Why Readability UX is important, and what is the best way to improve it?

Why Readability UX is important
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A good readability in user experience design will allow your readers to read and comprehend your content quickly. This article will give you good knowledge about why Readability UX is important and how to improve it.

What is UX Readability?

Readability in UX is simply making your website easy to understand and recognize.

When diving into this topic, it is essential to distinguish between legibility and readability. Legibility refers to how easy it is for typeface characters to be determined and read. Readability is the ability to understand written text.

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UX designers view readability as encompassing both text and graphics. It also includes how they interact and appear on the page. Design can keep users interested or repel them with better readability.

Typographica captured the essence of UX readability best:

Readability is more than just “Can you read it” or “How fast you can read it.” It asks you, “Do you want it to be read?”

Good UX readability means your product’s content is easily accessible to all users. Color blindness is a condition that affects approximately 4.5% of the world’s population. 2.2 billion people have impaired vision. These issues should be considered when designing user interfaces. It is important to be able to discern between good and poor readability.


What are the legibility and readability of digital content?

We will start with the basics and then discuss the phenomena of readability and legibility. Although designers may mistakenly use synonyms for terms, they refer to different aspects of the user’s perception of content.

Legibility measures how people perceive the content and differentiate between its elements. It is a way of looking at how people see content on a page or screen and how they distinguish between its elements (e.g., characters, words, numbers, etc.). This makes the presentation more digestible and allows users to understand quickly what’s on the screen or page.

The term can easily define readability: readability refers to the ease with which you can comprehend written content. In its traditional sense, the ability to read is the next step that leads to a deeper understanding of text content. It examines the simplicity of sentences and words, the clarity and comprehension of information, and the text’s structure.


What factors influence readability and legibility?



Typography refers to the type of text content. The choice of fonts significantly impacts how quickly and easily the user can read and understand the text. Text structure, font size, color, width, and color all affect readability and legibility.



The background is a background color that you use to create digital space. It greatly impacts how easily you can read the content and how quickly you can identify the elements on the website.

UX designers are responsible for identifying the correct color scheme and contrast. They also study the peculiarities and conduct a test copy perception on various contrast backgrounds on your screens and websites.


Negative Space

Also known as “white space,” it refers to the empty area. Negative space can be used to surround element’s you have placed in the layout, and between them.

The negative space acts as a breathing space for all element’s on the page. Negative space, also known as white space, is an essential element in typography.


Visual hierarchy

The content organization that indicates the priority of different content levels is called visual hierarchy. I have discussed it in this article if you’re interested in learning more about visual hierarchy.

UX designer’s need to understand that users don’t read the whole content. Instead, users scan the layout. UX designer’s need to use subheadings because this makes the article easier to read on screen.



The following features are essential for UX writing:

  • Clear users should be able to understand the message clearly and should not be confused.
  • Concise users should read the text exactly as it is written.
  • Users must read the copy and encourage users to interact with it.
  • Consistent users should be able to see the copy within an interface for one digital product. It should have the same style, tone, and voice as the original.

Remember to always write for your users when writing UX copy. The style of your written copy should be human-like.


How to improve UX readability for your product or website?

These tips will help you improve readability and legibility. These are the tips:


  1. Be careful with fonts. Different fonts work best in different sizes. Avoid using too many fonts and too complicated fonts. They are too common and can be annoying.
  2. Make sure that fonts are easily readable on your users’ screens. Mobile devices have smaller screens than desktop computers. This means that you must choose a font that is easy to read.
  3. Use colors that stand out from the background but don’t use too much contrast. It is essential to choose the right color because it allows you to emphasize certain things and de-emphasize others.
  4. Visual hierarchy is essential. Use headings and subheadings to break up the text on each screen.
  5. Limit the line length, so users don’t have to scroll horizontally when reading text.
  6. Use only one font per screen.
  7. Use a font that has both uppercase and lowercase letters. Avoid capital lock effects.
  8. Even the most legible fonts can be rendered unreadable by noisy backgrounds. Video backgrounds can cause the same noise effect so be careful.
  9. It is essential to space around text blocks. Users will be frustrated by cluttered blocks of content. Allow them to take in the information that you present.
  10. Be mindful of your users. Consider their reading level, background, and environment. Accessibility is also important. Make sure your products are easily readable by people with impaired vision.

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Reading ability is how easy it is to follow the written content. A great way to ensure that your content is easy to read and understand is to make it enjoyable. In UX design, readability is one of the essential factors for getting users’ attention. Poor readability can cause users to abandon your content.

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