How To Add Notes To PowerPoint?

How To Add Notes To PowerPoint?
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you have in all likelihood seen people who’ve written their entire speech inside the textual content on PowerPoint slides and begin reading the text line through line throughout their PowerPoint presentation! if you need to create appealing and effective slides, it’s miles better to use extra photographs and reduce the textual content as lots as viable. it is better to write most effective the important thing and important factors in the form of a headline and give other motives yourself; but if there are subjects that you are probably to forget at the time of the presentation, it is excellent to use speaker notes.

Speaker notes in PowerPoint presentations are an extremely good characteristic to help you write down key points, facts, and matters that are important to you and might be forgotten all throughout the presentation. these notes are confidential and are handiest visible to the speaker. The PowerPoint software program allows the presenter to display these notes only to themselves without the viewer seeing them on the projector display screen.


How to add speaker notes to PowerPoint slides?

whilst you’re creating a PowerPoint presentation, you may add speaker notes to consult later while delivering the slide in front of a target market.

add speaker notes to help you bear in mind what to mention when you present. you can see your notes on your computer, however, your target market handiest sees your slides.

Step 1 – Enable Hidden Notes on the PowerPoint homepage


the first step to having a speaker word in PowerPoint is to enable text writing.
we will do this in two ways:

  1. via going to the: View tab> show group> Notes alternative
  2. Press the “note” alternative from the repute bar on the proper backside of the slide


Note: observe that permitting hidden notes on the PowerPoint homepage is handiest displayed when:

on the View tab> Presentation View institution> the regular or define view alternative is enabled

Write in a notes pane

Step 2 – Write in a notes pane

if you have taken the first step, a container will seem at the bottom of the slide, which you can write your textual content or key terms . click on where it says ” click to function notes” and write in your notes pane.


Note: The notes pane appears below each PowerPoint slide.

Step 3 – Start Slide show

After writing the text you want in the box below, display your slides.

There are four ways to display slides:

  • Press the F5 shortcut key on the keyboard
  • Activate the “start from beginning” option from the “customize quick access” toolbar
  • Go to the Slide Show tab> Start Slide Show group> From Beginning or Current Slide option
  • Go to the bottom right bar of PowerPoint and press the “Slide Show” option, which works exactly like the From Current Slide option.

Show Presenter view mode

Step 4 – Show Presenter view mode

You can use one of these methods to show the speaker note to yourself:

  • properclick on the slide and pick “show Presenter View” from the menu that opens so you can access your speaker notes.
  • through transferring the mouse on the slide, a nearly faded component is displayed on the left backside of the slide, which offers us a few alternatives at the time of presentation. click on the threefactor alternative. A menu will open in you need to choose the “display Presenter View” choice.

How To Add Notes to PowerPoint?

Here is two method for adding notes in PowerPoint:

Method 1. Add notes via the PowerPoint taskbar. 

This is the quickest way to add notes to your PowerPoint slide. Just click on Notes at the bottom of your PowerPoint screen.

Then the Notes pane will appear, and you can start typing in the text box. You can even format the text. However, you can’t adjust the font size.

If you’d like to adjust the font size, then you need to add notes using the second method below.

Method 2. Add notes via notes page view. 

To access the Notes Page view, go to the View tab and click on Notes Page in the Presentation View section.

There are so many things you can do on the Notes Page. You have full control of what you want to add to your slide notes here.

Also, you can adjust the font size (we talked about it in Method 1) and add images, shapes, charts, and more. You can even change the background color if you like.

It’s important to note here that this is the Color view, so I was able to make the notes relatively colorful.

You can set the view to Grayscale or Black and White if you don’t want colorful notes. It’s a matter of preference.

If you want even more control over how you want your notes to look, you can edit the Notes Master by going to view> Master Views > Notes Master. 

You can choose the design and layout of the notes page and select options for your page setup.


Description of different parts of Presenter’s View

SHOW TASKBAR: Clicking this option shows the taskbar menu of the windows.

DISPLAY SETTING: This option is activated when your computer is connected to another monitor such as a TV or a projector screen.

  • Swap Presenter View and Slide Show: This option switches your monitor screen with the second display screen.
  • Duplicate Slide Show: This option displays your screen on the second screen.

END SLIDE SHOW: This option ends the display of your slides and takes you to normal view.

Presentation timer: In this part, a timer is counted from the beginning of your presentation. It has two options next to it, you can pause, resume, or restart the timer

Current time: This part shows the current time of your system.

Pen and laser pointer tools: This part gives you tools to highlight or show a point on the slide.

See all slides: By pressing this option, you can see all slides at once. (Audience can not see this on the second screen)

Zoom into the slide: Zooms in on the slide.

Black or unblack slide show: This option blackens the screen and removes it from black mode by pressing it again.

three dots: Displays more options.

Next Slide: In this section, you can see a preview of the next slide.

Notes: In this part, the speaker notes that you have written are displayed.

Make the text larger / smaller: With these options, you can make your note size larger or smaller.

on the way to go out of the Presenter View mode, simply click on the three -dot option at the bottom to open the menu, and then pick out the ” disguise Presenter View” choice to go out of this mode.

How to exit the Presenter View mode?

on the way to go out of the Presenter View mode, simply click on the three-dot option at the bottom to open the menu, and then pick out the “disguise Presenter View” choice to go out of this mode.

How to Delete all the speaker notes?

How to Delete all the speaker notes?

You can delete all your slide notes using the “Inspect Document” feature before sharing your presentation with others. Just follow these steps:

  • From the “File” menu, click “Info”.
  • Click “Check for issues”.
  • Click “Inspect Document” to open a new window.
  • Make sure “Presentation Notes” is enabled in this window; Now click on “Inspect”.
  • In the next window, in the “Presentation Notes” section, click “Remove All” to delete all notes.

What are the advantages of adding notes to PowerPoint?

What are the advantages of adding notes to PowerPoint?

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should use speaker notes:

  • The notes help you bear in mind the key points that you need to mention for your presentation.
  • The presenter can examine the notes aloud and this makes the presentation more thrilling and interactive.
  • if you are apprehensive, you can not bear in mind all the key matters that you wanted to say or proportion with others and speaker notes remind you what desires to be stated and done for the duration of your presentation.
  • The notes are visible only to the presenter and consequently, they don’t distract or appeal to interest away from the principal presentation content material.
  • They can help you study your presentation and write down things that come to mind. If there may be something else you want to feature, it will likely be easier for you while writing out slides compared to searching at a computer display screen or paper.


To have an expert PowerPoint presentation, we advocate that you avoid writing lengthy texts on slides or in speaker notes. we advise consisting of the handiest keywords or numbers that may be forgotten within the speaker Notes. As your adrenaline degree rises throughout the presentation, your student dilates, and also you cannot see the small texts nicely. So we recommend enlarging the font size of the speaker notes as a great deal as it’s miles legible so you do no longer have trouble seeing them.

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