How to convert google slide to powerpoint?

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Google slide is one of the most useful tools in this Decent but if you need to share it with someone else in the form of an email attachment you might be looking for a way to convert your google slide to PowerPoint. 

 In this blog post, I will learn you the 5 Best Ways to convert your Google slide to PowerPoint and you will see how easily you can convert your Google slides to PowerPoint so you can store and view it off-line anything that you need.


5 Methods to Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint3 - B.jpg

1- Export Google Slides to PowerPoint from the File Menu

Step 1: Open the Slides presentation in Google force.

Step 2: Click on “report” → “Download As” and select the “PowerPoint Presentation” alternative.

Step 3: Rename the output document if you need to and hit “store“.

The file can now be opened with MS PowerPoint. further to this method, you can additionally download a report without delay from its pressure vicinity without being opened. 3 - C.jpg

2- Converting Google Slides to PowerPoint Automatically

Step 1: Open Insync and access your Account Settings.

Step 2: Click on the Conversion tab.

Step 3: Choose Convert to Microsoft workplace (cool tip: you may convert to OpenDocument additionally!)

Step 4: Click on practice to shop your settings.

and that is it! when you try this, every Google Slide report you sync could be mechanically converted to PowerPoint and may be easily accessed in your nearby Base Folder, which is where all synced files are located.3 - D.jpg

3- Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint from the Drive Folder

Step 1: visit the pressure folder where your Slides document is placed.

Step 2: proper-click on the document and pick the “download” choice.

Step 3: Rename the file if required and hit “shop“.

while those two methods assist you to download an unmarried report at a time, this subsequent manner indicates the way to convert a bunch of Slides documents in a single cross and feature them downloaded in a zipped file, which is lots easier to percentage via e-mail.3 - E.jpg

4- Convert and Download Multiple Slides Files as a Zipped File

Step 1: pick multiple Slides files in power with the usage of the Shift or Ctrl key and your mouse.

Step 2: right-click on any of the chosen files.

Step 3: you will see the development as your files are converted and zipped into a single download.

Step 4: whilst the process is complete, you may select the download region and hit “keep“.3 - F1.jpg

5- convert a Google Slides Presentation to PowerPoint — From Google Slides

Step 1: Open your presentation in Google Slides.

Step 2: Click recorddownloadMicrosoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

Step 3: a duplicate of your Google Slides presentation will be stored as a .pptx document (PowerPoint report layout).



these days are days that we are using Google slides and performing more than any time so some tips and tricks going to help us in many times about them I wish that I’d love works for you and we are posting more bog and I have these topics so they are going to help you as well and if you are interested you can follow us in Temis marketing also if you had any issues with making PowerPoint my colleagues in Temis marketing are here to help you the best way that they can.

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