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What websites do UI/UX designers frequent?

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what websites do UI/UX designers frequent?

The design industry is constantly changing, and so are the tools used to create designs. There was a time when designers had no choice but to use Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator; however these days there’s been an influx of new programs designed specifically for web developers like Sketch who want better results without having any coding experience whatsoever! Designers can now work more efficiently using various frameworks that were never before accessible by non-frontend specialists (such as UI kit libraries). Additionally, we’ve seen major developments within AI software just last year – let’s take it from here together…


What is UI?

user interface (UI) design makes interfaces in software or computerized gadgets humans use to engage with the device or software. It entails the introduction of the physical hardware (the gadget itself) and the logical software interface (the manner a user controls the tool or program).

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What is UX?

user enjoy (UX) design ensures that a person has a nice revel whilst interacting with a service or product. this will be something from an internet site or app to a physical product. a very good UX design ensures that the consumer can effortlessly discover what they’re searching out and feature a fine reveal in using the services or products.


 1. One Page Love

The One Page Love is a curated showcase of beautiful one-page websites from all different industries, including eCommerce and restaurant design. This website also sells customizable templates for your next project as well as hosting frequent learning workshops where you can learn more about digital marketing techniques in general!


2. Awwwwwards

Designers and engineers have a new way to show off their work. Awwwwards is an online platform that regularly holds design challenges, where experts will judge all submitted pieces of content from around the world for rewards and job opportunities!

A website tailored explicitly towards creative professionals looking to improve themselves through competition seems promising because it provides an opportunity without barriers or judgment; something we often fear these days when social media feeds can be very toxic environments especially since our careers rely upon public exposure.


3. Mural

Mural is an innovative tool that helps teams of all sizes to brainstorm, collaborate and solve problems quickly. The whiteboard environment allows users (and their ideas) free reign in real-time with a variety of templates for different types of needs- both creative thinking spaces as well planning environments where priorities can be established before diving into details.

Mueller’s are always available at your fingertips so you can take advantage of all great discussions or ideas while working collaboratively across various platforms!


4. UX Checklist

Not settling problems can lead to delays in the project, so it’s important that you review all of your work and make sure there aren’t any last-minute issues. 

UX Checklist helps with this process by providing a list of what should be completed at each stage on an interactive flow chart which becomes visible when clicked upon – saving time as well!


5. Mockplus iDoc

iDoc is a new collaboration tool for designers and developers. It goes far beyond design, workflow, or even mobile phone designing – which allows you to create masterpieces with ease! With this application there are three different ways of uploading your wireframes: through Photoshop plugins; Adobe XD app on tablets & smartphones alike (an upcoming version will support Macs); Sketch App available now across iOS/Android platforms allowing anyone who has access an opportunity at being creative.


 6. Site Inspire

Website Inspire is an innovative tool that can be a great assistant to help you overcome your lack of inspiration. It filters materials based on different categories, platforms, and styles for the user’s convenience!


7. Boosted Boards

A website for an innovative company that offers high-quality products with personality. Upon arrival, users are greeted by dynamic pictures of what they have available to purchase from them on the site–from electric scooters showing off their portability and explosive action ability (one picture shows how someone could potentially be airborne after falling onto one) all the way up through newest model offerings at times when customers might need new transportation options most!

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8. Dropbox

Dropbox’s interface is one of the most easily understandable due to its folder and file organizational structure. It’s natural for most users to try dragging files from their desktops without knowing if it’s possible or not, just because they’re so familiar with this type of workflow already!

Dropbox’s friendly personality, created by lighthearted illustrations helps the user feel comfortable when using their product. This addition to the interface makes it seem like an old friend who is there for you and ready with file-sharing tasks completed!


9. Pitch

Pitch is a mobile and web application that helps you build beautiful presentations, like the one shown on their homepage. Pitch wants to convince users that they can do for presentations what Slack has done for communications by making them simple while also being elegant with two quick lines of text: “Stunning Presentations made together. (Tramadol) ” Unlike Powerpoint or other old presentation software programs out there today which are clunky.

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10. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak is an apparel retailer focusing on media, lifestyle & trends. They use their UI to grab users’ attention while browsing through different styles in search of what’s right fit them or what their taste buds crave that day! 

The company logo has bold photography which represents how passionate Frank&Oak truly feels about clothing design because behind every piece there should always be a soulful expression from head to foot — not just one specific part like some other companies might do instead; this entire garment becomes incredibly intimate once worn by someone who loves themselves enough (or at least thinks they do) shown by its simple yet elegant typeface usage throughout all aspects including website.

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