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Why isn’t instagram music working?

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If you’re having trouble with the Instagram Music feature, don’t worry; this guide will help you find a solution. Instagram Music is great for those who want to share videos with an accompanying song; however, it can occasionally stop working due to a variety of reasons. With the help of this guide, though, you’ll be able to get Instagram Music up and running in no time.


1-  Change Your Settings

To access the Instagram Music button, you may need to switch from a Private account to a Professional account. Doing this can give you access to content creator features, however, please note that if you are interested in maintaining a secure level of privacy with your account, it is possible to switch back to your Private account after using the feature. By changing the relevant settings on your profile, it may be possible to resolve the issue and have access to the Instagram Music option.

Instagram allows you to switch your private account to a professional one. To do so, go to the menu in the top right corner of your profile and select Settings. Scroll down until you see Switch to Professional Account and tap Continue. Follow the onscreen prompts, select an appropriate category, and then choose Creator from the Are You a Creator? menu. Once you have completed these steps, you can follow some accounts that inspire you and introduce yourself with your first post as a creator.


2- Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure tunnel that helps protect the privacy of your online connection. Many apps, including Instagram, will track your location and serve content based on what region you’re in. As such, you may find yourself without certain features like Instagram Music due to your current network setting or location. Initially only available in select regions like France, Germany, the United States and Sweden, the highly popular feature has since been updated and is now accessible by most countries around the globe.

Instagram Music is not presently accessible in certain locations. One can simply wait until the service is available in their area, or they could utilize a virtual private network (VPN) to connect to an area that already offers Instagram Music, such as New York City. Employing a VPN will help protect your IP address and allow access to the Instagram Music feature in areas where the service is unavailable.

3- Update Instagram

If you’re having difficulty using the Music feature on Instagram, it’s possible that your app isn’t up-to-date. Older versions of the app do not include the “Add Music” option when uploading a story. If this is the case, you’ll need to update the app by accessing your device’s respective app store. 

In either Play Store or App Store search for Instagram, open it, and tap on the Update button if prompted. Following this action and restarting the application should resolve any issues related to outdated apps not being able to access certain features.


4- Log Out

If you’re having difficulty using Instagram Music, it’s possible that restarting your session would solve the issue. To do this, open Instagram and go to Profile. Find the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, then enter Settings and select Log Out. Doing this may clear any issues with your data or cache files which could be hindering the use of Instagram Music.

Sign in to your account to start a new session. You should be able to see the Add Music option. It’s important to note that logging out does not mean all your data is lost; you can simply resume the activity. Once you log back in, you might find that the Add Music option has been added back.

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