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Logo Types

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If you want something in between icon-based logos and wordmarks, then this is the best logo style for you. We'll create something unique for you to represent your brand with an easy-to-understand approach while keeping your main theme and brand essence.

Wordmark or Type-Based

If your primary goal is to emphasize your brand name, then this logo style is ideal for you! Rest assured that we will maintain a minimalist and professional aesthetic while crafting a design that truly sets your brand apart.

Pictorial mark

Are you looking for an icon to display your theme and keywords in the best possible way? Then this kind of logo design is the best option for you! We'll make sure you have the icon format ready for different social media platforms and other usages!

branding design

Your logo is designed and you're looking for the next step? Now is the time to create your branding and brand guidelines. We'll include patterns, color palettes, typography, and different stationery and merchandise designs. It's up to you what should be included and we're here to help you out!



Our portfolio will provide examples of our work that you can use as reference material. It contains logos, designs, templates, illustrations, etc. Our portfolio will give you an idea of our style and skill level and show the range of work we have done. It can help you decide what style of logo to look for.

LOGO Design & branding

We aim To Design The Best And Most Appropriate Logo For You And Your Brand. We Do Our Design In Several Steps With The Best Tools To Ensure Your Satisfaction. The Following Is A Description Of Our Methods For Designing A Logo.

Our experts will discuss the project with you and re­ceive the required information. It's important to share some keywords that you'd like to see in the design and then a short brief will be provided for finalizing the information.


We will study the proj­ect and brainstorm some ideas. Then a few samples according to the style and concepts you re­quired, as well as their explana­tions and ideas, will be shared with you so you can check and leave comments on them.

Our team will receive your feedback and the relevant team will apply the revisions. This process continues until the product is finalized and ready to be delivered.


The final files will be shared with you so you can have access to the logo in all related sizes and its files as well. We'll make sure that all you need is delivered to you.

Customers Review

Oana Minuti
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Temis is a great team to work with. They simply read my mind through the process and did a fantastic job. They became my point of reference for so many other creative projects. Totally recommended.
Paul Oppong
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Enjoyed working with Temis, very creative and responsive

Bella Bards
Read More
Temis was fantastic. Very quick to respond and set expectations on the delivery timeline and then achieved them. The quality of their work was also great. I would highly recommend them and I will use them again.
Michaela Roh
Read More
Temis delivered good work on redrawing the logo and was very quick. I will likely have additional jobs for them in the future. Thank you!
Reem Shehab
Read More
Temis did an amazing job, they're very helpful and patient I REALLY ENJOYED WORKING WITH THEM and I would do it again soon.
Alexandra van Vianen
Read More
Quick delivery of designs! Temis understood my feedback and was able to provide quality revisions in a timely matter. They went above and beyond to provide a stellar mockup of the logo options.

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The cost depends on the logo details and the style of it; However, on average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $500 for a professional logo design.
You can check our forms for more details as well!

The time depends on the logo style and its details but generally speaking, a standard logo will take about 2-3 days for the initial draft and 6-8 days to finalize it.
Of course, we’ll keep in mind your deadlines!

We will give you samples of previous works to ensure that you like the style and direction the designs tend to take.

After that, our design team will create several versions so you can choose between them.
You will have an opportunity to provide feedback and input throughout the entire logo design process. While this is limited to the client’s own opinion, we will ensure that you are pleased with the final result!

Based on your branding, target audience, and related psychology we can offer a color palette so you can see your logo in those tones as well.

But if you have specific colors in mind, that is not an issue! We’re here to create what you love.

Again there’s nothing to worry about.
We will make sure to receive all information from your side and share varieties so you can be sure that you’ll completely love the final design.

We mostly use Adobe Illustrator since you’ll have your logo as vector files and in any size you prefer.
The other software we use is Adobe Photoshop. It’s not our first choice but if the client prefers a PSD file at the end, there’s no problem!

The file formats will be AI (Adobe Illustrator) or PSD (Adobe Photoshop) based on the software we finalize first.
We will also share other exports such as PNG, JPG, and SVG.
You can also ask for other formats if you need anything specific.

At least 3 variations. But there can be more if you aren’t satisfied with those three.

It depends on your brand and needs but it usually includes:
– Pattern
– Color Palette
– Typography / Fonts
– Logo Usage
– Dos and Don’ts of Logo
– Imagery
– Icon Set
– Stationary Design (Business card, Letterhead, Envelope, …)
– Merchandise (T-shirt, Mug, Pixel, Cap, Apron, …)

You might also be interested in some other features such as:
– Presentation Template
– Social Media Template

You can add or remove any of these features from your branding.

We currently don’t offer any free service for OpenCart suppliers, but we are planning to offer some soon. Note that you can get great results even without starting a project with us!
Just tell us what you want.

Yes based on your logo design we can create the best icon for you, so you can easily use it on different platforms.

After your logo is finalized we can create the best logo animation for you so you can present your brand and story in the best way possible.

Yes, we’ll be happy to help you out on every step of your brand journey from the first to the last!

Let's have a free consultation!