Why is my PowerPoint read only, and how make it read only?

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Why is my PowerPoint read only?

You can make your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation read only file to deter others from editing it or to let them know that the final version is what you sent. When a presentation is protected or read-only, features such as the Poll Everywhere activity are disabled. To present your activities, you might need to alter the file’s permissions or trust it differently manually. This is how to make a read-only presentation.


Why is my PowerPoint presentation open as read-only?

It is possible that files are opened as read-only when you open them. This may be for security reasons, like when you open files from the internet. Other times it could be because of a setting that can’t be changed. These are some situations where files open read-only. There are steps that you can take to fix it.

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Your antivirus causes them to open read only.

Antivirus programs can protect you against potentially dangerous files by opening them only read-only. Also, to adjust these settings, you may need to consult your antivirus provider. BitDefender has information on how to add application exclusions.


“Mark as Final” feature is enabled

It turns out that PowerPoint has a built-in feature called “Mark as Final”. This feature converts the PowerPoint file to “Read-Only”. PowerPoint’s “Mark as Final” feature is intended to inform the reader that the PowerPoint presentation they are currently viewing is the final one and that no changes can be made!

Even though viewers can open such a presentation, they will see a prompt that says “Read-Only”, at the top of PowerPoint where the title appears.

There are many ways your viewers can edit your PowerPoint file. These methods are more foolproof. We’ll get to that in a moment.

Are file properties set to read only?

Right-click on the PowerPoint file to view its properties and choose Properties. You can check the Read-only attribute and uncheck it by clicking OK.


PowerPoint just recovered from a crash

PowerPoint can also go into “Read-Only mode” after a crash. PowerPoint can open a file in “Ready-Only” mode if it is accidentally closed abruptly or intentionally.

PowerPoint automatically marks the last saved version as the final file version and opens it in the read-only state.

This content is protected view

Files downloaded from the internet or from other unsafe places can contain viruses, trojans, and other malware that could cause damage to your computer. This frequently happens with attachments to emails or files that you have downloaded. A protected view is used to open files in potentially dangerous locations. Protected view allows you to view files and its contents while decreasing the risk.


The same PPT file can be opened twice at the same time

PowerPoint can also change a presentation to “Read-Only” mode if two presentations with the same name are open at the same moment. Alternately, the file can be made read-only if it is accidentally opened twice.

This is especially true if PowerPoint takes a while to respond to the first request for a presentation file. If this happens, the user may end up double-clicking the same file twice. Despite the fact that there are safeguards to prevent this from happening, it can still happen.

Is OneDrive fully loaded?

If you have too much space on OneDrive, the file will not be able to be saved. You can check your free space on OneDrive by clicking the OneDrive icon in the notification center and choosing Manage storage, or you can go to http://onedrive.live.com, sign in, and note the amount of used space in the lower left of the screen.


Is the Office active?

You could be in read-only Reduced Functionality Mode if Office isn’t activated or expired.


Make a PowerPoint Presentation Read Only

You can’t edit the presentation if read-only is turned on in Microsoft PowerPoint. This means that you should not make any changes to the presentation until you are done with it. You can make a PowerPoint presentation read-only by following these steps:

  1. Your PowerPoint presentation is now open.
  2. Select and click the File button at the top.
  3. Select Info from the bar to the left.
  4. Click Protect Presentation.

You’ll find four options in the pull-down menu:

  • Always open Read-Only and informs readers that the selected PowerPoint file is read only, and should not be edited.
  • Mark as Final informs readers that this is the final copy of this file.
  • Use a Password to encrypt files.
  • Add Digital Signature activates the function and adds an invisible signature that ensures the integrity of the presentation.

Only two options will make your PowerPoint presentation unreadable: Always Open Read Only or Mark it as Final.

If Always Open Read-Only has been selected, everyone who opens the presentation will be notified that the author has made it safe to do so. Files marked as Final will also display the message “An author has marked the presentation as final to discourage editing.”


NOTE: If you don’t want anyone altering your presentation, the best option is to choose “Encrypt with Password” from the Protect Presentation menu. This option, as you probably know, means that no one can read or edit the file without your Password. This is the best way to secure your document.


Password for Modifying Presentation

To prevent others from altering the document, you can also set a password. Here are the steps to accomplish this.

1: Open the presentation, then click “File > Save as.”

2: Click “Tools” at the bottom of the “Save As” dialog box, and then click “General Options.”

3: Type the Password you want to use in the box marked “Password To M; modify” and click “OK.” Enter the Password again and click “OK.”

4: Click “Save” to save the PowerPoint presentation. The next time someone attempts to edit the document, they will need to enter the Password.


Convert PowerPoint into Read-Only Video

You can also convert your PowerPoint presentation to read-only video in the same manner. This will make it difficult for others to modify the presentation’s content and make it easier to distribute it.

You can convert PowerPoint presentations to video with many tools, such as screen recorders like Adobe Captivate or Camtasia Studio, Quick Time Movie Maker, and Windows Movie Maker.


Restrict Access

You can also restrict access to the presentation so that others cannot edit it. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open the document, then click “File.”
  • Click “Info > Protect Document” then “Restrict Access” in the dropdown menu.

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