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Principles Of Visual Accessibility

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Principles Of Visual Accessibility

Visual impairments affect 2.2 billion people in the world, and those who are visually impaired still deserve access to information on how they can use technology like smartphones or tablets too!

By not thinking about the needs of people who cannot see, you might be leaving them on an online platform without any way to access what they need. Fortunately for us all – there are plenty of web designers out there creating websites that can provide these individuals with disabilities enough room and voice!


Principles Of Visual Accessibility

Be Specific with Your Alt Text

alt text should contain the same exact message as an image

We all know that images can be very contagious and sometimes it’s hard to tell what they actually mean. This is where alt tags come in! Alt Texts are important because if you want people who use screen readers (or just regular users)to understand your website, then these characters need a little assistance from us by providing an alternative way of conveying our message when clicked upon – this allows them access at longer lengths while reading through content rather than listening only once or twice before moving onto another page altogether- plus there will never ever happen where two differently spoon fed messages arise simultaneously; one has been given priority over another which leads me into my next point…


Principles Of Visual Accessibility

Do not forget about Screen Readers

Website developers must ensure that all of the content on their websites can be comprehended by a screen reader. If text resides within an image, then it will not show up for users with visual impairments and they rely heavily upon alt tags to describe images as well as provide alternative information about what is found there instead of just telling them “you’re looking at this.”

One sector that tends to make use of images to replace text is the mining sector. In fact, a considerable number of restaurant websites make use of an image to provide the food menu to the user. How will a visually impaired user know what is on the menu without proper alt-tag implementation?


Principles Of Visual Accessibility

Font Size and Weights

Modern fonts are often beautiful and lightweight, but they’re not very accessible to people who cannot see well. To ensure that your content can be read by everyone you should keep the font size at least 12 points or larger; anything smaller will make it hard to understand what is being said with any degree of clarity.

Your choice of fonts and colors can have a huge impact on the user’s experience when browsing your website. You might want to experiment with new font styles, sizes, or weights; you’ll soon find out what works best!


Principles Of Visual Accessibility


Use descriptive ALT tags for hyperlinks, icons, images, and videos to help users easily navigate your site. Have transcripts or subtitles available so they can watch the video if needed too! Avoid using any distracting media on pages where it’s not necessary because this could cause confusion in some people’s eyesight modes/displays which might lead them to do more harm than good when trying to read what is being shown.


Navigation and Links

Your website’s navigation system is an essential part of your site. It provides visitors with information about what they are looking at and how to get more if it interests them enough for further exploration or purchase, which means that proper linking back into the main content has major SEO benefits too! If you have designed a new template but need help connecting all those dots make sure not only do links look good on paper (or screen), the underlined text will be easier than ever as people scan through pages trying to find something interesting–and hello there bold font choice 😉


Principles Of Visual Accessibility

Turn your Article into Audio

For those who find themselves with limited reading skills, listening to content instead of just viewing it is a great option. This benefits busy parents since they do not have enough time for long readings; workout fanatics unable or unwilling to read during their workouts (the best way being audio), and employees having 30-minute walks between two jobs- one in which there’s plenty going on around them without needing any input from you!

Npr.com lets you press ‘play’ and listen to the article, but also adds new articles in your queue so they will keep playing sequentially after hearing one complete story!


“Refer to Figure XYZ”

How many times do you read on the web “Refer to figure 4.2,” and figure 4.2 is a chart? This is a common feature on a number of academic or technically-oriented websites across the web.

Some content writers may not realize there are people who simply cannot see what “Figure 4.2” is. Even if you are listening to the text, and not reading it, chances are that the screen reader cannot pick up what the image or chart says.



Designers should focus not just on the visual elements; but how a logo looks, and what layout will work best for an app or website interface. The list goes beyond this too – designers need to take into account all aspects of their craft like typography choice (fonts!), color schemes, etc., so that everything comes together in harmony instead of looking chaotic!

Web design that is accessible to people who are visually impaired can be a highly lucrative investment in the future. In addition, there’s an ethical element and it will pay off long-term too!

Creating a website that is accessible should not just be an option, instead, it can help users who are not visually impaired such as those accessing your site via their smartphone or tablet where accessibility may become compromised due to small screen size and glare from bright lights.


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