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Why UI cannot survive without user research?

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Maybe those reading this blog don’t realize something approximately this mysterious international just like the first day I researched it, or perhaps you need to finish your facts to behave greater strongly in this field. let’s supply a very good answer to your issues. I am positive that when you have thought about having a website for your business, this question has come to you, how do you make an excellent website that may be visited? I’m sure that is the priority of all folks that are making plans to start or are in the middle of their journey. to reply to this query, we need to divide the numerous factors of the internet site into two classes: carrier provision and website design. the first class is the first-rate services and products.


What’s UI?

Person interface (UI) design makes interfaces in software or automatic gadgets people use to interact with the tool or software program. It involves the introduction of the bodily hardware (the device itself) and the logical software interface (the way a consumer controls the tool or application).

The user interface layout is a method that entails the creation of interfaces for software programs with a focus on how customers engage with them. UI design intends to create an interface that is straightforward to apply and presents a fine reveal for the consumer. To obtain this, UI designers ought to recognize personal desires and how the interact with the software program.

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What is User Research?

To provide the best work, we must have special research about our customers and their tastes or even their strengths and weaknesses, and in general, depending on the subject, we must have detailed and accurate information. User researchers use a variety of methods to uncover design problems and opportunities and find important information to use in their design process.

First, you should choose methods that 1) match the purpose of your research and 2) provide the clearest information. Then—to get the insights you want—you have to interpret your findings from all that data, which can be tricky. You can use user research at any time during the design process. Typically, researchers begin with qualitative measures to discover users’ needs and motivations. They may later test their results using quantitative measures.


To have a better output, we need to work with real customers and know the opinions of real customers and choose our ideas and work according to their interests and tastes, because otherwise, our work will not have a good output and a good result. does not give us

That is why it is very important to have accurate and real research because in this case we are designing for real users and it is considered usable.

  • helps you to design better products!

A false truth that I have heard many times is that we should do research at the end of our work and the end of our design, and this is exactly what we should not do. What is the benefit of doing research after all our UI design? It’s not useful for us, we have to know our users before any action and do the work based on their wishes, so the first thing you should remember is that you should design based on the wishes of real users and the first step Ask them questions.

We should not forget what is our ultimate goal in doing design, so always remember that our ultimate goal in doing design is that design benefits the user and solves a problem for her, so we should not deviate from the main goal.

  • Saves time and money!

Saving time and money is one of the best things that it does for us. Imagine that if you want to start this part without research, you will spend a lot of time and spend a lot of money, but in the end, you will realize that the output is not what you want. What should you do now that your Barbar is placed? To prevent this from happening, you must first do extensive research

The research phase ensures that you design with real insights and facts – not guesswork! Imagine launching a product that has the potential to fill a gap in the market, but is riddled with bugs and usability issues due to a lack of user research. At best, you will have a lot of unnecessary work to do to update the product. At worst, the brand’s reputation will suffer.

  • Can be done on a budget

Yes, it is a surprising coincidence, but it is very normal for many people, maybe it has happened to you that someone says that in my opinion, there is no need to do any research because they know their customers easily over the years of working. From working with customers several times, you will get an insight into what the user needs who will benefit from your design, and what it is better to design for, so there is no need for long-term research.

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UI design may be very difficult for you or for anyone who starts working in this profession, and it may be difficult in the first designs. but I guarantee you that with a little effort you can easily become a great designer, it just requires a little research and practice, but in the end, if you need an agency with a very strong team to get your work done in the shortest possible time solve and be able to help you. My recommendation is Temis Marknig because in Temis we have assembled a very strong and reliable team that will do their best to help you solve your problem.

Ui UX design services

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