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Motion graphics are the marriage of graphic design with animation. We create engaging and visually stunning animations that capture the viewer’s attention and communicate the message quickly and effectively. Our Motion Graphics are used for videos, websites, presentations, exhibition stands, corporate events and even multi-media installations. They can include video animation to tell your story or advertise your service, and kinetic typography (moving type) to convey an idea.

Logo Motion!

Logo Motion Is The Use Of Animation To Bring A Logo To Life. We Take A Brand's Icon Or Symbol And Animate It In a Way That Enhances The Message Of The Core Logo. Our Designers Can Animate A Variety Of Logos, Symbols, Icons, And Other Elements. No Matter What Type Of Logo You Have We Can Bring It To Life.


Animations are created for advertisement and educational purposes, corporate presentations, Marketing, Etc by our animators. We build 3D models of objects or characters and bring them to life. We can produce any kind of animations that you need.

Video Editing

Video Editing is piecing together videos and photos to create a cohesive storyline with a process that involves storytelling, imagination, and sound. Videos are a great way to showcase your work. Our designer uses special effects and techniques to edit your videos!

Intro and Outro design!

Intro and Outro Design specializes in crafting engaging animated videos for websites and social media platforms. Our expertly designed intros and outros enhance the visual appeal of your content, providing a professional and polished touch that captivates viewers from start to finish. Elevate your online presence with our dynamic designs that not only grab attention but also elevate the overall viewer experience.
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Cristiano Baccianti
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Working with Temis is a great experience. Entering each new project with pace of mind, as by now I know for sure that not only they will understand the project requirements, but also bring in great inputs and flexibility.
Ben Hinkley
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Created some nice transitions for me for my videos!


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Video & Motion Design FAQ

Motion graphics are delivered electronically, through email, or a file-sharing service. They are typically delivered as a high-resolution video file or a series of images that can be played back in sequence to create a video.

Yes, you can send us a video and we can add motion graphics to it.

It typically takes around 3 to 8 days to create 10 seconds of animation. However, this may vary depending on the complexity of the animation.

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