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Google Slides has been recognized as one of the leading presentation tools in existence. Its user-friendly design, ability to collaborate with others online and immense array of templates have made it a top choice for presenters around the world. Not only that, but Google also provides users access to extra resources allowing them to create presentations bursting with creativity!

Google Slides offers users a plethora of add-ons to make their presentations truly stand out. From optimizing visuals and layout to find the perfect features that will captivate audiences – Google has it all! With these powerful tools at your disposal, you’ll be sure to get an enthusiastic response after delivering your presentation with gusto.

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What are Google Slide Add Ons?

Upgrade your user experience and productivity to the next level with Add-Ons! These simple, yet effective tools provide an easy way of Adding On more value in a single click using the “Add-Ons” tab on the menu bar.

Are you looking for a user-friendly and powerful presentation tool? If yes, then Google Slides is here to your rescue. This amazing alternative to MS Powerpoint has made its name due to the immense features it offers like autosaving mode and Add-Ons that can expand even more potential. These add-ons remain available either in free or paid versions so as per one’s preference they could be selected accordingly – giving users complete control over making an engaging & interactive presentation!


Best Google slide add ons


PearDeck is transforming the classroom experience for teachers, providing them with an unprecedented level of engagement from students. An intuitive and easy-to-use interface masks a wealth of features designed to make it simple for educators – including interactive quizzes, feedback surveys, multiple-choice questions, and more – all free! Most impressively PearDeck has achieved its aim in something considered impossible by many: 100% student participation.


With the free offering of an interactive presentation platform, you can still make amazing presentations with ready-made templates. But if you have the Premium version, it’s even better! Not only do you get to provide direct feedback and add audio in your class slideshows but also track student progress easily – all while being able to edit these fabulous contents right away. It’s a powerful combination of features that will take your students’ learning experience up a notch or two.



Slido is a great way to get your audience engaged and interactive. Perfect for events of up to 100 people, the free version offers plenty of options – from quizzes that test participant knowledge, polls for quick insights into their opinions, and stimulating brainstorming tools. Transform any presentation with Slido’s versatile capabilities!

The Engage plan offers a great value for just $12 per month. For the heavier users, however, splurging on the Professional Plan may be worth it! Not only do you get more flexibility and advanced reporting tools – but also additional security like email verification to ensure extra protection of your data.


Extensis Fonts

With Extensis, managing fonts across multiple platforms is a breeze! Their free font options make it easy to access the perfect typeface for any project. It’s an incredibly simple tool that can come in handy – and best of all, you won’t have to break open your wallet!

With Extensis Fonts, you no longer need to waste time hunting for the perfect font. This ingenious app makes it easy for anyone to find a suitable typeface with just one click — sort by family, popularity, trendiness, or alphabetically and make your decision in an instant! Whether creating presentations or something else entirely; if you’re short on ideas when selecting fonts –– this add-on is worth exploring!


 Math Equations

Transform intricate equations into something simple with Math Equations! This free add-on makes complex calculations a breeze, even if LaTeX is foreign to you. With the right know-how, mastering mathematical problems have never been easier!

Math students and teachers alike can benefit from this tool to put their knowledge to the test. With a combination of its add-on feature and free Google Slides templates, users will be able to achieve engaging results in their presentations!


Unsplash Images

Looking to take your Google Slides presentation up a notch? Check out Unsplash Images. This helpful add-on helps you find beautiful, royalty-free images that are high quality and can be easily edited within the slides themselves! Make sure those visuals shine with this incredible resource – no more low-resolution or watermarked photos for you!


Unsplash offers an abundance of high-quality, easily accessible images that can be used for all types of projects without any copyright restrictions – making it a great asset for spicing up educational presentations or giving business assets more visual appeal.


Free Icons by Icons8

With this handy add-on, you can spruce up presentations with eye-catching images – so long as you’ve subscribed. Even if it’s not a subscription service don’t worry; although large displays might become pixelated the vector graphics will remain clear and sharp! So why wait? Get creative today with this fantastic app accessorial.


 Slides Translator

With Slides Translator, understanding presentations from around the world is effortless. The powerful add-on supports more than 100 languages and dialects so you can easily access translations for virtually any presentation. With just a few simple clicks, reading slides in different tongues has never been easier!

With Slides Pro, Google offers a premium version of its translator that promises real-time translations. Unfortunately, the program sacrifices formatting for speed, and accuracy is subpar compared to other translation services. As of now, there’s no pricing page available to review just yet – it redirects you straight back to the home page!



Kaizena aims to revolutionize the way that teachers give feedback and provide valuable time-saving solutions via Google Slides. Installation is free, however, it can be slightly challenging for new users who are unfamiliar with its many features. Despite receiving mixed reviews on their latest version, Kaizena still provides increased flexibility for students, team managers, and even parents!

While Kaizena can save users immense amounts of time, its pay-only system is a definite major drawback. Unfortunately, there’s no free way to get even the slightest taste before fully committing – certainly something for potential customers to consider!

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How to install Add-Ons in Google Slides?

Unleash the potential of your Google Slides presentation by exploring a world of Add-ons! From ‘Get Add-ons’, you can search for what is most relevant to you, whether that be something specific like an “infographic”, or sorted according to category and customer ratings. Whatever it takes to give your slideshows that added edge – add some flare with these awesome features!



Unlock the power of Google Slides with add-ons! Whether you’re looking for more tools, better organization, or improved productivity, there are now plenty of options available to make your work a breeze. Take advantage and free up some time with the right app market solutions from Google Slides.

Forget the hassle of creating a presentation from scratch! Take your slides to the next level with these remarkable Add-Ons and make an unforgettable, impactful statement. Don’t let making presentations be a daunting task – unlock potential through Google Slides extensions that are sure to amaze viewers and elevate any project’s quality.



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