Zoom Presentation Tips: How to Deliver a Successful Zoom Meeting

zoom presentation tips
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In the age of remote work and virtual meetings, Zoom has emerged as a dominant platform for Presentation design services and conferences. Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or simply connecting with friends and family, Zoom presentations have become a daily part of life. In this article, we’ll explore the world of Zoom presentations, highlighting their benefits, offering zoom presentation tips for success, and discussing essential dos and don’ts.

We are going over some really cool tricks that will guarantee an engaging experience for everyone in attendance. “First off: remember they always want something new – don’t repeat anything word-for-word during PowerPoint cycles or handouts unless it’s important enough Repeat stuff, when necessary, though!”

tips for presenting on zoom

What is Zoom?

Before delving into the specifics, let’s understand what Zoom presentations are. A Zoom presentation involves using the Zoom video conferencing platform to deliver content, whether a business proposal, educational lecture, or an informal gathering. With the ability to share screens, engage participants through video and chat, and display slideshows, Zoom has revolutionized how we communicate and present ideas.

It’s a common way to recall what you want to emphasize or say on a slide is by adding speaking notes to the Notes section of PowerPoint. You can then use the Presenter View mode, which will show you slides and your notes. The audience won’t see your notes. This is the default way to connect to a screen or projector in a meeting room.

Meetings have moved to Zoom, and will continue to use this technology in the future. How can you use the PowerPoint Presenter view in a Zoom meeting? To present your PowerPoint along with your notes in a Zoom meeting? You will see the answers to your questions about whether you have one screen/monitor or two and whether you are using Windows or Mac. You will also learn why you may need three screens, and how to set them up.

During the Pandemic, Zoom was a popular communication tool for business and education. There were 485 million Zoom downloads in 2020, which was 30 times more than in the previous year! 

Zoom Presentation Tips

Now that we’ve covered Zoom let’s dive into some practical tips for presenting on zoom for delivering effective Zoom presentations:

presenting on zoom

1-Practice your presentation beforehand

It’s important to rehearse your Zoom presentation before you deliver it. This will help get comfortable with the interface and ensure that everything runs smoothly, which means less chance of making a fool out of yourself in front of everyone!

zoom meeting presentation tips

2-Use a clear and concise speaking voice

Let’s talk about what you need to do when speaking on Zoom. First off, make sure that your voice is clear and concise so people can understand everything easily!

zoom meeting presentation tricks

3-Make sure your slides are easy to read

present your slides with large fonts and clear images to ensure that the audience can see what you’re trying to say. Make sure there isn’t any clutter on the screen, as it makes reading difficult for people behind glass or sitting far away from a projector.
You should also take care when preparing your presentation materials- make them easy enough so everyone understands!

zoom presentation tips and tricks

4-Gesture naturally as you speak

When giving a presentation, make sure to gesture naturally as you speak. This will help your audience follow what’s being said and appear more natural – which in turn makes them feel at ease with the whole situation!

5-Pause occasionally to give listeners a chance to absorb your points

It’s important to pause periodically while speaking on Zoom so listeners can absorb your points. This helps ensure that you aren’t missing any key information in the presentation, and it will make them more engaged with what they’re hearing!

zoom presentation pros

6-Avoid reading from notes or slides – be conversational instead

When giving a Zoom presentation, it is important to avoid reading from notes or slides. Instead, try being conversational and engaging your listeners so that you can connect with them more easily while delivering an engaging speech!

Communication is the key to success. So what better way than by speaking face-to-face with your audience? With Zoom, you can literally be in front of them and see their reactions as they listen! It’s time for us all go get our hands on some new tech so we’re ready when this millennials generation comes knocking at our doors looking around confused because there were no video conferences during childhoods.

Zoom presentation tips and tricks to give a great Zoom presentation

here are some of the best Zoom presentation tips and tricks that will increase your confidence, competence, success, and have an effective presentation.

  • Explain your agenda before you begin presenting.

People like to know what to expect before they log on to a meeting. Your presentation opens with a slide that outlines your agenda. This is one of the best Zoom meeting presentation tips to set the stage for the meeting and assure your audience. Your agenda should include details about when and how audience interaction will be possible.

The slide(s) can be used to list and/or illustrate the points that you are going to cover in your presentation. A slide can be used to pose a question and then show how you will answer it. You can make your audience feel at ease by starting with a humorous (but still work-appropriate!) illustration or photograph.

  • The superpower of data

It’s common to optimize your presentation while using technology to communicate and collaborate.

Consider what images, documents and graphics you should share as part of your preparations for Zoom meetings. This will help to build credibility and professionalism in your pitch. You can also use this information to keep a Zoom audience’s attention from beginning to end.

You should familiarize yourself with Zoom’s Share Screen option. This will show you the best ways to display videos during Zoom calls, as well as advanced sharing methods for online presentations.

These are some great Zoom share screen tips, including how you can add a video to your presentations on Zoom.

  • You can plan your Zoom background/location in advance.

