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What bad presentation qualities are and how to avoid them

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Presentation isn’t just about what you say, but also the way in which your words are said. Presentations can be a powerful tool for sharing information with an audience and giving them something worth remembering; however there is always room to improve on presentation skills by making sure all aspects of our presentations align properly: content-centricity (remembering why we’re here), vocal inflection/tonality when necessary etcetera!

The experts never stop searching for ways to become better. They read up on presentation techniques, observe their competitors in action and are relentless when it comes time improve themselves further–they have a thirst that many people don’t even know about yet!
Might as well be like them: striving constantly; always looking outside yourself because there’ll always something new you can learn from someone else or somewhere else…

Reading from a script or teleprompter

Reading from a script can be boring and unimpressive. If you’re going to use the prompter, make sure that before your presentation begins, as well as during it if possible so that when things go wrong or don’t turn out how they should there won’t be any consequences for unpreparedness!

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What bad presentation qualities are and how to avoid them

Not making eye contact with the audience

Gesturing with your hands is a great way to show that you’re invested in what’s being said. It also makes it easier for people around the room, even those at an angle or behind something else, can hear everything clearly without any difficulties whatsoever!


Fidgeting or playing with objects on the desk

Maintaining eye contact with the person you’re speaking to is one way of showing that they are interesting in what you have going on. If not, then avoid making fidgety movements as this can be seen like nervousness or lack confidence when really there’s nothing wrong at all!


What bad presentation qualities are and how to avoid them

Speaking too fast or too slow

Spelling is important because it shows the passion you have for your work. If someone mistakes “at” as an incorrect word and writes ‘it’, then they will lose out on potential opportunities! Don’t be afraid of making typos; every writer makes them sometimes even if he/she tries really hard not too (especially when stressed).

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Using jargon or technical terms that people don’t understand

If you’re not an expert in your field, then jargon can be Verizon. Avoid using technical language that might confuse or impress those around us with less knowledge than we do because it will just end up looking bad for both of our sakes!

What bad presentation qualities are and how to avoid them

Making jokes that fall flat

The best way to make your audience laugh is by telling jokes that they’ll enjoy. Make sure the humor you use isn’t offensive or just plain bad, because if it is then no one will want anything more from what you have going on at all!

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When presenting, it is important to follow some simple guidelines. These will ensure that your presentation lasts as long and has just the right amount of PowerPoint slides in order not only keep people engaged but also give them something great!


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