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How does Competitor Analysis UX Design works?

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Competitor analysis involves analyzing other businesses in order to determine strengths and weaknesses. This information can be used to enhance your UX strategy. UX competitor analysis will help you understand your market, products and goals. It is also a critical part of UX research during the design process. UX researcher‘s are able to empathize more and discover what frustrates and excites them.

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What is a UX Competitive Analysis?

What is a UX Competitive Analys?

UX competitive analysis is a method of evaluating the user experience (UX), of a competitor‘s product. This can be done using a variety of methods such as customer observation, user research, and customer feedback. UX competitive analysis is used to determine where your competitors’ products or services are lacking in providing a great user experience. It also helps you to learn from their mistakes and improve your product.

UX competitive analysis is incomplete without user research. Talking to customers and users of competitors’ products or services is a great way to learn their frustrations and needs. To identify pain points, it is important to observe customers’ behavior and how they use the product. Analyzing customer feedback can provide insight into the product or service of competitors.

What is a UX Competitive Analysis?

Why do you need to do a UX Competitive Analysis?

For many reasons, you might need to conduct a UX competitive analysis. You might be launching a new product, or service, and want to make sure it is the best. Perhaps you are noticing your competition’s product or service gaining market share and want to know why. To ensure your offering is better, it is important to understand the user experience of competitors’ products and services.

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Here are some reasons to conduct a UX competitor analysis.

  • This definition of usability will help you to solve usability issues
  • To find out where your product/service stands in the market
  • To help guide the design process
  • To understand the strengths and weaknesses in your competitors
  • For product modifications, it is important to have evidence.
  • Focus your efforts on a specific market

What is a UX Competitive Analysis?

When do you need a UX Competitive Analysis?

UX teams perform a UX competitive assessment at the beginning of every project. This is done during the initial stages of design. Designers need to keep up with market changes and the competitive landscape by regularly conducting competitor research.

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Types of Competitors

There are two types of competition:

  1. Direct competitors
  2. Indirect competitors

Direct competitors: Itmay offer similar goods and services to the same target market or overlap with it. Because their offerings are similar, these competitors often compete on price. Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat are direct rivals offering similar products to a comparable target market.

Indirect competitors: Although they operate in the same market, indirect competitors offer different products. These products may be different, but they often fulfill the same customer need. Tech often has indirect competitors that have product overlaps. Twitter and YouTube, for example, are both indirect competitors. However, YouTube offers video hosting to allow users to tweet.

What is the purpose of a UX Competitive Analysis?

What is the purpose of a UX Competitive Analysis?

UX competitive analysis serves two main purposes. It identifies areas where the product or service of your competitor falls short, and it teaches from their mistakes. Understanding the user experience of the competitor‘s product can help you ensure your offering meets customer needs better. You can learn from the mistakes of your competitors and avoid the same mistakes in your product/service.

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What is the purpose of a UX Competitive Analysis?

How to Do a UX Competitive Analysis?

A UX competitive analysis can be conducted in many ways. User research is the most important aspect of a UX competitive analysis. This involves speaking with customers and users of competitors’ products or services. To identify pain points, it is important to observe customers’ behavior and how they use the product. Analyzing customer feedback can provide insight into the product or service of competitors.


3 UX Competitive Analysis Research Methods:

  1. User Interviews
  2. Reading Competitors’ Reviews
  3. Usability Testing


User Interviews

User interviews are a great way to get first-hand feedback about a competitor’s product or service. This involves talking to people who use the competitor’s product or service regularly to understand their needs and frustrations. This can be used to collect both qualitative and quantitative data.


Reading Competitors’ Reviews

Reviewers can use social media (Facebook, Twitter mentions), websites like Trust Pilot, and marketplaces to help them analyze their competitors. This allows you to find out what your customers like and dislike about your competition.


Usability Testing

To compare your competitors, you can build a replica of their product to test how users interact with it. These insights can be used by designers to improve their designs. It’s not your goal to copy others. Instead, you are analyzing the reactions of participants and asking questions about which prototype is more intuitive, appealing, and engaging.

Benefits of Carrying out a UX Competitor Analysis

The Benefits UX Competitor Analysis

You can learn valuable insights by researching the competition and make informed UX design choices.

Market Gaps

UX designer‘s can use competitor analysis to determine if there are gaps in the market. By understanding the gap (that is, students’ likes and dislikes, interests, values, budget, and other feature’s.) you will be able to plan for this feature better and make sure of its popularity among target users.

Developing Products or Services

UX designer‘s are constantly iterating on products and services. These iterations need to be supported by evidence and research. You can identify market gaps like the one in the previous example and develop your product or service accordingly.

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