How Often Should You Post on Instagram Every Week?

How Often Should You Post on Instagram
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This is a huge question: How often should you post on Instagram every week? This article will help you find the answer. Each social media account is different, so testing and analyzing your results is important. Instagram posts are shared by most brands at least 2-3 times per week and no more often than 1-2 times per day.


What Should You Post to Instagram Each Week in 2023?

Your reach rate can be affected by how often you post to Instagram. Your incremental gains from every new post can be significant for growing accounts. This is more than the case for larger accounts with a steady following. You should post to your Instagram account at least 2 times per week and not more than once per day. Stories can be shared more often.

In June 2021’s Creator Week, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri recommended that you post 2 stories per day and 1 feed post per week to build a following.

To keep up with your rivals (or enemies!) It’s important to remember that businesses typically post 1.56 posts per day to their social media feed. Although this may seem like a lot, a social media content schedule can make it easy to post regularly.

Content marketing is now at the top of every marketing department’s list. The effects of audience fatigue and banner blindness have also increased in proportion.

A stagnant account with declining engagement is usually different from a growing one. The content quality. Create valuable content each day if you want to attract new customers/users. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t disrupt your relationships with your followers. Do not bombard them with spammy posts, promotions, or irrelevant offers.


How many times is enough?

Further research by Later found that your number of followers influenced how often you post to Instagram each week. This can lead to engagement and increased reach. These are their recommendations:

Below 1,000 followers, 14 posts per week or two posts per day

Followers between 1,000 and 250k – Between 14 to 20 posts per week for the highest reach; 1 post per week for the highest engagement

For maximum reach and engagement, more than 250k followers should be able to post one per week.


How Many Times Should a Business Post to Instagram?

To determine how often a company should post to Instagram, it is important to consider the posting frequency of its competitors. According to the most recent reports, businesses post on average 1.56 times per daily. Hootsuite recommends posting feed content 2-3 times per week and Stories the same amount. This number is essential if you want to remain competitive.

Research on the competition is a great way to gain insight into niches or smaller industries. Browse through the posts of your largest competitor and visit their pages. Pay attention to the following:

How often do they post each day and week?

They post at all times.

Times and days in which their posts received the most engagement. You could match their posting frequency or schedule if your numbers are similar to theirs. If you are still behind in followers, you can post one to two times more than them if that’s the case. But remember to consider when your best times for posting.


How frequently should you post Instagram Reel?

In the last year, Instagram reel adoption has risen dramatically. An estimated However, there is room for variation. Gary Vaynerchuck, a thought leader, posts as many as 6 Reels daily.

How often should micro accounts post on Instagram — Based on Post Type

With Reels or videos, average engagement rates for micro accounts (between 10K and 100K followers) are high.

20 Reels is the best post type for big engagement. It has an average engagement rate of 2.99%.

Comparatively, 1 reel has an average engagement rate of 1.05%.

Carousel posts are also very popular! An average engagement rate of 0.9% for posts between 1 and 5 carousels per week is possible.


How frequently should you post Instagram Stories?

In a Q&A, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, discussed the optimal posting frequency to grow the platform. He suggested that brands post “…. a few Stories per day when asked about Instagram stories.

Some brands are more inconsistent with how frequently they post Instagram stories. Some brands, such as Gymshark, share 10 stories daily, while others, like Calvin Klein, don’t post any.

Sharing stories is a great way for your audience to stay engaged. You now know the industry standard, so you can decide how many stories you want to share.

Keep in mind that the more stories you share, the more likely it is for your followers to be engaged. They will return for more if you offer value.


When is the best time to post on Instagram?

Retrospective is a key factor in ranking posts on Instagram. This means that it is important to choose the right time for posting. Your organic reach rate will increase if more people interact with your post within an hour.

Experts still need to figure out the optimal time to post on Instagram. However, experts agree that between 5:00 and 6:00 is the best time for engagement.

Monday: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday: Friday, 5 AM, 11 AM, 12 PM, 12 PM, and 1 PM

Tuesday: 7 AM-8 AM, 9 AM-9 AM, 10 AM

Wednesday: 5 AM, 6 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, 11 AM

Thursday: 6 AM-11 AM, 12 PM, and 1 PM

Friday: 7 AM, 12 PM, 3 PM and 4 PM

Saturdays: 6 AM-8 AM, 9 AM-9 AM, 10 AM

Sundays: 6 PM, 7PM, 8 PM



This guide will help determine how often to post on Instagram. If you post too often, it can prevent your engagement rates from dropping. It might also make your followers less interested in you. If you don’t post enough, you will be at the receiving end “out of sight, out of mind.” The Instagram algorithm will give your posts a low relevancy score. This will significantly lower your post reach

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