Brand Collaterals

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A brand is more than a logo or sign; it’s about what people feel and think about it when they hear or see its name, tagline, or logo. The collateral design helps your business inform and set itself in the client’s mind.


Publishing a brochure with a pleasant design to promote your services or inform your brand story is a great way to enhance your income.


Temis designers will help you to create eye-catching which give you effective results. Large format printing is a great way to help your small businesses stand out in crowded or busy places.


E-books have indeed become an influential and precise tool in marketing. It gives your clients valuable information in dealing with their contacts, which are of value to you. Actually, E-Books are a win-win situation.


Engaging with clients through social media or any either channel requires constant interaction and effort. Frequently, their dynamic feeds drown out whatever you have to say with your fleeting tweet. However, a newsletter stays in their inboxes and promotes more deliberate interaction with your content.

White paper

Temis design team can improve your communications with a piece of B2B marketing collateral that identifies a specific business problem and proposes a solution objectively, logically, and persuasively manner.


We can help your business with E-Catalogues, digital catalogs, or online catalogs, depending on your preference, which we believe is the cornerstone of successful companies’ marketing and growth strategies for the right reason.

Business plan

If you want to secure financing, avoid costly mistakes, set priorities, establish business milestones, and create alignment among business owners, you need a business plan with a decent design.


Flyer printing doesn't need a massive budget, as flyers can be produced in large quantities. We help you with designing high-quality flyers that can positively affect your campaigns or ads.

Cover design

A standout cover design created by Temis can significantly enhance your brand's visibility and recognition. It generates buzz around your brand, fostering engagement and interest among your audience.


Articles play an influential role in brand awareness and promotion of your site in search engines. The images and design of these articles will make them more attractive. Also, the unique design of the articles will increase your site's ranking on Google.

Brand Collateral Design

Designing brand collaterals needs a unique discipline and research process about brand identity or other factors that may be important.

Research and Discuss

At first, we try to understand what suits your business and brand identity


Create First Etudes

A first draft always helps to understand each other better

Design and Check

The design process will begin and we will double-check it with you to make sure that is exactly what you want.



In the final step, the project is done and the designs will be at your service

Customers Review

Ena Teo
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Had engaged Temis and their team to re-design a 4 page flyer brochure. They were able to understand my requests, deliver requested edits within timeline and promptly. Will definitely engage them again for future design work!
Peter Haas
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Highly recommend Temis! They have done all the tasks in perfection and delivered a great result.


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If you would like to change one of the concepts on any topic during the design process, just let us know, and we will work with you to come up with a solution that you are comfortable with. It also applies when we are working to finalize your chosen concept.

Your brand collaterals are a vital asset for your business. But when it comes to producing a brand that your clients will love, the collaterals are just the tip of the iceberg. 

It usually takes about 1-2 work days for the first draft and batch of design, and the rest will be done based on your deadline and the number of slides.

Why do you need to try Temis brand collateral design services?


  • We have a team of professional designers with years of experience creating high-quality collateral designs.
  • We offer quick turnaround times so you can get your slides ready in no time.
  • We will share different varieties for the first draft to have a broader range of options. This way, you can choose the best design that fits you and your brand.
  • Our designers can design your brand collateral with different software, so you have the option to choose the one that is more compatible with your needs and is easier for your later usage.
  • We also have an experienced marketing team who can help with your content and our designers to present the main points of your brand collateral based on your target audience and market in the best way possible.
  • We offer competitive pricing and a money-back guarantee to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.
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