Can I start a PPT or PPSX automatically as a slideshow presentation?

ppsx to ppt
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Have you ever wanted to create a file that directly runs in slide show mode? Today, we will learn how this can be done. Plus, there’s one simple hack for saving tons of trouble if creating non-editable files!

PowerPoint is the king of presentation software. Professionals, educators, and creatives all utilize it because of its adaptable capabilities and user-friendly design. PowerPoint files can be found in the two most popular formats, PPTX and PPSX. While PPTX is widely known, PPSX may still need to be made familiar to users. Let’s talk about PPSX full form, how to convert PPSX to PPT, and which file type should be used if you want to create a file that automatically shows the presentation as a slide show in your PowerPoint presentation design services.

ppsx full form

What is a PPSX file format?

PowerPoint Show files or PPSX are a type of PowerPoint presentation that can automatically open and display slides. These formats do not allow for editing as the content will always show up in an uneditable form when opened directly from your computer with this particular file type installed on it, but there might be some workarounds available if you know where to look!

The difference between a PPS and an XDSF file is that the newer format, can be opened by all versions of Microsoft Office including 2007 or later releases; however, if you’re using older software like PowerPoint 2000 then it will only open in read-only mode. To get around this problem we recommend saving your presentation as either .pps/.ppt files (which means they’ll work no matter what version) OR having both types saved so there’s always one available for each type!

How to Save a Presentation in PPSX format?

The first and most straightforward way is by using Microsoft PowerPoint’s built-in “Save As” function. All you need to do to make this happen successfully, though? 

Step 1 – Open the PPT

Open the PowerPoint presentation that you want to save in the PPSX file format.

Step 2 – Go to the File option

Click on the “File” option for your PowerPoint. On the dropdown menu, select “Save As..”

Step 3 – Click on the “File Format” option

Check out all of the file formats available to save your presentation in this window.

Step 4 – Choose the PPSX or PPS file format

Choose a format in which you would like to save your presentation. 

Output: Click “PowerPoint Show” and select either PPSX or PS file type from the dropdown menu.”

Step 5 – Save the file

Step 6 – Verify

Make sure you have saved it in PowerPoint Show format.

a PPT or PPSX automatically

PPSX Full Form

PPSX full form stands for “PowerPoint Slide Show.” It is a file format created by Microsoft PowerPoint to enable users to deliver their presentations in a way that’s optimized for viewing, typically in a slideshow format. PPSX files are often used when you want to share a presentation that opens directly into presentation mode without editing or modification. They are standalone slideshows designed to start automatically when opened.

Converting PPSX to PPT

Converting a PPSX to PPT will allow you to edit the presentation. You can do it step by step:

  1. First, open Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer.
  2. Now choose “File” in the screen’s top-left and click “Open.” you should navigate to where your PPSX file is and then select it.
  3. When your PPSX file opens, select ” Save As ” in the ” File ” menu.” In the “Save as type” dropdown, you should choose “PowerPoint Presentation (*.pptx).”
  4. Now choose where to save the converted PPSX to PPT file, use a name, and “Save” it.

This conversion process is handy when you have a PPSX file but want to change or update your presentation’s content, layout, or design.

What advantages of a PowerPoint Show (PPSX) file format?

  • Help your clients stand out from the crowd – Today, more than ever before in history there is a huge amount of competition for any type of business opportunity. This means that you need to do everything possible when it comes time to display how awesome YOU are! Not only will this impress potential customers but also put you above all others so they’ll want what YOU have instead… which leads me back around full circle: sending them something unique like an animated PowerPoint Show file can help distinguish them as someone worth dealing with!
  • The great thing about this PowerPoint Show file is that it keeps all your animations and transitions just as you created them!
  • hiding the contents of a presentation from those who don’t need access can be frustrating. But what if you could share it as an unprotected PowerPoint show? This would solve your problem and allow others to view/edit content just like they do on their computers!

COOL HACK to truly create a non-editable PowerPoint file

Here’s a cool little ninja trick that you can follow if you want to make your presentation non-editable. There are multiple ways of doing this, but the easiest and quickest would be by converting it into an MP4 video format!

For those of you who are wondering if it’s possible to convert a PowerPoint Show file into an MP4 video, the answer is yes! To do this all we need is to open up our presentation in edit mode and then save them as such.

To save the file in a different format, simply open it up and choose which type of video you want to export.

To save your work in PowerPoint for future reference, navigate to “File” and then click on “Save As.” Choose the desired file type of MP4 and give it any name that you would like. Once saved successfully this way – every time someone shares their presentation with us (or links) they will automatically be converting them over too!

Which file type should be used if you want to create a file that automatically shows the presentation as a slide show?

If you want to create a file that automatically shows the presentation as a slide show, the PPSX file type is your answer. When you save your presentation as a PPSX file, it is designed to start playing in presentation mode as soon as it opens.

If you are going to be ensured about the viewing content by your audience, which focuses on it and without distractions, it’s a brilliant method. The PPTX file format will be the right choice if you want to work on the presentation, make edits, or collaborate with others on the content. PPTX files are the standard PowerPoint presentation files that can be opened and edited in PowerPoint’s editing mode.

a PPT to PPSX automatically show


PPSX files have a great WOW factor and can be very helpful if we want to start our presentations directly in slide show mode. However, contrary to what most people may believe PowerPoint Show (.ppt) documents are not fully editable but they allow you some flexibility with content conversion by converting them into an MP4 video file type which offers more options than just still pictures or text on slides. Understanding the distinctions between PPSX and PPT file formats is essential for effectively using PowerPoint. PPSX is ideal for seamless, automatic presentations, while PPT allows editing and customization. Knowing how to convert between the two formats allows you to adapt your presentations to various needs and audiences.


Can you force PowerPoint to open in Slide Show mode?

Right-click your PowerPoint file from the desktop, then choose Show from the drop-down menu. After that, the file will open in Slide Show mode, where you can present it. To exit from the slideshow, press Escape to return to the desktop.

Are PPSX and PPTX the same?

The difference is only in the extension and the PowerPoint format in which they open. PPTX is mainly for a PowerPoint presentation. But PPSX is an extension for a PowerPoint slide show.

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