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UI design trends 2023

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UI has come a long way over the years to become an indispensable process within companies. And we are still quite surprised with Adobe’s $20 billion acquisition of Figma as UI trends show that this collaborative prototyping tool for designers will be in high demand among companies going forward.

The top UI trends in 2023 include major progress in accessibility, augmented reality, and design process.


UI design trends 2023

1. Large font size and immersive experience

This year, the top UI trends will be captured by browsing some of this generation’s most valuable brands. The interface design has been consistently changing since Google introduced its Material Design language in 2014 and now we can expect even more innovation from companies like Apple who have already seemed eager not only concerning hardware but also software engineering; it seems likely that they’ll continue updating existing products as well (such is true regarding latest updates).

The homepage of a company is the first thing that people see when they visit your website. It’s important to make sure this section offers an immersive experience and tells them everything there is relevant information about what you have going on in terms of products, services offered as well as brand values (which may be displayed through images). These large companies oftentimes also maintain multiple websites; if one doesn’t suit their needs then another might do just fine!

With immersive experiences becoming more popular with each passing day, it’s never too late to revamp your website and get rid of all that information overload. Horizontal scrolling has been a thing for years now; we’ll be seeing this trend last well into 2023!

UI design trends

 2. No more parallax scrolling

In 2023, the trend will be to remove parallax scrolling from websites. It’s no longer popular and has become an outdated feature!

The use of parallax scrolling is a great way to make your website seem more alive. It creates an authentic, human feel by giving the user’s eyes something new and interesting every time they move their mouse or click on one section of content over another!

Apple has stopped using parallax scrolling on its homepage and instead features a Dynamic Island. Find out how you can design this new feature with our guide here!


UI design trends

3. Generative AI in the design process

You may not have noticed it but the future of design is here. With generative AI technology, you can create more engaging and beautiful designs without having to spend hours designing from scratch!

There are plenty of AI-powered websites that can generate color palettes for your designs. For example, Photoshop’s content-aware fill and face aware liquify tools use generative technology too!

The next few years are going to be exciting for designers! There’s a whole range of new features that we can look forward to, with more developments coming out in 2023. You might want to get used to these things if you haven’t already – it’ll help your job go smoother (and maybe even save time).


UI design trends

4. Make full use of the card UI component

In 2023 we’ll see more use of the card component in the design, especially for mobile apps and versions of websites. It’s one of our top UIUX Trends for next year!

Cards are an innovative way to organize and display information. They’re flexible, so you can use them for virtually any type of input or output – such as product previews, blog posts & videos; they also have great user experiences which make your interface more organized than ever before!

Inspiration is everywhere! If you need ideas, tips, or guidelines for your card design simply search trending components in dribble and learn from the design systems of other brands. Examples include Twilio’s Paste (insert link), and Shopify’s Polaris template(link) GE ‘ Edison Design System’. A few more interesting ones are BBC Global Experience Language Cards.


UI design trends

5. Light mode with an option for dark mode

Designing a product for low-light environments or those with impaired vision means using dark mode so they can still get an optimal viewing experience.

There has been a lot of debate about whether it’s better to have light or dark modes on your phone, but this can easily be solved by providing personalizations in both modes.

There are a variety of ways to customize your reading experience, whether you’re at home or on the go. If the lighting is too bright for some reason and it’s uncomfortable looking into an LED screen under these circumstances then just change over to dark mode!


UI design trends

6. Virtual realities

Virtual and augmented realities are a way to bring the digital world into our physical one. This feature extends people’s abilities by allowing them to interact with objects in different ways, such as catching monsters from Pokemon AR using cameras on phones or tablets!

In 2023, virtual realities will be the go-to for any business looking to connect with its customers on an intimate level. With AR capabilities in place and products at your fingertips through mobile apps like IKEA Place that allow you to virtually place furniture anywhere within seconds of choosing it from afar; there is no better way than this moment right now!


UI design trends

7. Faster page load speed

The loading speed of your website can make or break it. 70% of consumers said they were more likely to buy something on the site if there was a fast response time, and this is true even when you’re just launching new products!

With the rise in mobile browsing, many websites are being designed to work efficiently on smartphones. One such technology that has come about, as a result, is AMP – accelerated pages for Android phones (or other platforms). This open-source project from Google speeds up page loading speeds by using special HTML and CSS versions that load faster than regular webpages do 2 5 seconds into your browse session with an increased experience both while viewing content and navigating around it!

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