Why should parents monitor social media?

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With the rise of modern technology come both revolutionary opportunities and new obstacles to overcome. Managing a child’s internet use is one of these burdens; making sure our children are using the web safely and productively requires us to consider whether parental monitoring should be required. How best can parents approach this matter?

As a parent, it’s important to be aware and informed about the potential risks of the internet when it comes to your child. Kids may face bullying and harassment while online, or they could come across inappropriate content. There is also the possibility that someone could create an online persona that is different than their true identity. As such, it’s essential to monitor your kid’s web activity.

Taking the time to closely monitor your child’s internet usage is a vital step in keeping them safe and secure online. Although it may require dedication and effort, staying vigilant in this area will pay off in the long run. Here are several important reasons why close parental involvement is essential when it comes to your child’s internet habits:

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The Internet Limits 

The way people communicate online is often more direct than the manner they take while interacting in person. We can observe more aggressive behavior online, which contrasts with the underlying civility expected in face-to-face conversations and interactions. Those of us with previous generations may adapt better to both expectations, however, children that have grown into the digital age may struggle to differentiate between virtual and tangible interactions.

It can be helpful to assess how your child expresses themselves online, as it may offer insights into their behavior in person. Additionally, you can use those observations to help guide them toward the proper way of interacting with others. It is up to you to craft a plan that will help educate them on appropriate behaviors both online and in real life.


The Internet is Permanent

As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the potential long-term repercussions of children’s online behavior. Kids often make bad decisions and need to learn from their mistakes; however, the internet can make this process more difficult as digital footprints live on forever. Your teen won’t be the same person in five or ten years, and you don’t want something they post today to ruin their future prospects. To ensure your child isn’t negatively impacted down the line, help them develop healthy online habits and make sure they understand that before they post anything they should think about how it may affect them over time.



Teens can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to digital texts, as they are often still in the process of maturing and don’t have the life experience or foresight to grasp just how damaging their behavior might be. They may believe that any information shared over text is private and won’t be shared with others. Yet this lack of understanding can lead to serious implications, ranging from online predators, blackmail, and bullying to criminal charges that could stay with them for life. Therefore, parents and guardians should take the necessary steps to ensure their teenagers understand these risks and the potential repercussions.




It’s important to be observant and proactive when monitoring your child’s internet usage. Cyberbullying has become more prevalent with the development of social media, so parents need to create a system that ensures their kid is kept safe from potential harm or discomfort. Kids have always been subject to nasty behavior from their peers, however, in the pre-digital era they had some relief when they came home. However, nowadays children are continuously exposed to these situations through devices like smartphones and computers. By educating your kids on proper internet etiquette and actively monitoring their online usage you can help them avoid increasingly common pitfalls associated with digital interactions.

How they can?

It’s important to understand why you’re considering monitoring your child’s internet usage before making any decisions. When done right, communication and trust between parent and child should come first, rather than relying on technology to observe their every action online. The respectful dialogue will help lead both parties to an agreement that is beneficial for everyone involved.


Limit Screen Time

As parents, it’s important to keep tabs on our children when it comes to the amount of devices and online usage. After all, leading tech figures like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs limited their kids’ access to devices for a reason. We should take a cue from the inventors of this technology and support our child in developing focus, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. To make sure they’re not spending too much time online, try limiting usage to certain days or times each week. Doing so can help maintain balance in their lives as well as protect them from excessive exposure to digital content.


Be Connected

When it comes to internet safety for their children, parents should focus on creating a strong bond with their kids. Open communication is essential to ensure that children feel comfortable enough to talk about problems they face on the internet. Studies show that those with a more reliable connection with their parents may seek out guidance from them more often than those who don’t have such a bond. Thus, strengthening the parent-child relationship is the first step in monitoring your child’s online use safely.


Tell Them Up Front You Will Monitor Their Activity

When providing a device to your child, be sure to communicate the boundaries and guidelines that must be followed. Explain how you will monitor their activity and make them aware of what is expected to maintain their access. Emphasize that progress and trust should be earned over time, while also emphasizing that you respect their privacy. Make sure this conversation is transparent, as you can use it as an opportunity to teach your children about personal boundaries and privacy.

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