How to Create Flat Design Social Media Icons

How to Create Flat Design Social Media Icons
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Flat design is a popular style of visual interface that offers an easy-to understand, yet engaging experience. This type removes unnecessary distractions and focuses on content instead for users to become more captivated by what they see in front if them
Social Media has opened up whole new worlds with fresh possibilities when designing online platforms like social media networks or blogs where people share images related at any given moment; however there’s beenshift towards Flatsome kindof interfaces lately because folks want greater screen estate along wth improved accessibility via mobile devices which leads us.

Flat design has been a hot topic in social media for the past few years. Initially started as just an aesthetic choice, this style now seems to have become widely accepted and is no longer considered just one of those things you do because your company needs more followers on Twitter or likes across Facebook posts- it’s actually really important! Flat designs can be about minimalism–the less clutter there is from different elements vying for attention; thus giving all focus onto what matters most: content itself…
The key thing here though isn’t simply reducing amounts but rather figuring out which parts need fixing so that everything still makes sense without being overbearing (which might lead people away)


Here we have a guideline for how to create flat design social media icons:


1. Give your icon a unique look and feel – Create an outline of your icon shape

Create an outline of your icon shape using a vector graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator. For this step, you only need to worry about the shape and the proportions. The details come later. Just keep it simple so you can throw away any ideas that don’t work or aren’t quite right. If you don’t have access to a vector graphics editor, you can use Google Drawings, which is free and easy to use.

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Creating an icon can be as simple or complicated you want it to look like. For some, the idea of having a unique design might seem daunting; however we recommend keeping both simplicity and clean lines in mind when creating your shape because these will make sure people know exactly who’s logo they’re seeing–whether online via social media post (like Instagram)or elsewhere!A good rule-of thumb would probably just try practicingDiSC.

Fill in the icon with color

2. Fill in the icon with color

In the world of design, there are many different styles that one can choose from. One such style has recently become popularized by some companies on social media platforms as well as desktop browsers – flat iconography! This particular look really stands out when given some color filling within it so you’ll have better visibility during browsing sessions without having too much going off at once (which could cause confusion). You could use these icons for representing your website or products- whatever helps brand yourself more easily in today’s marketplace


3. Use Photoshop to add a drop shadow, change the color of the marker lines and, etc.

If you want to learn how use Photoshop (or other tools) then start with the basics and master them. The best way is by practice; more will make better! There are many free resources available on-line for learning photoshop such as tutorials that can teach even beginners what they need in order get started using this powerful graphics editing software program
There’s no doubt about it – if your goal involves creating visual designs or assets like logosotion flyers , etc…you’ll definitely need a strong handleof graphic.

Add some effects like textures or patterns

4. Add some effects like textures or patterns

And I bet you didn’t know that there is a whole spectrum of icons out their too! That’s why it pays to think about what kind or effect we want our work and how best can achieve this with different types.

Creating a flat icon is easy if you have the right tools. You can use different patterns, or just simple colors to make your design stand apart from others and grab people’s attention!


5. Make the icon unique to you/ your brand

An excellent way to make your social media more memorable and also helps increase blog traffic is by designing an iconic icon. To look professional, try using real logos or symbols as much like a physical representation of what you want it represent; use color contrast well with the other branding elements in place (think about shape). It should be recognizable from far away so think carefully about how this will play into ensuring visibility during browsing sessions – remember that users typically only see content on their newsfeeds once every few hours!

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6. Simplicity

A good icon is simple to use and understand. It should be scalable so that you can resize it without compromising the quality of your design or images, which makes them more likely (though not guaranteed) for success on blogs/social media sites where users often reduced size pictures due post-sized content
I was looking at some examples from around the web when I came across this really great article about what makes an effective blog image – one with scaling capabilities!

Your icon should be used in a number of different ways and you must develop the best strategy for getting it out there.

The best tools you can use to create your design

The best tools you can use to create your design

  1. Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is the go-to tool for designers and artists who want to create quality works of art. It’s used by graphic professionals, web developers or anyone looking at creating visual content on their computer through MacOS (and Windows) with a mouse button dedicated solely towards drawing shapes!
Imagine being able not only draw inspiration from all over but also use stock images without having any fear about how they will look when printed out because Illustrations has built in conversion tools which allow you adjust colours easily while maintaining high definition textures – saving time in trying different things before figuring.


  1. IconsFlow lets you create custom collections and export them in high quality (SVG, ICO, and PNG). The good thing about this service is having two editors:

  • The main, where the palette, style, and effects are selected.
  • Form Editor, where you can change the current form or drag a new form.


  1. Ico Converter

You can design your own flat icon in a tool and then use this free ICO Converter to convert it to ICO format, which is very convenient.


  1. Iconic

If your goal in icon design is just to make a change to the system, or you want a simple, low-cost logo for your small application, a tool like iconic might do the trick. More than 5,000 icons are available to resize, color, and deliver quality output.



Flat designs are a cool, modern style that uses bright colors and clean lines to give your social media an elegant look. This flat icon design is perfect for use on any type of background because it looks great no matter what you’re posting about! These free-to-use web icons can help enhance the effectiveness of content marketing efforts by providing users with minimalistic yet eye catching additions throughout their site or blog posts which will increase engagement rates.

The designer’s goal is to create an iconic design that can be easily remembered and understood by users. The icon should serve as both the message or idea it represents, but also help construct your visual hierarchy for how information on a page might be organized so people understand what they’re looking at more quickly.

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