Why is my PowerPoint file so large?

Why is my PowerPoint file so large?
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Microsoft PowerPoint is convenient, user-friendly, and easily accessible. It has reshaped the methods of digital content presentation in schools, offices, or elsewhere all over the world. One of the most talked-about problems that users face while using PowerPoint is large-sized PowerPoint files.

possibly the most widely recognized functions behind PowerPoint file length to increment are using various pixusing big photos, or implanting additivesfor exampletextual content patterns, video, or sound straightforwardly inside the show report. An easy technique for diminishing the record size is to make use of specific stress programs meant for PowerPoint documentssome other way is to trade the snapshots in your PowerPoint advent to decrease their dedication. And keeping in mind that doing such, you may likewise utilize little images or resize them.

Below are some other tips for reducing the file size of your PowerPoint presentation:

– Use .jpg or .png format for images instead of .bmp or .gif.

– Use vector graphics (e.g. .wmf or .emf files) instead of raster images.

– Delete any hidden slides or unused slide layouts.

– Save the PowerPoint file as a .pptx file instead of a .ppt file.

– Do not save your PowerPoint presentation as a .pdf file.

– Use a file compression program (e.g. WinZip) to zip the PowerPoint file.

Why do PowerPoint File Sizes become So Large?

As we know, Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program that allows users to create slideshows inclusive of textual contentphotos, and different multimedia factorsthese slideshows may be stored as PowerPoint documents (.ppt or .pptx) which can be opened and edited later.

PowerPoint displays frequently end up very huge due to the inclusion of many highresolution photosmotion pictures, or audio filesadditionally, PowerPoint documents can turn out to be huge if they comprise many slides or if the slides are very complicated (e.g. containing many elements or animations).

however, the most commonplace cause of a boom in file length is because of the compression of pix within the presentation. by means of default, PowerPoint compresses all photos which can be inserted into a presentation. the quantity of compression is decided by the image pleasant placed in PowerPoint ( options include Low, Medium, high, and pleasant). The decrease the first-class setting,  the more compressed the picture may be and the smaller the file length.

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Some of the other reasons for PowerPoint file size becoming too large include :

– If you paste an image from the web into PowerPoint, the resulting file size will be large because the images are saved in their original resolution.

– When you save a PowerPoint presentation as a .pdf file, the file size will be larger than if you had just saved it as a .pptx file.

– If you have a lot of slides or a lot of complex slides in your PowerPoint presentation, the file size will be more significant.

– If you embed audio or video files into your PowerPoint presentation, the file size will be more significant.

Why is my PowerPoint file so large

How Big is Too Big for a PowerPoint File?

the solution to this query relies upon how you’re going to be using the PowerPoint documentif you are going to be emailing the PowerPoint document, then you may want to maintain the document size as small as possible. Many email servers have restrictions on the scale of documents that can be connected to an e-mail, so a big PowerPoint record may not be capable of being sent.
if you are going to be sharing the PowerPoint report online (e.g. via an internet site or cloud garage carrier), then the file length restrict will be determined using the provider which you are the use ofas an example, Google Drive has a maximum document length of 5GB for any form of the document, so a PowerPoint report large than this would now not be capable of being uploaded.
typically speaking, a PowerPoint report size of 10MB or less is taken into consideration actual. A PowerPoint record length between 10MB and 50MB is taken into consideration to be a large file size. A PowerPoint report length greater than 50MB is taken into consideration to be a very massive report size.

Why is my PowerPoint file so large

How to Reduce the File Size of a PowerPoint Presentation

considering that you have got perceived what reasons massive record size in PowerPoint, we need to repair the problem and reduce the report sizeanyhowunderstanding how to defeat this problem could be a piece precarious for novices from the outset. In this waywe’ve got thought of a  plenty created guide to make things less demanding for you.
There are a few essential yet profoundly important workarounds to maintain file sizes at the very leastI’m able to speak those changes expressively so you don’t need to struggle any longer!

Why is my PowerPoint file so large

1- Compress the Images in PowerPoint

This is one of the most important methods to reduce PowerPoint file size. As I have told you earlier that PowerPoint compresses images by default. The resolution of images is set to low which makes it extremely light for PowerPoint to load quickly but the disadvantage is that it makes your images look blurry.

To change the resolution, follow these steps:

– Go to the slide where you have inserted your image

– Double click on the image to open the Format Picture tab

– Select Picture Tools from the top menu and then go to Adjust group

– From here, you can change the brightness, contrast, and sharpness of your image.

– You can also crop, rotate or flip your image if you want.

2- Choose the Right File Format

As you know, PowerPoint comes in different file formats like .ppt, .pptx, .pptm, etc. Each format has its purpose and file size.

The most common format is .pptx which is meant for general presentation. It has a smaller file size as compared to other formats.

If you want to save your PowerPoint presentation for future use, then you should go for the .pptm format. It is an XML-based format which makes it editable even in the future.

3- Reduce the Number of Slides

If your PowerPoint presentation has too many slides, then it will have a large file size. So, it is always better to reduce the number of slides in your presentation.

You can do this by removing the unnecessary slides or by combining some of the slides.

4- Remove Unnecessary Objects

If you have inserted any unnecessary objects in your PowerPoint presentation, then it will increase the file size. So, it is always better to remove those objects.

You can do this by selecting the object and then pressing the Delete key on your keyboard.

5- Export to PDF

in case you want to similarly reduce the PowerPoint report length, then you can export your presentation to PDF formatthis could assist in decreasing the file length.
you could do that by going to file > Export > Create PDF/XPS file and then choosing the location in which you need to store your record.
these have been a number of the best methods to lessen PowerPoint document lengthif you comply with those techniques, then you may lessen the record size of your PowerPoint presentation.

21 Best PowerPoint File (PPT) Compressor Application / Tools

21 Best PowerPoint File (PPT) Compressor Application / Tools

1- Free PDF Compressor

2- Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

3- Batch PowerPoint File Compressor

4- PowerPoint File Size Reduce Software

5- Apowersoft Free PDF Compressor

6- PDF Candy

7- Smallpdf

8- Lighten PDF Compressor

9- Free PDF Compressor by NicePDF

10- CVISION Technologies PPTcompressor

11- PPTXpress

12- ApinSoft PPT to PDF Converter

13- Okdo Ppt Pptx to Pdf Converter

14- Moyea PPT to PDF Converter

15- PPTminimizer

16- PDF Reducer Cloud

17- PDF Compressor

18- Wondershare PDFelement

19- Icecream PDF Compressor

20- Free PDF Compressor

Why is my PowerPoint file so large

Problems with Large PowerPoint Files

1. Difficult to Email

2. Slow to Open

3. Unable to Insert into Another PowerPoint Presentation

4. Printing Issues

5. Compatibility Issues

6. Security Issues

7. Might Get Corrupted Easily

8. Takes Up a Lot of Space

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As you can see, numerous issues can occur while your PowerPoint report is simply too largeBy following the strategies above, you may reduce the report length of your PowerPoint presentation and keep away from these troubles.

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