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How Much Should You Charge for Social Media Design?

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So, you’re a designer with mad skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. Is your dream to offer your design services to businesses on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram? How much should I charge per day/week etc.? What am I typically charging people when they hire me as their graphic artiste…

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1. What to charge for social media design

– Social media design pricing can vary widely depending on the size of your business and how much work you want to put into your social media presence

– The most important thing is to know what rate other designers are charging for similar services so that we don’t under or oversell ourselves!

– If you’re new at this, start at $30 an hour and work your way up from there as you get more experience with social media design clients

– If it’s too high, they’ll find someone else who can do the same work for less money so don’t be afraid to ask people what their rates are before taking on any jobs!

– If you’re charging $30 per hour, you can expect to spend about two hours on a project

– For more complex projects, or for businesses with larger social media presences, your rate could be as high as $75 an hour

How to price your services

2. How to price your services

– The best way to price your services is to look at what other designers are charging and find a rate that’s in the middle

– Don’t be afraid to charge more if you feel like your skills warrant it, but also don’t be afraid to lower your rates if the client seems like they’re on a tight budget

– It’s important to remember that you’re providing a service and you should be compensated fairly for your time and effort

– If we’re not happy with the rate they’re offering, we can always walk away from the project!

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3. Types of social media designs you can create

– There are a million and one ways to design for social media, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to what we can create

– Some common types of social media designs include cover photos, profile pictures, post graphics, and ads

– We can also create templates for businesses to use as a guideline for their posts, or help them come up with a social media strategy that will help them grow their online presence

– The possibilities are endless, so don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the box!

Examples of social media designs that have gone viral

4. Examples of social media designs that have gone viral

– One great example of social media design is the Starbucks cup redesign from 2015, which went viral as people shared pictures of their cups on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter

– The company wanted to create something new for customers who were tired of seeing red holiday cups every year at this time so they came up with an idea: what if we created a design that was inspired by the customers?

– They asked their followers to submit designs on social media using the hashtag #RedCups and received over 12,000 submissions in just one week!- The final design was chosen from among these entries and featured a simple white cup with a green tree silhouette and the words “Give Good”

5. Tips for creating stunning social media designs

– Use high-quality images and fonts

– Be creative and think outside the box

– Keep your designs simple and easy to understand

– Make sure all of your graphics are consistent with your branding

– Test your designs before publishing them online to make sure they look good on different platforms

How to get more clients for your social media design business

6. How to get more clients for your social media design business

– Start by creating a portfolio of your best work, and make sure to showcase your skills and styles

– Get involved in online communities where social media designers hang out and share your work with them

– Attend local business events and meet with potential clients face to face

– Use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter to show off your work and attract new clients

– Make sure your rates are competitive and affordable, but also be willing to negotiate if the client seems like they’re on a tight budget

– Keep in mind that you always have the option to walk away from a project if you’re not happy with the rate they’re offering!


Social Media Design is an ever-changing field that offers designers the opportunity to branch out into new areas or start their own projects. To succeed, it’s important for you as a designer to constantly be innovating and improving on what has already been established in order not only provide your client with high-quality work but also to make yourself stand apart from other candidates seeking these same clients!

social media design services

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