Where To Sell NFT Art And Where To Buy NFT Art

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NFT, or Non Fungible Token, is a special type of cryptographic token that uses blockchain technology to create digital assets that cannot be reproduced. You could think of it as a digital certificate of authenticity. In real life, classic works of art, antiques, and other historical items are often sold at auctions with receipts certifying that they are genuine. Non fungible tokens serve the same purpose but for digital items. They allow gifs, videos, jpegs, mp3s, etc.

This technology enables a new kind of ownership for digital files that were not previously possible. The more talks there are about NFT, the more stores are created.

What is a token?

What is a token?

A token is a digital asset that represents a tradable unit of value. Tokens can be used to represent a variety of different things, such as products, services, or access to a particular platform or network. They often use blockchain technology to secure and track their transactions.

How do you sell NFT art?

Selling your NFT art is relatively simple. However, selling can be tricky at first if you don’t know where to start. The best place to list and showcase the artwork that you’re selling is on a popular NFT marketplace like Etheremon or Decentraland’s Marketplace. If you’re selling a unique and valuable piece of NFT art, you can also put it up for auction on sites like Rare Bits or even list the artwork directly on the blockchain using your smart contract.

Here are a few tips on how to sell your NFT art:


Ethereum Wallet

Step1: Launching the Ethereum Wallet (digital wallet)

The first step in traveling to the NFT world is to build a digital wallet where you can safely store your digital currencies and then buy and sell or make NFT with them. The wallet lets you sign in to NFT stores and create an account. There are hundreds of platforms that offer free wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. All of these wallets work with most NFT markets and blockchain applications.


Here are the best platforms:

  • Coinbase wallet: This crypto wallet is the perfect choice for those new to digital currencies. It has been built by an exchange of the same name and currently supports NFT markets well.
  • Metamask wallet: Metamsk is a crypto wallet with more than one million enthusiastic users worldwide. This wallet connects easily to most cryptographic applications and NFT stores and is available both as a desktop browser extension and as a mobile application on iOS and Android.
  • Rainbow wallet: This new crypto wallet was created for Ethereum Investments; This means you can’t save your bitcoins here. However, these wallets are great for these tokens due to their beautiful design and the way NFT collections are displayed. On iOS, buying Ethereum is as easy as buying from Apple Pay.


Buying some Ethereum

Step 2: Buying some Ethereum

Most digital stores have to pay a commission to convert your content to NFT. You need to buy some Ether (ETH) to cover the cost of building your first NFT. Ethereum prices fluctuate from moment to moment, and it isn’t easy to follow. The easiest way to get started is to set aside the amount of money you want to invest and buy Ethereum for the same amount. First, buy some Ethereum from an in-house exchange office and then transfer it to your Walt address.


Step 3: Connecting wallet to the NFT market

Once you’ve got your wallet ready and bought some Ethereum, it’s time to choose the store where you want to build and sell NFT. Recommended for beginners working on the Rarible website; because it offers the easiest way. To connect the wallet to the variable, go to this website and click Connect in the right corner of the page.

On the next screen, select WalletConnect if you have Rainbow or Metamask, and click WalletLink if you use Coinbase. Many other wallets use this option and it is worth checking out these options to choose the preferred wallet.

It does not matter what wallet you use; the next step is the same. After selecting the connection option, a QR code is displayed on the screen. Scan this code using your Wallet app. After the scan, confirm the wallet connection to Raible.

Because this connection is secure, Raible forces you to confirm your purchases each time you make a transaction. Once your wallet is connected, your rebel account will be created immediately. Now you have all the tools you need to build, multiply and sell your first NFT.

Where can you buy NFT art?

There are a few different places you can buy NFT art. Some of the most popular places include online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, or online art galleries such as Saatchi Art. You can also find NFT art on dedicated NFT art websites or forums.