You can either use a Zoom background or a place in your house. Make sure the area you choose is clean and uncluttered. You can create a professional environment by having bare walls or shelves with well-arranged books.

Consider lighting. You can use soft lighting to illuminate you evenly. However, sitting in front a window or door can create shadows and glare.

Your background should not distract from your presentation. Your audience shouldn’t be distracted by a photo of your family or dishes at the sink.

  • Tell a Story

Telling a story is the best way to build an emotional connection with your audience. Incorporate storytelling into presentations to help people better remember and understand information.

How do you include a story in a presentation? The storyline must be tied to your main goal, and carried through the entire presentation, according to the best Zoom presentation tips.

Clarify the emotion you wish to evoke. This could be surprise, joy or desire, anger or any other emotion. You can think of examples, statistics or jokes that are relatable to your audience. If people are nodding their heads when you present, it’s usually a sign you’re delivering a great presentation. Or they’re using active listening.

Elena Valentine, Skill scout CEO, uses Prezi Video as a way to demonstrate the importance of storytelling in presentations. She also shares tips to help you focus on story as an attention grabber. You can find out more in this video.

  • Place notes at the right places on your screen.

While you need to see your notes, you don’t want them to be hidden.

Dual monitors can be used to combat this. You can position your presentation on one monitor, which is visible to everyone, and your presenter’s notes (plus the webcam) on the other.

You can also present your slide show from one window and then have a private view of all your notes from another window. Zoom offers step-by-step instructions on how to use single or dual screens.

  • Let your audience see and hear you

Another tip for Zoom presentations is what your audience can hear and see. Try to appear professional whenever possible.

You don’t need to have all the lights on. The best way to present your work in a virtual setting is with natural light. Avoid putting your head against the window as it can create shadows. You can also experiment with lamps, even a small ring light. Make sure your audience can also see you. It’s not good to be able to see Zoom presentations with disruptive background noise or a squeaky microphone.

  • Grab your Audience’s attention and don’t let go

How to present on Zoom in a way that will be remembered by your audience? You must grab their attention quickly and not let them go until the end of the call.

People who are required to attend a presentation will be bored long before the event begins. You need to establish your tone and keep it going throughout the presentation. Your audience will lose interest if you take too much time to get started or waste your time fiddling with your presentation modes settings. Fast. You can’t let that happen. Preparation is crucial for making good first impressions.

Be clear about the purpose of your presentation. What is the purpose? What are you asking the audience to do when you give them the information? What will you do to communicate the important information? How will you allow your audience to ask questions?

Your credibility is important. Why is this the right topic for you? You may have gaps in your knowledge about certain eras. That’s okay. Recognize what you don’t know.

Start with an icebreaker. If your audience is full Dads, I would recommend that you avoid dad jokes. It’s a good idea to begin with a warm greeting and a relevant fact about you that establishes a connection with your audience.

  • Good Visuals

The visual aspect of any presentation is crucial. Do you want to be the only one presenting? Or will you have slides to share with others? Follow the steps above to make sure you are able to present a Zoom ppt via the Screen Share feature before you begin.

It is also a good idea include relevant:

  • Statistics and data
  • Graphs
  • Maps
  • Images and videos
  • Stickers and GIFs

However, don’t hide behind slides. People don’t want to see a slideshow that goes on forever with your face hidden in a corner. Make sure you only show the essentials and don’t forget to cover any extras.

  • End Zoom presentations correctly

A final word of advice about Zoom presentations. Do not let your relief get in the way of your call to actions at the end.

Every communication should contain an invitation in clear language. Now that your Zoom time has ended, what would you ask your audience to do? With one final warm smile, tell them and thank them for their attention.

Zoom Presentation Don’ts

  1. Don’t Overload Slides: Avoid cramming too much information onto slides; this can overwhelm your audience.
  2. Don’t Multitask: Stay focused on the presentation and avoid checking emails or engaging in unrelated tasks.
  3. Don’t Ignore Technical Issues: If technical problems arise, address them promptly and professionally.
  4. Don’t Rush: Speak clearly and at a moderate pace; rushing can make it challenging for participants to follow.
  5. Don’t Neglect Etiquette: Maintain proper etiquette by muting when not speaking and refrain from interrupting others.


Zoom presentations have become an integral part of our modern communication landscape. Embracing the benefits they offer, following best practices and tips for presenting on Zoom, and avoiding common pitfalls can help you deliver impactful and engaging presentations in the virtual world. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or new to the digital stage, mastering Zoom presentations is valuable in today’s interconnected world.


What makes a successful meeting?

An effective meeting can bring a thoughtfully chosen group of people together for a specific purpose, provide a forum for open discussion, and deliver a tangible result: a decision, a plan, a list of great ideas to pursue, and a shared understanding of the work ahead.

What makes Zoom work better?

By closing other applications that you do not need during the working session, It can be helpful for Zoom to run better. Avoid other activities that will steal bandwidth. Communicate with the instructor or moderator of your Zoom meeting.

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