How much should you charge for a simple flyer in 2023?

How Much Should You Charge for a Simple Flyer?
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Popular, effective, reliable, and cheap, are words to describe one of the most used marketing tools in business, especially small business, Flyers. The Flyer is one of the easiest to make and use methods to promote your products and services. But you can use them to get success whenever they come in potentiate and well designed, otherwise, it can become a total failure and it will damage your company’s reputation. Well, what do you think a well-designed Flyer looks like, and how much to charge for a flyer? In this blog post, you can read about Flyer design, its cost, and how to design it in an effective way.

What is a Flyer?

A Flyer is a practical strategy in marketing to promote your company’s product or services. Flyers can be spread by hand, mail, or post. Flyers are everywhere usable, and you can use them on automobiles, mailboxes, and public places bulletin boards—one of the most commonly distributed Flyers during events.

How can you create an effective Flyer?

To create an effective Flyer, you need to consider some items. You must have a proper design for your product Flyer since it will grab people’s attention. An attractive and appealing Flyer design will catch people’s interest in what you are trying to promote and offer to them.

What is a Flyer design cost?

It’s crucial to be aware of the whole Flyer design process costs because most small businesses have a little budget for Flyer design and it should be based on their demands to cover their needs. By understanding the pricing of a Flyer design, you can choose the designer that suits your budget and you will be able to make better programming and make decisions about how much you should charge for a Flyer.

How much should you charge to Design a Flyer?

We investigated and prepared some of the most effective elements in the cost of designing a flyer.

  • Designer skill level

The level of knowledge of a designer (how expert he/she) has an impact on the price of flyer design. However, professional work always costs more, although it reflects the professionalism and knowledge of designers. Freelance designers may charge less. However, the cost of flyer design is based on the specific services the customer needs. For instance, some designers can ask for highly rated prices in the case of singular design components like logo designing, illustrations, and photography. Also, other designers might demand charges for copywriting, printing, and even help refining the flyers for the customer.

  • Complexity and Size of the project

The actual Flyer design may incur costs that are dependent on the number of pages and how complicated it will be. For instance, depending on a page Flyer can range between $20 and $200 while multiple page flyers with various graphic features will cost upwards of $500.

  • Location

The price of design can be different based on the location you are living. In countries with a high level of commercial demand, such as the USA, Canada, and almost Western Europe the need for Fyer design will be high. Also, in countries with uprising technologies, it may be above the average need for Flyer design services.

  • The price of making a Flyer with a Freelancer

As we mentioned, the Flyer is one of the most effective methods of advertising your business or an event. The cost of the Flyer design can differ based on its design complexity and the changes you will add to your designed Flyer.

The customers will be able to choose a designer to create their flyers. It would be advisable to commence by selling at low prices to attract more customers. As per the beginning, the price can be a bit small but as you continue you will realize it can increase. This will help you gain more experience and also enable you to design better products resulting in charging high prices for your work.

How much should I charge for a flyer design?

We mentioned various factors that can have an effect on how much you should charge for Flyer design, but on average you should consider at least between $50 to $200 per design. If you are new to Flyer design and want to charge lower, it’s better to end up with this range. By gaining more experience and having a high-quality work portfolio you can charge even more than this range.


The cost you can charge for a Flyer design has a direct relation to the design’s complexity, where you live, what are your skills, and your experience. You can hire a professional graphic designer who can design flyers for you or use freelance neophyte designers. In general, you can expect to spend from $50 to $500 on a Flyer design. Keep in mind that the total cost of a Flyer is much more than this and it depends on what your marketing strategy and goals are. Investing good money in an excellent Flyer design will be worth it because of upcoming results.


How much should I charge to create a flyer?

How much should I charge for Flyers? Generally, you should charge between $50 and $200 per design. However, the exact amount will depend on several factors, such as the design’s complexity, the Flyer’s size, and your experience level. If you’re just starting, you may want to charge on the lower end of this range.

How much does it cost to commission a flyer?

How much does Flyer design cost? For an hourly rate, a graphic designer can take approximately two or three hours to complete a Flyer design. If we consider the rate of about $25 an hour, the total cost would be between $50 to $75 per Flyer, based on the estimated design time.

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