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Digital Art Is A Field That Bridges The Gap Between Science Fiction And Reality!

Digital Art

What we

Digital art is the creation of art using digital technology. We use technology to generate, manipulate, and combine images, sounds, text, and virtual 3D models to create artwork. Digital art can be applied to many different areas. Our designers create characters or virtual backgrounds that don’t exist in real life, or manipulate images that already exist. We can add color and texture to give the artwork a more hand-drawn look.

Digital Painting

Digital paintings can be used for a variety of purposes, such as fine art and illustration. They're also useful in creating images which are too complicated to create by hand. We can create detailed works, or more loose sketches if that's what you need. Our digital paintings are especially a good way to convey complex imagery.

Digital Painting
2D Character Design

2D Character Design

2D character design is the process of creating characters and designing their appearances for animation, comics, or other visual media. We think about the character's personalities, physical attributes and costume design to help bring these characters to life.

3D Character Design

3D character design is a specialized area of digital art that centers on creating and promoting 3D characters for video games, films, and other media. Our process involves primarily conceptualizing character designs through sketches or drawings before digitally bringing them to life with a range of tools.

3D Character Design
NFT Character Design

NFT Character Design

NFT Character is a new form of blockchain digital art. It's characterized by being scarce, non-fungible and verifiable. They are unique digital assets that can be created and collected by players. Our designers can create new characters and give them unique traits that reflect their style and taste.

Painting, 2D & 3D Design


In our portfolio, we showcase our previous digital art projects. It's like an online art gallery, or a collection of digital art that shows the different types of work we've done over time, including drawings, paintings, character design, and digital work. By checking our Portfolio, you can decide what kind of digital art you'd like us to design.

Digital Art
The Process

Digital art is a great way to express yourself and bring your ideas to life. Our digital paintings are created in advanced tools. The process of creating a digital painting varies depending what you want us to represent in our work.

You give us a picture of what you would like to have as a final product. We will then either draw your idea from scratch or recreate the original photo using our drawing tools and software.


Once we have captured enough of what you want from the picture, we fix up the rough draft or recreate the drawing.

We then apply color to our work and add finishing touches to the image until it is complete.


We send you the final product to receive feedback, and apply changes if needed.

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Clare Gilbey
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Temis were great to work with! They took on board my comments and gave us a lot of design options to choose from. We are very happy with the end result.

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Our mission is to satisfy all your needs. If you don’t like the final digital art, then we take your feedback and make adjustments until you’re satisfied!

It depends on what is being created. More complicated projects take longer than simple ones. For example, a digital painting of a landscape might only take up to 20 hours whereas creating an animation could be much longer.

Your digital art will be delivered to you online in a downloadable format.

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