Welcome to Temis, where we transform ideas into impactful presentations that capture and resonate. Our expert team of designers is dedicated to bringing your vision to life ensuring your message stands out in every presentation.

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bring your presentations to life with dynamic animations and transitions.


transform data into engaging visual stories with our expert infographic design services.


In pitch decks, you have to make sure that you are presenting your brand and business model with the highest quality possible.


The final goal of fundraising decks is the aim of this presentation. All the other aspects are guiding the sponsors to this specific goal.

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We are a creative, passionate, and dedicated team to help individuals and brands perform their digital projects. Our team is made up of designers, content creators, marketers, and developers. we believe that our client’s success is the best measure of our potential and performance ghostwriting agentur .

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Our Team

Project Process

We will re­ceive the required informa­tion from the client containing the content, goal, and target audience, as nicely as some visual factors such as the samples, style, and the color palette.


Dive into research, market analysis, and collaborative discussions to refine objectives.

Develop initial design concepts through sketches, wireframes, and prototypes.

Create detailed design compositions, conduct usability testing, and refine (review) based on feedback.

prepare the design for implementation, ensuring consistency and quality. (running, applying)

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We work depending on the project’s need and scale, but below easily serves as some kind of general guideline.It mostly depends on how many slides you have and we offer 3 different packages for less than

UI/UX design services can help you create a website that is user-friendly, efficient, and engaging. This can help you attract more prospects, increase conversations and sales, and improve customer satisfaction.

Costs vary based on (depending on) project scope, nature, and services. Our transparent pricing starts at $ 250 for home page design, while the remaining pages will be started at $100 based on the content used and the design implemented. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Having user-friendly experience with your website has countable feedback that leads to enhancing user-friendliness, gathering valuable feedback, and improving overall product or service quality. 


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What is the presentation design service?

Presentation design service is a service that helps you create professional and captivating presentations for your business, project, or event. We have a team of experienced and creative designers who can handle any type of presentation, such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi, or any other format. We can customize and optimize your presentation to match your brand, style, and theme, we can also help you with content, graphics, animations, transitions, and communication.

The Presentation design services can help you save time. money, and hassle by outsourcing your presentation design to experts. You can focus on your core tasks and goals, while we take care of your presentation. You can also impress your audience and achieve your desired outcomes, such as increasing sales, raising awareness, education, or entertainment. You can also avoid the stress and frustration of creating your presentation, which can be challenging and time-consuming.

The presentation design service has a flexible and affordable pricing system that depends on the complexity and length of your presentation. You only pay for what you need and get the best value for your money. Our prices start from $15 – $17 per slide, and we offer discounts for bulk orders and referrals. You can also get a free quote by filling out the form on our web page.

Our Presentation Design service has a fast and reliable delivery system that meets your deadlines and budget. We can deliver your presentation within 24 hours., or even faster if you have an urgent request. We will also keep you updated on the progress of your project and communicate with you throughout the process.

With our PowerPoint presentation design services, we can help you create an amazing visual representation of your business. They are designed by professional strategists and designers who understand how important it is to have visuals that communicate clearly and effectively while still being aesthetically pleasing. They’re also created using the most up-to-date data so they won’t become obsolete quickly like other types of marketing material might be.

Other than awesome presentation design, having a great sense of marketing is an important point in sales presentations. Each slide is essential since you don’t want to lose any clients or sponsors and you have to make sure every feature is presented in the best way possible. We will guide you in both marketing and planning to keep the balance in between without losing anything on this path.

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