing?

It saves you time and money

One of those essential parts of a plan is pilot testing before you conduct a usability study. It’s easy to overlook.

Ask the test designers whether they have conducted pilot studies. To be sure you are talking about the same thing, go over the checklist with them.

It’s not the same thing as watching a user test the code to ensure that the project is optimized for them.

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Dress Rehearsal

Pilot testing is a rehearsal for the study. This is a great way to ensure that the facilitator and the team are ready for the study. Do you have printed the materials? or Are consent forms copied? Payment prepared? Is the site functional and ready? While checklists are helpful, it is best to run the study in a low-pressure setting first to ensure that everyone is ready.


Test the Tasks

A poorly written task can prevent a user from losing focus of the interface and taking precious time. First, the facilitator must realize that the participant needs help understanding the task. Then, the facilitator has to spend some time redirecting or reinstructing them. You could accidentally give participants clues as to how to complete the activity or make them feel like they are doing something wrong. Participants can get confused or misled by tasks that seem very clear to you and your colleagues. To ensure smoother tests and better results, you should identify and correct any problems with the tasks.


Usable data

You’ll be able to jump ahead of the rest of your studies if everything goes smoothly. If the session goes smoothly, you can use the data. You may be able to salvage some information even if a few tasks go wrong. You shouldn’t dismiss any learnings simply because they were a pilot test. However, you should not be too eager to use the session for your final learnings if it doesn’t go as planned or if something goes wrong initially. This could affect the reliability and quality of the remainder of the session (such as a failure to lead the user or explain an interface or offer too much).



Pilot testing can help you improve not only the insight from one project but also the research process of your team. Also, it can help to find usability problems in a project. Pilot testing’s reflective and iterative nature will help you develop your research skills.



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