Do and don’ts in UX design?

Do and don’ts in UX design?
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Those who have just started their work may have a lot of questions about what they should do and what not to do, and this is an important point to know what is better to do.

In this article, we tried to do several very important things that we should do so that our visits and leads will be higher and the user will have a better experience of working with us, and things that we should not do if we want the user to stay on our site.

So if you are looking for the answer to this question, stay with us until the end of the blog.

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Test your design:

You should know that when you finish your job, no matter what it is you should ask the users to use it so that you can understand the good and bad points of your design.

You should test it with real users to know their needs and even more do they see it as useful.

The reason for doing this is that you are a designer you have a good pc and you see things much better than a person who is using it on his phone.

Now what to do/ you should tell users to complete regular tasks in your app and after that, you have much more results about your app, with them you can understand whether is useful for them or not.


 Less typing:

It happens to me lots of times that I’m typing something ad then suddenly an error happened and then I can’t finish my typing and I face a problem.

So it’s an important issue and it should be solved in some way. The point is that you should make it easy for users to use your website or your app one great way for doing that is to use fewer words and much better typefaces I mean you should minimize the amount of typing cause typing in typing with your laptop is different way thing from typing with your phone.

For solving this problem it’s much better to include less typing and more focus on the user’s need and then you have a much better UX.


Legible text:

Typography (fonts) is the content and the contents are the reason that a user comes to visit your website. So keep careful of typing the fact that you are using, using the good one can make a big difference. For fixing this problem you can use the points that have multiple sizes so in your laptop or your phones are good.


Finger-friendly tap target:

One of the important things in designing UX is to watch over the spaces, with a little touch you might touch the wrong thing and it cause you more time to fix it.

So what should a UX designer do to solve this problem?

When you are designing the mobile interface, have a clear target and make it big so that it’s much easier to choose for the user. 


Prioritize feature:

Many designers tend to add, many features as possible cause they do believe that by adding many features customers with like it more but it’s not this way.

It rarely results better so it’s not the thing that you should do.



Don’t ask too soon to rate

No matter whether you are designing an app or website it’s the wrong thing to ask the users to rate your app in several first days, you should give them some time then it’s time to ask about the HVAC was their experience do they enjoy it or not? 

The truth is that we are all the same we hate to tell things and be asked when we don’t use the app and even we don’t know what other facilities this app has.

In a try to gather valuable remarks many app developers make a commonplace mistake: they force customers to charge their app. asking for a rating too quickly or too often is disturbing and reduces the number of beneficial comments you acquire. users don’t want to be interrupted for something vain while they’re in the center of something crucial.


Don’t create dead-end pages

Having this from me people tend to use their time on the pages that are more clear and less problem and we don’t want to see an end page very much.

In UX designing you should show the movement cause it’s all about movement and nothing more, so end pages gonna fall for every important thing that you design.

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Don’t use jargon in the user interface

Have you ever tried to have a good conversation with other people to have a better conversation you should use the words that the person you are talking to uses more.

This is not too far from our purpose so we should use the words that our users are using more then we can build a great experience for users.

Don’t add irrelevant information to your pages

Here in these days life, we don’t have much time to spend on things that we don’t want, we have a target we find it then its time to read and finish the process.

So if you want to give the users the exact thing that they want and they came to your website for that reason you can do this.



I’m sure that, those who have experience designing UX know more words to say and even more do and don’t design better than what I share with you.

But I tried the best things that came to my mind for the design that we should or not do.

You should know that the set of work that we do for the design of UX is for our users to have a better experience and ultimately to improve our relationship and use and the result is something more practical.

But in the end, if you still had a problem or thought you need help with the design of UE and UX, our team at Temis Marketing will try their best to help you.


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Ui UX design services

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