NFT art meetups also occur in the real world, where NFT enthusiasts get together to trade NFTs. In addition, you can find NFT art for sale on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

a few platforms where you can buy NFT art


Here are a few platforms where you can buy NFT art:

  • Zora

Zora is a store built on the idea that content creators should regain control of their work from the main platforms. This platform allows creators to copy images, videos, audio files, and even plain text documents. Currently, this store only allows pre-invited creators to work.

  • Rarible

Rarible is one of the most popular websites for creators and collectors who want to enter the NFT field. Uploading content and creating NFT on this platform is as easy as posting a video on YouTube. In a market full of websites that can only be operated by pre-invitation, Rarible is one of the NFT destinations that allows new developers to sell their work from the moment of registration. However, due to this freedom of action, it is necessary to change this platform’s copyright and content control laws. The price of the works on this website varies from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.

  • SuperRare

SuperRare is an NFT‌ store for digital artists. You will not find memes or text posts, or simple sound effects for sale on this platform. The SuperRare series is very organized, and new works are placed on this platform at a slower speed. Searching in SuperRare is like stepping into a specialized digital gallery. NFT works on this website reflect thousands of hours of artist effort, with prices sometimes rising sharply and new builders being accepted only upon request.

  • Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is an NFT store that focuses exclusively on collectibles. Nifty works with prominent artists and musicians such as Grimes and Justin Roiland to release limited edition collections of NFTs. Nifty Gateway is one of the main NFT websites that separates itself from other digital retailers on the list by accepting credit cards. Like Super Rear, oil paintings on oil are often very expensive, and new artists must apply to this platform before posting their work.

  • Async Art

Async Art is an NFT marketplace known for ‘programmable art.’ Each work of art is made up of a Master and Layers; master is the entire NFT, while Layers are separate elements that make up the art and can be modified. Everything is ‘Tokenized,’ meaning that different artists can own different layers and contribute to transforming the artwork.

  • OpenSea

OpenSea is one of the first NFT space stores and has a huge library of content at various prices, including digital art and 3D collections, and in-game video games. This platform is one of the most accessible websites for NFT novices and offers a great experience in searching for pieces of art.

  • Nift

Nift is a website that allows users to create and share non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replicated. Nift was created to provide a platform for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to come together and create, trade, and share NFTs.

  • Coinbase NFT marketplace

The Coinbase NFT marketplace is a new way to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets that can represent anything from artwork and gaming items to collectibles and rewards points. The Coinbase NFT marketplace makes it easy to find the perfect NFT for you and provides a safe and secure way to trade them.

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What is The benefits of buying NFT art?

The key point of NFT art is that it’s unique, meaning there are no other copies of this digital piece of handmade or computerized artwork.

Standard benefits:

  • You will get a unique piece of art that cannot be replicated.
  • The artwork can never be destroyed so that it will remain in your collection.

Emotional benefits:

  • Own a piece of history that will only become more valuable over time.
  • Enjoy the beauty and creativity of art like never before.
  • Add prestige to your home and office.
  • Demonstrate your good taste and have an endless conversation starter.
  • Inspire yourself daily with art that speaks to you.


What is The benefits of selling your NFT art?


Standard benefits:

  • You can make a profit from your art.
  • Others can enjoy the artwork.

Emotional benefits:

Feel good about sharing your art with the world.

Get validation and appreciation from others for your work.

Experience the joy of giving someone else a beautiful piece of art.

Find a new appreciation for your art.

What is a Binance NFT?

Binance NFTs are non-fungible tokens. They are not tradeable on the Binance platform, but can be traded through other marketplaces or decentralized exchanges like OPSkins.


NFT art is a new and growing industry. As the industry grows, so does the need for a place to sell nft art and a place to buy nft art. -There are several platforms where you can sell your nft art. These include online marketplaces, social media platforms, and dedicated nft art websites.

Please note that these are the most popular sites, but they are not the only two places to sell and buy NSFW art. Hundreds of reputable sellers and thousands of people collect NSFW digital art and would love to add your piece to their collection. The key to success is networking and having a portfolio to show off with your links attached to each work.

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