Which resource is an interactive presentation?

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We need to know what our goal is to do something or the law of something and why we start it. Usually, in presentations, our goal is to attract the attention of the audience and engage their minds for a long time or even longer.

Therefore, to achieve that goal, we have to do many things during the presentation. One of those things is to create an interactive presentation. Therefore, in the blog, we intend to introduce you to the interactive presentation and how it is done, and its benefits, so if you are eager to learn, stay with us until the end of the blog.

What is an Interactive Presentation?

What is an Interactive Presentation?

In the past years, we used to sit in the classroom for hours and study with a boring PDF or PowerPoint, but now, the time of boring PDFs and PowerPoints are over. If you want a good presentation, your presentation should be interactive. This is because currently, more attractive and dynamic presentations are more popular, and therefore the probability of their success increases.

Cognitive research shows that you need to take a multi-media approach to be truly effective. That is, tailor the content to your target audience, provide high-quality images, create a compelling story, and implement the high-quality design. Traditionally, presentations involve a speaker moving around a whiteboard or slide, drawing on the board, or using a marker for a deck, and drawing attention.

An interactive presentation is the same presentation that you can interact with :)) It’s just that simple, now this is complete with multi-dimensional media.

They often have web-style features such as navigation, links, and hotspots. For example, in an interactive presentation, you have the freedom to click on the content and an action will be performed, such as a video, animation, or pop-up box. It turns a passive experience into an authentic conversation that benefits everyone involved.


Is an interactive presentation different from interactive content?

First of all, I must say that we should use a combination of both elements in our presentations. The combination of interactive presentation with interactive content and a little storytelling can attract all the senses of the audience to our presentation, and our goal is to have the attention of the audience during the presentation. But let’s go back to the main question, what is the difference between the two? An interactive presentation is a tool used to combine and package different types of interactive content in one place to present to the audience, often in real-time. Interactive content includes videos, image sliders, animations, polls, and more.

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Why do we need interactive presentations?

Why do we need interactive presentations?

  • Interactive presentations increase engagement.


The first point to be mentioned is that Mac makes it possible to attract the attention of our audience to us and the activities we do and makes them enthusiastic from the beginning of the presentation and even if the audience is not attracted from the beginning of the presentation and our presentation does not seem attractive during the presentation with The questions and interaction that should be attracted to the content and presented and its attention is drawn.


  • Interactive presentations encourage team building.

Have you done joint work with your teammates? Like joint projects, how many people can finish them? Remembering memories of the projects that I did as a team with my colleague has always been pleasant for me because we had the best communication with each other and we both had a lot of fun. Therefore, one of the things that interactive presentation does is to show the strength and work of our team.

It improves our work team so that we can have a better connection with our colleagues and better teamwork. Interactive presentations can include video, audio, polls, and even games. Using this type of interactive content makes presentations fun, encourages team building, and fosters innovation.


  • Interactive presentations make learning easier. 

It is easier to remember the content of a presentation when you are actively participating in the experience. Imagine the difference between reading about communication and working through the exercise. You are more likely to feel comfortable with the tools and information once you have used them in a safe environment.

For me, it has always been like that, whether during school or college, the only lessons that I still remember after many years are those in which I had the necessary interaction.


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Ways to use interactive presentations



Conferences are usually very long and boring and usually people do not enjoy them, so one of the places that can be used and remain in the mind of the audience is conferences.



I also said above that I personally still remember the lessons and tips that I had the most interaction with them in the training center, so training environments are one of the best places that can be used.



Making presentations has always been one of the most interesting parts of me that I went through, but the difficult process of presenting made me sad, so I always tried to focus on one part, either making very good PowerPoints or presenting my content and always in During work, I used the help of strong teams with a lot of work experience.

That’s why I suggest you get help from design teams during your presentations to help you make PowerPoint. So, if you need help in making your Paropoint, you can contact us, my colleagues at Temis Marketing are here to help you in the best possible way.

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