Best Online Courses to learn icon/illustration design

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There is a whole world of creativity out there waiting to be explored and with these online courses, you can find your inner artist or illustrator. With so many classes available it’s hard for us to choose which ones are worth checking out but we’ll tell ya this- most offer free trials (orearly access) that last quite long enough and taking the course won’t break any bank!

You don’t need to be an expert in order for your work and ideas to reach a wider audience. With the incredible platforms of Coursera, Skillshare & Udemy available today you can learn about any subject while selecting from many different types of icon design!

Teaching yourself web design is easier than ever with so many resources online. Premium courses offer high-quality and in-depth lessons that are worth the price if you can swing it!

But which ones should we start with?


Design Launcher App Icons for iPhone (iOS) & Android Devices

You can use this course to learn how you could create pixel-perfect app icons for both Android and iOS devices. All the fundamentals of crafting an impressive icon will be covered in detail, including using Illustrator or Photoshop depending on which platform you’re developing for!

If you want to create a splash with your new app, the first step is understanding how icons are created. This article will cover common pitfalls and help avoid them by teaching what most beginners don’t know the process of creating high-quality graphics!

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How to create flat design icons in 15 minutes in Illustrator

Creating custom flat icons is easier than you think! This course will teach how to use Adobe Illustrator, a program not many designers know. You’ll learn all about creating unique-looking shapes and merging them together in order to make your own design that’s perfect for any app or website.”


Creating Icon Fonts for the Web

Glyph icons are the best way to get started with icon design. With their flat style and simple construction, they’re perfect for beginners who want easy-to-use assets but still have an impact on projects beyond their own portfolio site or app icon! You can even take these same shapes into full-blown font form – so if you need more than just small little graphics then this tutorial is right up your alley (even though it might seem like quite a lot of work at first).

Windows users may find this course useful, but it’s not perfect for them. The icons can’t be exported into fonts on a Windows machine and they’ll have to use the free graphics program Paint instead of Photoshop or Illustrator – which costs money!

This should still prove very informative though because even if you don’t end up getting started with icon design yourself there are certainly other ways that these designs could help your business grow through branding campaigns from third-party designers who specialize in such work.”


Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures & Clothing

Whether you’re looking to create a new character for your story or just want an illustration, this course will teach how. You’ll learn the four core facial expressions and proper use of color in order to give life-like characters that contain emotion and personality through their poses as well as textures used on clothing!


Learn the fundamentals of icon design in 1 hour

The website has 30 fast-paced videos that teach icons easily. Matt D Smith, the instructor of this course makes it easy for anyone to learn how use them by giving an elaborate introduction in which he covers all necessary information about what’s going on behind each icon you see when browsing online or using other programs such as emailing documents between co workers etc… So if your looking into getting more knowledgeable with digital fluency then head over today!

The website claims that with just one hour of study, you can learn the fundamentals of icon design. And by subscribing to their MDS email list it’s possible for visitors like yourself who want more information on this topic or similar topics in future mailings – FREE!


The Art Of Icon Design

“The Art of Icon Design takes you from a complete beginner up to an experienced practitioner in just under 2 hours. You’ll want this if your interest lies primarily with sketching and drawing.”

The book is heavy on the art portion but I also believe this can be valuable to any serious icon designer. If you don’t have skills in sketching your ideas, then there will always remain an imbalance when compared with someone who does know how to use their creativity through drawing and design

Sketching has never been so important than now – we all need more than just words for our work!


Creating Icons with Illustrator

If you’re looking to get into the art of icon design, I recommend checking out this course taught by Justin Seeley. You’ll learn about what it takes and how best to approach new projects from start to finish with Illustrator as your tool of choice! He also explains some techniques that will help make sure those icons look great no matter where they land on any device–between desktop versus mobile apps or even inside other websites themselves

The output should be friendly yet informative so readers can understand all there is within.

Learn the skills needed to take your designs from good, but not great icons. You’ll learn how tweaking color values can make all of the difference in an app or desktop user interface!

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The Beginner’s Illustration Masterclass

Learn the fundamentals of digital illustration with this beginner-level course that’s described as a quick and easy way to learn how use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or Gimp. TheIllustrations Masterclass courses offered by Edu evolution provides students numerous downloadable resources covering certain topics suchroyalty free rights.

Have you always wanted to learn how draw professional illustrations and vector drawings? With this beginners course, the possibilities are endless! The six articles that come with it cover various topics like using tools in Adobe Illustrator such as Pen tool or Pathfinder. Plus there’s plenty of downloadable resources available for use during lesson sessions on things like Height pathfinder which will help make your designs even more amazing than they were before – now get drawing!!

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