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Market Research vs UX Research

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Market Research vs UX Research

Market and user experience research are two different things. User experiences can be studied by themselves, but market trends should always go hand-in-hand with this type of information in order to create the most successful product or service possible!

Identifying your business problem is the first step to finding a solution. For instance, if you have little confidence in marketing research and know that users will be more likely than ever before with their own opinion of products they’ve used or seen advertised online; then this could mean looking into user experience studies as opposed stranger them on social media for feedback (which can also lead other ways). However-if there are specific goals related specifically around selling points such as price point per unit time spent etc., focusing efforts radiator toward those instead may produce better.

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Market Research vs UX Research

What is UX research?

UX research is focused on the experience that people have when interacting with products or services. This can be anything from using an app, browsing for music through your phone’s browser-based interface (eMusic), using social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; or even shopping at a store!

The goal of this type of user experience endeavor isn’t just making things work well – it’s figuring out how best to accommodate users’ needs by analyzing their behavior during these various interactions so we know what areas need improvement in order makes them happier customers overall.

In a pure sense, the definition of UX research includes design research to answer questions such as ‘how easy do people find it to operate this cheese grater without grating their knuckles?’

However, when we are exploring the difference between UX and market research it is more helpful to consider UX research as focusing on digital experiences. By digital experiences, we mean what it is like for customers when they interact with brands, products, or services via digital interfaces such as websites, apps, or software.


Market Research vs UX Research

What is market research?

Market research is the systematic gathering and interpretation of information about individuals or organizations using statistical methods. This can be anything from asking people questions to collecting their thoughts on products, services offered by companies as well as industry trends.”

“Research is the collection, use, or analysis of information about individuals or organizations intended to establish facts, acquire knowledge or reach conclusions. It uses techniques of the applied social, behavioral, and data sciences, statistical principles, and theory, to generate insights and support decision-making by providers of goods and services, governments, non-profit organizations, and the general public.”

Overall, we – and probably many market researchers – would emphasize that gaining insights and supporting decisions are the key elements of both definitions and very much the purpose of market research.

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Market Research vs UX Research

What is the difference between UX research and market research?

Market researchers think of UX research as a separate and distinct field from market analysis, but it’s really not so different. Both involve understanding consumers to come up with the best products for them – only in this case we’re looking at how people interact with your website or app instead!

A lot goes into making sure that what you offer will be useful: product design down every detail; copywriting clear enough so users know exactly where they need to go next without clicking too many times… And then there are all those analytics data sets waiting around just begging us to put our noses (and indeed fingers) right onto them.

some of the (many) differences between UX research and market research are as follows:

  • UX researchers tend to be focused on the user of the brand, product, or service whereas market research can address users and buyers of the product or service, non-users lapsed or former users, potential users, users of competitors’ products, influencers, experts or a wide variety of other stakeholders.


  • The UX Research process is typically part of a product design and, as such, it features fast turnaround agile research methods. Market researchers have traditionally been more involved in their work than before- however many markets are embracing these new techniques now too!


  • UX researchers use a variety of methods to observe and interview users. These include both qualitative research designs, such as questionnaires or interviews with participants who are Holmes (2013), but also more traditional quantitative approaches like usability tests which measure how easy it is for people using your site to comply they want from what you offer them. A lot goes on behind-the-scenes when designing any kind of digital product–UI/UX designers spend hours labeling buttons & organizing surfaces into logical groups so that page flow isn’t confusing; identifying pain points by watching real people interact via video playback software.


  • UX research is typically used as part of the product development cycle whereas market research can be used at any stage of the product or service lifecycle.


  • Market researchers use different techniques to obtain data, depending on what they’re studying. UX Researchers often create product prototypes or mock-ups of apps and websites that can be used for testing with participants in order to observe how people interact through them; this process gives insight into human behavior patterns which could help design better products down the road!


When we should apply user research and when market research?

Apply market research early in the product development cycle

Market research plays an important role during the product development cycle’s early stages for analyzing the potential to make money. Here we need business insights on market size, trends, and competition, and to identify product/service areas that interest people.


Apply user research to understand users and guide the design process

After the initial market research, user research will take over and dive into one of the focus areas we want to understand more deeply. User research brings useful insights for building an innovative product: validating specific design decisions, deriving features, and testing product ideas.

Once the team has come up with some concrete product ideas, market research again plays a key role. It helps evaluate which of these concepts will most likely sell successfully and also identifies rough price points for each idea.”


You can even combine them 

The combination of user research and market testing is an important part of making the decision on what product needs to be developed next. Understanding when you should use each type will help with your ability to success as an entrepreneur or company executive!

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