Best Food Brands on Social Media

Best Food Brands on Social Media
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Food brands are some of the most popular topics on social media. People love to share pictures and videos, as well as read about new food trends! In this blog post, we will discuss which companies rule our world when it comes down to tasty treats – these businesses have caught onto what many others want too-a delicious way to make life better by providing an enjoyable experience with every bite you take…



1 – McDonald’s

McDonald’s is a world-renowned fast-food chain that everyone loves to hate. They have a strong social media presence, with more than 26 million followers on Twitter and regular posts about what people are cooking at home or in restaurants across America – which means you’re sure not to miss out if this delicious dish comes up next!
McDonald’s also uses its online platforms to promote recipes and cooking tips so we can alloy gregreat-tasting without having any culinary expertise wh witter: @McDonalds

Facebook: McDonald’s

Instagram: @mcdonalds

YouTube: McDonald’s


2 – Subway

The fast food chain Subway uses social media to connect with their customers and promote the brand. They have over 18 million followers on Twitter, post content that is relevant for them every day in an effort make sure it reaches as many people possible – all while promoting recipes or cooking tips along these lines!

Twitter: @SUBWAY

Facebook: Subway

Instagram: @subway

YouTube: SUBWAYrestaurants

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3 – Wendy’s

Wendy’s is a popular fast-food chain using social media to connect with its customers and promote the brand. They currently have 17 million followers on Twitter, where they post content regularly which connects directly back to what their audience likes best: cooking tips & recipes!

Twitter: @Wendys

Facebook: Wendy’s

Instagram: @wendys

YouTube: Wendys


4 – KFC

KFC’s social media is not only used for promoting their brand and connecting with customers but also for sharing recipes. This shows how important it can be in today’s world of technology where everything seems so vast- yet confined at once!

Twitter: @kfc

Facebook: KFC

Instagram: @kfc

YouTube: KFC

Taco Bell

5 – Taco Bell

Taco Bell uses social media daily to connect with its customers and share recipes. They have over 11 million followers on Twitter alone! With this strong connection between them and their audience through digital means like Facebook or Instagram pages too- it’s no surprise that the company is able to promote itself without having any physical ads at all which saves money for what would otherwise be spent printing advertisements in magazines etc., anywhere from $0-$10k per month depending upon how much space you want an ad campaign takes up (not including fixtures).

Twitter: @tacobell

Facebook: Taco Bell

Instagram: @tacobell

YouTube: TacoBell

Domino's Pizza

6 – Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza knows that social media is an integral part of its customer relationship. The company posts content on Twitter and Facebook every day, making it easy for them to reach 11 million followers with just one post! In addition, recipes make great inspiration sources when you’re looking after dinner tonight or trying out something new in the kitchen later today- don’t forget about @Pizzaverse too – they share tons of cooking tips each week so all your meals will be better than ever before
It doesn’t take much these days: maybe 15 minutes per.

Twitter: @dominos

Facebook: Domino’s Pizza

Instagram: @dominos

YouTube: Domino’s Pizza



The following are five of the most successful food brands on social media. If you’re looking for inspiration in developing your own strategies, these luminaries should serve as an excellent model! They have captivated their audiences and promoted what they sell like no other company can – thanks so much for reading!!



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