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How to overcome nerves when speaking in public: tips for feeling confident

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When most of us think about speaking in public, our palms get sweaty and our heart starts racing. It’s hard to overcome these fears because it seems impossible! Luckily there are some tips that can help you feel more confident when giving presentations or speeches- so read on for some helpful advice from an expert who knows what they’re talking about…

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Understand that everyone gets nervous when speaking in public

When you feel nervous in front of a group, it’s perfectly normal to be so. Just because the feeling lasts for some time doesn’t mean that your presentation will suffer as well! In fact- just like with any other task we try our hardest at but find ourselves failing at sometimes (like homework), speaking publicly can actually help us improve later on down the line by making sure all aspects are covered properly; even if they seem difficult now due to nerves.
A common misconception many people have is thinking this regretful act means something went wrong during their appearance which could cause Rejection By Individual(s).


Prepare for your speech by rehearsing it and timing yourself

The next time you find yourself anxious about speaking in public, just remember that it’s normal to feel nervous. To help ease the nerves and prepare for your big speech day, rehearse what is going on stage as well as time yourself so there are no surprises when performing live!


Visualize yourself giving the speech and succeeding

Feeling more confident can be tough sometimes, but there are some simple tips that work for many people. For example one of the best ways to feel better on a day you have an important presentation or speech is by visualizing yourself giving your performance and succeeding in front of everyone else!
This exercise has been proven effective because it tricks our brains into thinking we’ve already achieved what’s desired – which means if someone does not succeed now then maybe they won’t later either (plus this saves energy).

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How to overcome nerves when speaking in public: tips for feeling confident

Take deep breaths and relax your body before speaking

Take some deep breaths and relax your body before you start to speak. This will help calm any nerves, ease tension in the shoulders or neck area (which can make us feel Census), give a more focused mindset that allows for clear thinking when giving an impassioned presentation–and most importantly: free up vocal cords so we’re able to put ours all into what we’ve got going on!


Acknowledge any mistakes you make, and move on

Remember that a mistake is just one chance in thousands to get it right. Dwelling on mistakes will only hurt you, so don’t dwell!
Acknowledge your error and move forward- most likely nobody noticed what happened anyway.

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How to overcome nerves when speaking in public: tips for feeling confident

Thank the audience for their time when you’re finished

The audience is about to leave, but before they do be sure and thank them for coming. It’s important that you feel confident in your presentation because it will show on the outside as well!

What’s the key to speaking in public? Public speaking can be daunting, but it doesn’t have too much difficulty. With these tips, you’ll feel more confident and at ease when addressing an audience! Just remember that everyone gets nervous so preparation is important for success- practice makes perfect after all 🙂


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