How can I use the icons and the emojis in PowerPoint? I a complete guide

How can I use the icons and the emojis in PowerPoint?
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Why do you need to use the icons and the emojis in PowerPoint?

Icons and emojis are a great way to add visual interest, personality, and emotion to your PowerPoint presentations. They can help to emphasize key points or topics, draw attention to specific ideas or data, break up complex concepts into smaller chunks for easier comprehension, and add an element of fun and lightheartedness. By introducing icons or emoticons into your presentation, you can make it more engaging and interactive for viewers. Additionally, these visuals may be used as a form of non-verbal communication in the event that audience members are from different cultures with varying levels of language comprehension. Icons can also be incorporated into slides to help enhance the overall visual design aesthetic of a presentation. Therefore, using icons and emojis in PowerPoint is a great way to make your presentation more engaging and impactful.

The use of emoticons and emojis has become part of daily communication on social media, text messaging and chats. Most people can recognize the emojis and icons today. When used correctly, they can be very effective. This article will demonstrate how to install an assortment of emojis in Word and PowerPoint presentations so that you can use them in many different applications.

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How to locate, use, or customize icons in Microsoft PowerPoint?

There are many options for finding icons for PowerPoint. A simple Google search for the icon you are looking for, followed by “icon”, will likely return thousands of results that you can use to add to your PowerPoint presentation.

This is something I don’t recommend. First, you will most likely find PNG files in a search such as that. These files may appear transparent and look almost like an icon but they’re not.

These are the best places to get PowerPoint icons. We’ll also show you how to use them.


PowerPoint Library

You’re in luck if you have Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365’s new version has many benefits, including an amazing icon library. This is the easiest way to use PowerPoint icons. Simply open your PowerPoint and navigate to the Insert Ribbon > icons. You’ll find hundreds of icons in a new window. You can add multiple icons at once and they are categorized according to their themes. You can edit them easily. They are easy to use and offer many options.



You heard that right! Emojis allow you to create your own PowerPoint icons. The best part is that they are customizable. Although it may take some time to get used it, it is a very easy way to create personalized icons. Although it may sound complicated at first, once you get used to it, it will become much easier.

You will first need to create a textbox on your slide. If you are using a Mac, the Windows key and dot ( . key) should be pressed simultaneously. There you have it! These are your all-time favorite emojis that you can use in your presentation. Now insert the emoji you choose and it’s time to make it a real icon.

Use the insert ribbon to create a square shape. Right-click the square and choose to send it back. You should now be able see the emoji as well as the square. Use the control key to select the square and the Emoji. Select Merge forms > Insect from the Shape ribbon. To give it a cleaner look, choose your icon. While still in the shape ribbon, delete the outline by going Shape outline No outline.


Icon libraries

Don’t panic if you don’t own Microsoft Office. There are other options to obtain icons for your PowerPoint presentation. Icon sites are one of the most popular. Many sites offer vector icons in SVG format, which is the best format to work with icons. It is worth looking at pages like Flaticon and Icon Finder, as well as The Noun Project.


Emojis in PowerPoint: How to use, find, and customize them

Emojis directly

You can now translate certain keyboard shortcuts into emojis in Word and Outlook with MS Office 2016. These are some of the most popular keyboard shortcuts that you can use to insert an emoji directly in PowerPoint/ Outlook

  • Smile: 🙂
  • Wink: 😉
  • Laugh: 😀
  • Sad: 🙁
  • Skeptical: :/
  • Disgruntled: 😐
  • Speechless: 😡


Emojis for Word & PowerPoint

You can download the Emoji Keyboard add-in from the Office Store. This add-in works with many Office applications, including OneNote Online and the latest versions of PowerPoint Online, Word Online, Word Online, and Word Online.


Go to the Office Store to install your Emoji Keyboard. Open a Word or PowerPoint document. Look for the Office Store icon under the Insert menu tab. The Office Store will be opened. Search for Emoji Keyboard Add-in. Click on “Add” to add the Emoji Keyboard add-in. This will initiate the download and installation process. Enterprise users will need to get permission from their administrator before downloading and installing an app. After you have clicked the Add button, and completed downloading and installing the app, you will see the Emoji Keyboard section in the Insert tab.


How do I insert Emoji in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint 2010 and later versions can now install emoji keyboards. These allow you to add fun colors to your presentations with colorful smileys or symbols. These add-ins can only be used if you have a Microsoft Store Add-in.

1- Click on Insert

2- PowerPoint with text-based smileys and insert tab. / In Add-ins, select Get Addins.

3- Highlight PowerPoint add-ins / Click on the Office Add-ins dialog and enter the Emoji Keyboard into the Search box. Then, press Enter.

4- The Office Addins dialog box is displayed in PowerPoint. / Select Add next to the Emoji Keyboard Add-in.

5- The Emoji Keyboard has been added to the Insert tab. (Look out for the smiley.

6- Install the emoji keyboard in PowerPoint/Select Emoji Keyboard. This will open the Emoji Keyboard pane, which displays tons of emoji options.

7- PowerPoint showing the Emoji Keyboard. Scroll through the list, or use the Search Emoji field to enter your search criteria.

8- A successful emoji search in PowerPoint

After you have found the right emoji for you, you can change its size, text, and skin tone.

9- PowerPoint displaying different emoji formats

After you have chosen the size of your slide or whether it is text only, choose the emoji that you want to insert.


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