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How To Create‌ the Best Neumorphic PowerPoint Presentation?

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Neumorphic designs are an emerging design style, first introduced in the User Interface design for gadgets in the past decade. This simple design is surprisingly popular despite not using any major color combinations.

What should you do? This article will show you how to create business presentations using neumorphic design.


What is a Neumorphic Design?

The Neumorphic design style for user interfaces tries to replicate real-life situations while keeping it as simple and clean as possible. This design combines flat design and skeuomorphism to create a single paradigm that combines the best of both.

It is also known as geomorphic and soft design. The style’s simplicity is its selling point. It doesn’t have to be ugly or unattractive, just because it is simple. This gem is one of the most popular designs on the planet today.

To make the buttons and switches of the user interface feel as real as possible, the design uses a combination of background colors, shadows and shapes. The design gives the buttons and switches a 3D appearance thanks to multiple elements.

Neumorphic-styled buttons have two distinct features. One is a darker shade of shadow below and lighter above. The buttons’ visually deceiving nature and apparent movement when touched give users the illusion that they are pressing or switching between physical buttons beneath the screen.


The Benefits of Using Neumorphic Design in Your Business Presentations

These are the benefits of using Neumorphic designs for your business presentations.


Brings a Fresh Look and Feel to Your Presentation

The Neumorphic design for PowerPoint presentations makes it easy to see its components (such as buttons and cards) in a new way, which allows it to stand out from the rest. It has been a popular design trend on Dribbble and Behance. This design will make your presentation stand out from the rest.


Perfectly Balances Minimalism and Realism

Neumorphic icons combine shadows, colors, and lights to create a new design style that aids in design’s natural display and hierarchy. It is great for designers who want to create diverse corporate presentations for important meetings.


Consistent and Coherent

Designers must use the same color, shadow, and light contrast to neumorph their interface to provide consistent user experiences.

This allows designers to maintain consistency and speed up the design process regardless of how many screens they have to create or how many times they have to revise and test their presentations.

How to Create a Business Presentation Using the Neumorphic Design?

How can you create a unique business presentation with a neumorphic design and change the tone? Although the steps are easy, accuracy is necessary to make it look almost like a 3D design.


Create an Object

First, create an object. It doesn’t matter if your object is rectangular, circular, or a star. Once you have decided on an item, you need to divide it into two.


Control the Shadow Of A Different Object

The formatting of your second item should be the same as the first. After that, adjust the shadow angle to 215 degrees. The shadow of the first object should appear at 4 o’clock. Your second object should appear at 10 o’clock.

To make the shadow more visible, change its color to white. To make it more visible, you can change the slide’s background to dark before applying the ‘bright shadow.’



Next, you will need to control the shadow of your object. This can be done by clicking on the “Format Shape” button, expanding the “Change Style” box, and selecting ‘Shadow.” You can adjust the shadow’s transparency, size, angle, and distance.

You can play with this part. However, to make it look more like the most common neumorphic shape you can set the angle at 45 degrees and blur out the shadow by approximately 13 points. Make the shadow smaller than your item.


Spice It Up

Remember to “group” your items together to avoid any unexpected changes. Once you have completed that, spice up your presentation. You can change the gradient’s color to make it appear like a button.

Now that you have gone through the six stages, you will be able to create a neumorphic-styled but button. You may need to use ten of them to create a unique corporate presentation. It was exhausting. We have the answer.

Do you see one issue that prevents people from using neumorphic design to create business presentations? This design is only popular among those who can see it.

SlideUpLift’s design experts have created attractive Neumorphic templates that save you both time and effort.


Pile up The Object

Next, stack the objects so that they match each other perfectly. Next, choose the items you wish to cover and align with ‘center” and middle. Next, make it appear that light is coming from one side while casting shadows on the other.


Mix Them and Match Them with The Background’s Colour

Be sure to change the color of your objects before you do any work with them. We recommend that you use a lighter shade of grey for the background color to see the brighter shadows.


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