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How to use AI for powerpoint presentation?

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Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform nearly every aspect of our lives, including business and business communication. PowerPoint AI uses the text and headers in your document to place each slide. It even scans your Word document for keywords and recommends images. It can also recommend fonts and other themes-based media tools to make your word document stand out in a presentation. This article will discuss the best AI tools and how to use AI in PowerPoint presentations.

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PowerPoint on Demand

You won’t get feedback on your presentation if you haven’t done a dry run. It would be amazing to send a rough outline of your sales presentation to an AI-driven platform, and it will create the slides. This is something that several startups have already started to do. They use technology to duplicate human design expertise and create more engaging slide decks.

You could also try cloud-based AI systems such as SlideBot and Haiku Deck’s Zuru. Both use a PowerPoint file and then deploy different forms of AI to extract key messages. They then populate slides with images they find based on slide keywords and apply design rules to format them.

As the experience demonstrated, there was one thing that was consistent across both platforms: their inconsistent results. While one slide might convey my message beautifully using the keywords they used in their presentation, excellent formatting, and well-chosen images, the next slide will have a confusing bullet-pointed list or an inappropriate image.

They share a common aesthetic. SlideBot and Zuru produce slides in the “Presentation Zen” style. Also, they use large fonts, minimal text, and full-bleed photos as backgrounds. These tools are not known for their visual diversity, so they tend to be very similar. Charts and tables must be manually created on both platforms. Formatting options are also limited. SlideBot and Zuru both allow you to export slides and download them for further editing.

Although machine-learning slide design is still in its infancy, it is clear where technology is headed. These applications can be used to create individual slides, not complete decks. These applications do an excellent job of picking images and creating slides passable in minutes or seconds. While human intervention is still required, both can save considerable time in a slow process.


The best AI tools to create PowerPoint presentations

Microsoft AI.

Microsoft recently began quietly deploying AI to convert text documents into visually appealing presentations. The “Artificial Intelligence” feature is now part of MS Office and can automatically convert Word documents to a PowerPoint presentations. Intelligently, the tool scans your Word document and considers the headers and text. It even considers keywords and suggests images, fonts, and other media tools to enhance your presentations. It allows you to edit your PPT once it has been exported. This tool is smarter than you would think. The Transform Command can add typographical elements to your document and suggest themes you could use to convert it. This tool is a great way to get started on your presentations. This tool is easy to use and doesn’t require advanced PowerPoint knowledge. It was designed with the average PowerPoint user in mind.


How to Convert Word to PowerPoint with Microsoft AI?


Open Microsoft Word from your browser.

  • Create a blank document.
  • Use MS Word to create your reports, notes, and charts.
  • Highlight your subheadings and titles once you are done.
  • Go to File > Export > Export PowerPoint Presentation
  • Pop-ups will be available where you can select the theme of choice.
  • Pre-prepared PPT presentations should be opened in a new tab.
  • Make sure you review your slides and make any necessary edits.



Scalenut, another AI tool, allows you to create content for various business purposes. You can use it to create presentations, documents, and SEO-friendly websites. Scalenut is a top-rated AI tool and is preferred by many digital marketers, writers, and SEO professionals. Scalenut gives you an intuitive platform where you can create content using AI algorithms and collaborate on projects with your team. Scalenut is ideal for professionals and business people. Scalenut’s features cover a broad range of uses. The SEO hub is its most well-known feature. Scalenut’s AI Copywriter tool lets you select from many SEO-friendly tools to write content. This includes the long-form writing instrument that can be used with the help of an SEO Assistant.


What does it take to make it work?

Learn how to deliver a presentation with Presenter Coach

Now that you have your slides ready, you can practice your delivery. However, you won’t get feedback from anyone. What about hiring an AI coach?

Presenter Coach for PowerPoint on the web allows you to practice your presentation easily and receive intelligent tips for improving your presentation skills.

The presenter Coach can help you to pace your presentation and warn you against using filler words such as “umm” and “basically”. It will also assist you if you simply read your slides with onscreen guidance. AI-powered tools will alert you to culturally inappropriate phrases and swear words. They also encourage using gender-inclusive language, such as ‘police officer’ rather than ‘policeman.


Create inclusive presentations using live captions, subtitles, and alt-text

Your presentation’s success ultimately depends on the ability of your audience to understand you. Every person’s experience with your presentation may be different. You might find people who are hard of hearing or deaf, who have trouble following your accent or who don’t speak your language. This can often be the case if you’re presenting to a large audience.

PowerPoint’s sub-title and live captioning features allow you to deliver inclusive presentations that are easier to understand by all. The feature, powered by Microsoft AI, allows everyone to understand and participate in the presentation by creating live captions.

To allow non-native speakers of the language to view your presentation, you can choose to show subtitles in another language. Live captions and subtitles are supported in more than 60 languages.


How the AI Race Might Reshape Presentation Technology?

But, some AI-backed presentation tools have improved in a matter of months. They’re supposed to. Machine-learning platforms learn by definition. This means that the more you use them, they will get better at their tasks. The more slides an AI tool generates, the less a human user will need to modify them manually. Core AI and the feature set are improving, too. It is unclear whether smaller companies focusing on the presentation can compete with AI giants like IBM, Amazon, Apple, and Google.

However, so far, they are holding their own. Microsoft has only recently added design automation capabilities to PowerPoint. It’s a minimal feature. However, Google may soon connect Assistant to Slides to Keynote to Apple to link Siri to Keynote and Microsoft to Link Cortana with PowerPoint. The AI will make your slides look exactly as you wish. You can speak to it and tell them what you would like. It is already a race, and the competition is getting fiercer.


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