Why are instagram messages black?

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Instagram is known for its photo and video-sharing capabilities, as well as its Direct Message feature. But what happens if you suddenly face a black screen while using your Direct Message? If you’re questioning the cause of this issue and seeking solutions, read on: here I discuss the potential causes of why you may be seeing black Instagram messages and offer advice on how to fix them.


Why are my Instagram messages black?

Instagram down status

If you encounter a black message on Instagram, it may be due to an Instagram down status. This can be easily verified using Google News or the downdetector.com website. If the issue is confirmed, then your best course of action is to wait for Instagram to fix it. Unfortunately, there’s not much else you can do but wait and hope that it’s resolved soon.


Update your Instagram

Maintaining the most up-to-date version of Instagram is essential for enjoying its new features, as well as avoiding any potential technical issues. To check if you have updated to the latest iOS or Android app version, visit your respective app store (i.e., Google Play Store or App Store) and find the Instagram application icon to see if there is an “Update” blue button next to it. If you do see that button, click on it and when it has been completed, the “Open” button should appear – indicating that you are using the latest version.


Instagram is adding new features


It’s possible that some of the errors you’re experiencing – such as login or message issues – could be due to Instagram rolling out new features. To make sure your app is running smoothly, we suggest taking the time to update it regularly. If for some reason you need to send or access something in the meantime, try using Instagram on your PC.


How to fix Instagram messages in black?


One possible explanation for having “blacked out” Instagram messages is insufficient phone memory. To use the platform effectively, it’s essential to ensure your device has adequate storage and RAM. Additionally, updating or uninstalling any unnecessary apps can help improve performance. If you’re still encountering this issue after doing this, you may need to contact Instagram customer support for further assistance.


  • If all the previously attempted fixes fail to resolve your Instagram message’s black error, there may be an issue with the IP address Instagram has detected from you. To help alleviate this issue, try restarting your Internet connection by powering off and on your modem or mobile data. This might solve the problem.


  • If you are having issues accessing Instagram messages, an initial troubleshooting step is to double-check your VPN connection. If a VPN connection is enabled, try disabling it to ensure full access to Instagram services. In some countries using a virtual private network for access may trigger flags that limit Instagram’s use by bots.


  • Clearing data and cache can help eliminate Instagram’s ‘Messages Black Screen’ problem. However, please be aware that this action will cause you to log out of your account, so make sure to remember your account details including username and password before you proceed.


How do you change your Instagram message’s color?

If you’d like to customize the look of your Instagram messages, simply follow these steps. Open the Instagram app and select the messaging icon from the top-right corner. Select the chat you wish to change and tap on its profile name; this will take you to the Chat settings menu. Tap on ‘Theme’ and choose your desired theme or color from the provided sections (Colors/Gradients). That’s it!



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