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How to use presentation design to differentiate your business?

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Presentations are the key to unlocking success in any career. Beyond just knowing your content, however, presentations require artistry and storytelling skills that can help captivate an audience. Here’s some of our top advice for crafting impactful slideshows so you can engage & inform audiences no matter who they may be!

The modern business world has become fiercely competitive, with a myriad of brands looking for new and innovative ways to make them stand out from their competitors. It can be difficult for entrepreneurs to cut through the noise and differentiate themselves, making it essential that each company finds creative methods to remain relevant amongst various other offerings within its industry segment.


The Title Page

Set the tone of your presentation from the start with a clean, attractive title page. Make sure it includes all pertinent information – like an intriguing title that easily tells what it’s about, and any associated dates so viewers can assess relevancy and accuracy, as well as attribution to you or whoever commissioned it. Keep these elements simple and make your bold main title stand out!

Color Scheme 

Your presentation design can create an impactful first impression by simply adding some color! Instead of a bland, white page with black text only – go for something much more dynamic. Put your best foot forward and infuse the palette yourselves or use one from a trusted source like a free color generator to make sure it’s just right. A few key details here and there will have you on track in no time!

A splash of color can draw the eye — just be careful not to overwhelm your presentation. Stick with a maximum of three colors and choose them wisely; the contrast is essential for allowing everyone, no matter where they’re sitting or their level of sight, to understand what they’re seeing. For example: even if you love yellow on white paper in theory, it won’t work in practice!


 Everything Font 

When it comes to the success of your presentation, legibility is key! Choose a font with crisp lettering and an uncomplicated design that can be easily read from anywhere in the room. Avoid anything too intricate or delicate – opt for something bold like Times New Roman with ample size so everyone can get every word without having to strain their eyes.


Keeping it Simple

Don’t let your slides distract from what you have to say – they should act as a tool for engaging your audience, not overwhelming them! An effective slide will be concise yet inviting. Think of it like this: if someone has five minutes on their hands in a lobby, which would draw more attention – an encyclopedia or a comic book? The simpler the better when crafting online presentations; no more than three words per sentence and consider using visuals instead of text whenever possible. Keep everyone focused on you with minimalistic slides that help make every word count each time you present.

Creating a Master Template 

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, having a consistent presentation design is essential. Create an outstanding master template that displays your carefully-selected colors and fonts once and for all – no more reinventing the wheel each time! With this unified look across presentations, you’ll instantly project yourself as a polished professional who knows their stuff!


 Logical Structure and Order

Don’t let your presentation become a boring lecture – make it an exciting story! Establishing the right order for your slides can be like putting together pieces of a puzzle, so plan to ensure that everything is presented in a way that captivates and keeps audience members interested. Crafting a narrative arc transforms unengaging content into something compelling and memorable.

Let’s build the perfect presentation. Start with a vivid scenario to create an engaging atmosphere and bring your ideas alive for your audience. Back it up with data that makes the most of what you’re trying to say, then show them in stunning visuals – clear images or handy graphs that guide their attention towards valuable insights from start to finish. Test out different presentations on friends before going live; even if they understand it at first glance, practice every aspect until everything is polished!


Start Strong – Executive Summary and Agenda 

It may seem counterintuitive, but you can create an impactful presentation without needing 20 slides. An executive summary after the title slide is key for inner-company presentations – it provides a concise overview of your findings and recommendations in minimal time. This way, important stakeholders like CFOs or Senior Product Managers get all they need to know while avoiding lengthy meetings and slide decks!


 Professional Touch 

Make sure your presentation stands out from the crowd by adding professional touches like company logos. Each slide dedicated to a certain business should include its corporate logo so it’s easy for viewers to identify who you’re discussing and make an impression that shows you take both detail orientation and branding seriously. This minor effort can set your work apart!



After pouring your heart and soul into creating a remarkable presentation, it’s time to ensure its longevity. Capitalize on the hard work you’ve done by adding it to your portfolio or the website of your company – an investment that will surely pay off! Don’t forget this proud achievement in all the hustle and bustle – here is a chance for everyone to appreciate what you’re capable of delivering.

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