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How much does a presentation design cost, and what are effective factors?

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PowerPoint presentations are a secondary task that almost everyone has to do, but few people enjoy. It’s easy to hire a PowerPoint design agency, and it’s very cost-effective!

Hiring a professional designer to help with your PowerPoint design will allow you to eliminate the stress of creating presentations. It will also give you better results than you would have if you did it yourself.

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How much does a presentation design cost in average?

Many people believe that PowerPoint presentations are just another secondary task you must do now and again. What if there were another way? What if your PowerPoint presentations didn’t even have to be done?

Regular employees spending hours creating slides is inefficient. Worse, less time can be spent on more valuable tasks. At the end of it all, time and effort spent on PowerPoint design can also cost actual money.

Companies around the globe are opting to Outsource their presentation design. This is a great way to save time and keep your budget low while still allowing your employees to be productive.

These are the most popular options for getting someone to design a presentation. Here’s how much they cost.


1. Freelancers

You can find freelancers online to help you with your presentations, as you can for many other tasks. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of designers willing to give their best on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

We can see an example of the cost of PowerPoint presentation design on Upwork. This site charges between $35 and $150 for presentation slide design. Unlike other sites that charge hourly, slide design can be done by professionals.


2. Agencies and Design Companies

You can choose from several presentation design agencies if you need more reliability and quality than a freelancer.

This option is great because, unlike freelancers, they are experts in their chosen fields. The presentation agency designers can help you build a deck and communicate your message in a more audience-oriented manner.

Depending on the company, they may offer different services to assist you with all your presentation needs.

Bright Carbon and Buffalo 7 are presentation design agencies specializing in presentation design. They also offer communication services to help you create your presentation. This is why the presentation cost for this agency is higher. A 10-slide presentation created by them starts at $5,000.


3. Design Teams

These prices may seem excessive if your company requires a steady flow of presentations. Many design agencies offer enterprise solutions to address this type of problem. Additionally, presentation designer’s are dedicated to your brand and will ensure that your presentations reflect your style.

Many agencies offer a credit package subscription, allowing you to rely on consistent professional presentation design at a lower price.

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Factors that may affect the cost of your PowerPoint designing

It’s a good idea to have as much information as possible. You can negotiate more effectively if you have complete information about your project.

  1. Target audience
  2. How it’s going to be presented
  3. The content
  4. The style
  5. The timeline


Target audience

Who is your target audience? What are their designation brackets, industry sectors, and ages? The more information you have, the less work they will need and the less cost they may charge for presentation design.

How it’s going to be presented

 You should also share this important detail with the PowerPoint design agency. It will be presented to the presenter in person or as an attachment to the mail. One must understand the contents. The format, font size, and information on each slide may all need to be decided by the agency. These details can impact the cost.

The content

 Have you prepared the content, or do you wish for an agency to write it? Customers usually have rough content in the form of words or PPT. This is not ideal for presentation making. An agency might suggest that customers provide input and rude content so they can create their presentation-worthy content. While you can save money by doing this work, it may result in more energy and time utilization than content writing.

The style

 You can glimpse the final PPT outlook by looking at various styles. PowerPoint agencies have their own styles. You can help them choose from these styles, saving you time and money. Style is not a template but a general appearance and feels for presenting the information. A good PowerPoint designer can help you understand the theme.

The timeline

This bracket is common in almost all agencies. You will probably pay more for PowerPoint design if you have a tight deadline. Fast work can also limit creativity. It is a good idea to plan your PowerPoint presentation ahead and allow your agency enough time to think up new ideas.

You can save money on presentation design by combining more information, creativity, and time.


How to Save up to 50% on PowerPoint Design?

The fun part is how to reduce the cost of your presentation. Many people, including startups, have limited budgets or other reasons not to spend much on PowerPoint presentations. The good news is that there are many ways to save money on PowerPoint presentation’s.

Metrics PowerPoint presentation design cost:

  • Geographic location saving
  • Special price
  • Create content
  • Create a co-brand
  • Give brand guidelines
  • Give brand guidelines
  • Bulk Discount


Geographic location saving

For American, European and Middle East individuals or companies, outsourcing your PowerPoint to Asian agencies is more cost-effective. The cost of outsourcing your PPT to Asian agencies is much lower than in countries like India, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. This is almost a 10% savings on the design cost.


Special price

If you are a student, NGO, or Education institution, talk to the agency. They often have special prices. Design costs can be reduced by up to 20%


Create content

 Follow the agency’s guidance and create the content. This will allow you to save as much as possible. You will still need to put in the work, but this will help you save around 20% on the overall project cost.


Create a co-brand

 There is a lot of competition in presentation design, and top agencies spend a lot on marketing and branding. You can talk to them about how you can promote them through your presentation through co-branding. If you have a lot of followers or are a community representative, saving can be enormous.


Give brand guidelines

 While it may not necessarily lower the cost, it will, as a rule of thumb, reduce the time spent on the project. It is essential to provide brand guideline’s, themes, content, and quick approvals. This will help the design agency get concessions. Talk to the agency and let them know what you have and how fast you are on approvals and input. The agency might lower the fees.


Bulk Discount

 Aside from the price and standard features, agencies often offer discounts or different rates for bulk slide design. However, they may keep this private. If you have a lot of slides, you should always contact your agency to negotiate the standard price. Most commonly, you will receive 100+ slides in bulk orders.

Combining the first three points can save more than half of your PowerPoint design cost. Check which points are relevant to you, and contact your agency to reduce your PowerPoint costs.


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