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How to choose the right UI/UX design agency for your business

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When we want to start our cooperation with a company, we spend a lot of money and time, so we must make sure that the agency we are working with is reliable and that we can safely hand over our project to her. Here is a list of things that you can check to understand whatever is this agency trustable or not.

How to choose the right UI/UX design agency for your business?

If you want to choose a good UI UX agency we have some factors that we can understand is it good for us or not:

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1. Services offered and team composition

This may confuse you at first, but the truth is that sometimes small and newly emerging agencies work better than other types of agencies. In general, smaller agencies can sometimes provide a better and faster service, which will be of great help if your work is urgent, that’s why we don’t recommend very big companies, because you are only a customer for them Thousands of other customers.


2. Reach out to their clients

The fact that a company announces its customer service and real opinions to you shows that it has a lot of confidence in itself. So, if you ever have a question, what should you do to find out if the services of the company you want to work with are good or not just simply ask them to share this information then you gonna understand how they work.


3. Portfolio 

Pay attention to this information cause it shows many things, when they had a separate place page to show their portfolio it explains a lot about what they do. You are seeking out a UX and UI design business enterprise that will help you create or improve a brand-new product, service, app, or website. You are not searching simply to make superficial modifications and eye chocolates.


4. Different rates, different geographies

One of the most important factors that anyone should pay attention to is where is the company you want to work with.

The rates that they’ve got from India, the Philippines, and Indonesia are will have significantly cheaper rates than US and Western Europe agencies.


5. Examine the past experiences of the agency

Many people think that it is the same way that we check the portfolio of that company but this is very different from checking the company portfolio you should just go bound that and ask yourself some good questions about their perverse project such as;

  • Are the projects similar to each other or they are different?
  • How many complete projects do they have?

 The projects that they have shown are good at finishing the project or not.

  • What is their design quality?

You should know that always having a good design doesn’t mean that it is a good UX or UI design. You should pay attention to the quality of that design. Examine patterns like the spacings, sizes correct and information properly presented, and if their navigation is easy to follow.

  • Does the agency case study include actual user experience, retention, engagement, and conversion metrics?

We should grow in our professional careers and UI UX design is all about growing and being active so if the agency is not active is not a good proper agency to trust.

  • Did they describe the actual process and end design goals in the portfolio?
  • What is the agency’s best work and why?

What we need is the knowledge we want to work with a knowledgeable group or in a clear way they know what they are doing and what they should do and what their duty is.


Designers want to realize all approximately the method of their venture with facts as well as stats.

It is continually exact to ask the organization to offer concrete examples of what did they do exactly to attain the quit design intention. The end intention may be conversion, engagement, or retention charge improvement.

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5. Communication Quality

You can clearly understand it by having a conversation with them and asking about the process of the project.

A high level of communication can help you a lot because you will not face many problems in your project as I explained.

They are always available to inform you about the progress of the project and you can easily communicate with them.

All of us should be able to establish a good and effective relationship with people and let them understand in simpler language what we mean by what we say and they will understand easily. 


6. Design task understanding

If in the first steps you are asked about even the smallest points of the project, know that you are working with a good company.

Because it should be important for the company that what are the smallest details that you want to have, this will make the number of edits lower, the work will be delivered to you faster, and they will know your goal from the first steps.


7. Agency’s team

Maybe this is not very important to many people and they only want their work to be done in the best way, but in my opinion, one of the most important points is that all team members are introduced, the clearer the process, the easier your work will be.


8. Price

How many times do you decide to buy something and then you just have to take a look at the price and then you decide not to buy it?

One of the most important factors in doing anything is the price of it. 

So in order of checking the prices, you can do three things;

Checking the hourly price:

If you are working with the agencies part-time or full-time or just on a project it’s better to consider how many times does it need to be finished? Based on that you can see if the price is good for you or not.


9. how fast are the agency designers solving problems?

This item may not be very effective for you in terms of price, and in the end, the difference is about 20 dollars, but in my opinion, it will bring you a lot of peace of mind and it is very beneficial for you to be sure that any problem that occurs during the project will be solved. You will come across it, it is going to be solved in the shortest possible time and it won’t cause you too much trouble.

In the end, I’ve shown you reasons why you can choose the agencies and whether is it good or not for us, or even more than it is that the company is trustable.

If you think that you may need more about this topic just tell us and then we will cover then if you need help designing your website you can trust us temis is an agency with years of experience do just call us.

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