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Figma VS Adobe Xd – Which one is the best and better for your design?

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It is essential to choose between Figma and Adobe XD as this will impact the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). It is crucial to UX designers that they have access to the best tools for collaboration and overall user experience. This article will explain the differences between Adobe XD and Figma, their features, and which one is best for you.



Figma is a web-based interface and vector design software. It is widely considered the best tool to support collaborative team-based design projects by many designers. Figma provides all the elements and tools you need to create a full-fledged website design, prototyping, and code generation for the handoff.


What are Figma uses?

Figma is a prototyping tool that looks similar to other tools. However, Figma’s key feature is its ability to work in teams. Figma is:

  • An online UI design tool that supports the Product Design Process
  • You can create icons, presentations, graphics for social media, and many other things free of charge
  • You can use hundreds of fonts, shapes, and colors to create dynamic visuals.
  • For a more realistic draft, create responsive mockups
  • You can create your own content libraries or borrow libraries from other creators.
  • You can customize your graphic design assets using powerful features
  • You can design directly from the browser, as everything is online and available for free.
  • Within the same file, you can collaborate with your team to edit.


Figma is therefore considered:

  • A prototyping software
  • A code generator for handoff

It is important to note that Figma has the support of large community developers who offer plugins to improve functionality or streamline workflows. Anyone can contribute.


Adobe XD

Adobe XD, a vector-based UI/UX tool, allows you to create anything from apps for smartwatches to full-fledged websites. Adobe XD is a refreshing alternative to Illustrator or Photoshop for UI design. It also allows you to prototype.


What are Adobe XD uses?

Adobe XD was designed with web and mobile experiences in mind. Design teams are leveraging its features to enhance their experience design process.

Adobe XD can be used in a variety of applications.

  • Website design – Website design and Adobe XD go hand in hand, from information architecture to layouts and prototyping. You can easily bring together concepts and ideas using productivity features such as Repeat Grid, Padding, and Stacks to create navigation patterns, scrolling, and other useful information for your website.
  • App design – Designing apps for desktop, mobile, or web requires dynamic interactions, multiple navigation patterns, and a variety of screen sizes. Adobe XD makes it easy to create app experiences with features such as Responsive resizing, pre-built artboard sizes for common devices, and prototype features like auto animate and dragging triggers.
  • Game design – You can easily map and test game settings and menus in Adobe XD. All you have to do is plug in a Bluetooth game controller.
  • Voice assistant design – Adobe XD allows you to build prototypes of virtual assistants through its powerful voice commands and connections to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, which allow you to try out experiences.


Main differences between Figma vs. Adobe XD

Since Adobe XD’s introduction in 2016, Figma vs. Adobe XD has been competing against each other. Although the rivalry was not fierce initially, XD’s initial editions needed more critical features. However, this has improved over time. It is becoming increasinglymore workt to choose the right software for your project, given how fiercely they compete.

Figma vs. Adobe XD is different in that the price is what matters. Figma can be used by individual users and is free. However, Adobe XD requires that you pay before you can use it. We will discuss which one suits your needs best.

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Supported platforms



  • Desktop – Windows, Mac, Linux (Figma-Linux app provides support);
  • Desktop Browsers Editing is possible in all WebGL-supported browsers – ChromeOS and Linux- and on any Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD-based) system. Clients in desktop browsers can view the drafts.
  • Mobile browsers – iOS and Android can be viewed in view-only mode. Figma is also supported on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.
  • Mobile apps Android and iOS have the Figma Mirror App that simulates mobile devices.


Adobe XD

  • Desktop Windows and Mac
  • Desktop Browsers XD creates previews of designs in browsers so clients can provide feedback.
  • Mobile apps – iOS and Android have the Adobe XD App for live previews.



  • Multiplayer
  • Observation mode
  • Team libraries
  • Automatically save & sync


Adobe XD

  • Coediting
  • Linked assets
  • Creative Cloud libraries



Figma and Adobe XD can be used for prototyping. However, XD has a wider range of triggers that allow for more UI designs. Let’s take another look.



Multiple interactions can be made per element as long as they’re different.




On click

On drag

While hovering

While pressing

Mouse enter

Mouse leave

Mouse down

Mouse up

After delay





Smart Animate (see section after next)

Move In

Move Out


Slide In

Slide Out




Navigate to open overlay (frame)

Swap with


Close overlay

Open URL




Ease In

Ease Out

Ease In and Out



Adobe XD

Multiple interactions can be made per item, such as a hover or click interaction















Slide left

Slide right

Slide up

Slide down

Push left






Speech Playback

Previous artboard

State change



None (aka linear)

Ease Out

Ease In

Ease In-Out


Wind Up




We conclude that Adobe XD allows for multiple interactions per element, creating prototypes with functionalities more closely to the behavior of people using the browser.

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Does Figma have a better reputation than Adobe XD?

The short answer is yes. Figma is arguably the best design tool for team collaboration. Figma simplifies the design process and allows designers and teams to work more efficiently together. You can also collaborate live with your colleagues. Figma is an excellent tool for designers and teams because:

  • It’s completely free and accessible without the need to download any apps.
  • It works on all platforms.
  • Collaboration is easy and familiar.
  • Sharing is easy and flexible.
  • Embedded files allow for real-time updates
  • It is easy and intuitive to prototype.
  • It is simple to hand off developers;
  • Team libraries are ideal for designing systems, allowing anyone to access the most recent versions.



Both plugins are promising and have received a lot of updates over the past few months. It will be interesting to see how each plugin integrates with the other plugins to improve areas that could be stronger.

Figma and Adobe XD are battling it out, and both will keep pushing each other to improve. We now see features exclusive to one product appear in the other on a fairly regular basis. This makes it difficult for designers to choose which one to use to make a high-quality product.

Adobe XD will give you a better chance of success if your experience with Adobe’s Creative Cloud and Adobe’s ecosystem is already established. Adobe XD is slightly more adept at prototyping auto-animation and voice, which facilitates its accuracy.


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