Why my powerpoint is lagging?

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We all have used PowerPoint for once in our entire life as an example I passed so many PowerPoint presentations in high school in the school and most of Denver cause you know PowerPoint is one of the most valuable tools that people enjoyed these days what are some problems I’ll powerpoint. How do you ever faced logging off PowerPoint is a very awful thing that happens to everyone in their presentations cause it can make lots of issues for you or somehow we can destroy your whole presentation so we are trying to do something that avoids lagging PowerPoint who sings happens to set a time says we have a video on our PowerPoint so we are using all the tools in the same time. In this blog post return to the menu on how to avoid logging PowerPoint or if it happens how to fix that so if you are interested in learning it stay with us.


Tips to Reduce Lag When Presenting in PowerPoint

1- Close unnecessary programs

You should know that when you’re using PowerPoint you’re going to need more memory and if your computer or laptop is full lagging can happen so many times so you know therefore fixing that we can close the programs that are not related to our presentation. Hence, the only thing that you should do here is to check what you need on that time for your presentation and then close all of those that you don’t need you can also go to task manager and kill some background programs that consume a lot of memory.


2- Make sure the graphics acceleration is enabled in PowerPoint

Features one of those features that you need a loss when you’re using covert but oh so you might accidentally disable this useful feature for fixing that TV can go to PowerPoint> file> options> advance> keep disable heart bar graphics acceleration unchecked.


3- Reduce the number of animations per slide

One of the most important things that so many people don’t care about is that when we are using lots of animations it will use more computing power than the others so it may increase the chance of laying in the middle of the presentation here I recommend you to use only necessary animations for your presentation otherwise it is much better to remove if you want higher performance so as a conclusion don’t wanna think to hear that you need to do is a dial to use necessary animations for your presentation and remove those that you don’t need.


4- Solid color is preferable to a gradient

Using solid color is one of those things that we do to make things easier for our computer so for helping the computer to have a much better performance of presentation you can do this too.


5- If possible, start investing in SSD

So to hear do you know what are you doing some things to Health computers for having their performance using an SSD is one of those things that he’s great to do if you can I know dad’s two days SSDs are high cost and so many people can’t sponsor but you should know that SSD is always faster than HDD in many tests so if you need something to hold your computer not just in your PowerPoint presentations in all cases of using a computer if you can try assistance finding an SSD your complex PowerPoint slide can load faster and avoid any legs as many as it can.

I as a person who has tried SSDs for her computer can assure you that you are not going to be regretted by using it. If you are a hardcore presenter installing a state can be a good investment for you so at least try it once.


How to fix Video Lag?

Disable Hardware Acceleration

Step 1. click on the file menu in PowerPoint.


Step 2. select options at the left facet.


Step 3. within the PowerPoint options window, visit the advanced tab.

Step 4. at the right facet, scroll down to show and take a look at the box next to Disable Slide show hardware graphics acceleration under it.


Step 5. Click on ok.

 strive to gamble the video inside the slideshow and check if the difficulty is resolved.


Optimize Media


Step 1: Open the PowerPoint presentation with the video lag trouble.


Stepv2. go to the document Menu.

Step 3. pick out the information tab at the left aspect.

Step 4. click on the option Compress Media. inside the dropdown, pick full HD (1080p). if you are using older versions of office 2010 – workplace 2016 choose Presentation excellent.


Step 5. this may compress the media file which you have inserted in your PowerPoint presentation into a better layout. once the system completes it’s going to show a message indicating Compression is complete. you have saved X.X MB”.


Now you could take a look at if the video lag issue is constant. If the issue persists, go to the following restore.



I know that they can be all the options does Ken reduce lag while maintaining performance do you can search and find them if something is missing in our blog post you can tell us and we will be very poor thankful about that also I should have that in a gnu future we will share more tips and tricks so please be a stay connected with Temis marketing.

Those people who have read my previous blogs know that I recommend to people who are searching for writing and making a good PowerPoint for their finding job presentation or any other important presentation to cooperate with the agencies we have used for a similar experience so I commend you to ask us if you have any problem with your PowerPoint presentation and my colleagues in Temis marketing are here to help you the best way that they can so call us.

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