How to do basic logo design with illustrator?

how to do basic logo design with illustrator
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Adobe Illustrator is the best logo design software. With its extensive range of industry-standard features and tools, Illustrator allows designers all over the globe to create logos in their preferred way. Illustrator can be used to create logos for digital, print, and video. This article will show you how to create stunning logos in Adobe Illustrator.



Color and shape communicate brand values. This is where the verbal becomes visible, and the more visual the mark, the louder your message will be! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Illustrator user, I can help you create a logo in Illustrator step-by-step.


How to do basic logo design with illustrator?

Create Your Document

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you create a logo using Illustrator. Before we start creating anything that even remotely resembles design work, let’s first go over the basics of creating a document.

Click the button ” Create a new” on the left-hand corner of your screen to get started. Next, choose the Presets. The majority of presets work well for a basic logo. However, it is essential to double-check that your presets match the following:

  • Orientation: Portrait mode
  • Color Mode: CMYK Color
  • High Raster Effects

We’ve got that out of the way. Let’s click the ” Create” link to get started.


Create Your Workspace

You’ll see a consistent theme in Illustrator: Sometimes, the first step to creating a logo is choosing the right settings.

When you’re thinking about how to create a logo using Illustrator, the Paint workspace will be your best friend. Click the Workspaces icon at the upper right-hand side of your screen to select Painting.

Once you have switched Workspaces, there are some things you should know. You’ll find Adobe Illustrator’s built-in color swatches and brushes, strokes, strokes, symbols, and many other tools, on the right-hand-hand side. These tools will be used later in the walkthrough. However, you can make a note of them here.

Let’s first look at the toolbar on your screen’s left side. Here you will find all the essential tools for designing your logo.

Your logo. Let’s draw some.


Get started with basic shape’s

You’ll find a lot more complicated (and overwhelming!) tips for creating a logo in Illustrator if you search. We’re going to keep it simple for this exercise. We think even simple shapes can be used to create a memorable logo.

Take a look at the screenshot below. As you can see, we are starting with a simple shape. You can find it by clicking on the fourth icon at the top. It’s shaped like a rectangle. To view all your options, long-click on the icon. These include a Rectangle Tool (or Ellipse Tool), Polygon Tool, Star Tool, and Star Tool.

Let’s start by using the Rectangle Tool. Although rectangles may not be the most exciting of tools, Illustrator makes it easy to create and manipulate them in many ways. You can see the GIF below to learn how to create a logo with this tool.

Select the Direct Selection tool to do this. Drag it over the corners that you wish to edit. After you have done this, you will see a corner radius widget at each corner. To change the size and angle of the entire rectangle, drag them toward the middle of the rectangle.



Add lines, color, and additional objects.

White is a great color. And if you are thinking about how do I make a logo it may be the right shade. Let’s try some other colors with Swatches.

Click on the Selection tool to add color to the shape. Click in the middle of your form. You can add color to your shape by selecting one from the Swatches list. Feeling lost? Fear not, we made a GIF for you.

Let’s add lines. To do this, we will need to create a new Layer. Go to the Layers menu, click on the + icon, and create a new layer. This will place your new layer at the top of the menu. That’s what we want.

Once you have all your layers selected, click on the empty box beside the icon that looks almost like an eyeball near Layer 1. This will lock the layer and prevent us from making any changes while we add our lines for Layer 2.

Select the Pen Tool from the Main menu to add a line. Move your cursor over the center of an image until the word “center,” in purple, appears. After you have located the center of the icon, hold down the Shift key. Then click. Select an edge of your icon you want to draw towards, and then click on edge. To finish, click V after you have drawn your line. You can do this as many times as you like.


Add Text

We’ve now added lines and shapes to our logo. This is a good start. But does that mean we are done with our tutorial on creating a logo? It’s time for some text.

Select the Type tool from the Main menu to start. Drag it across a section in your document to open the editor.

We wouldn’t use Illustrator’s standard lorem ipsum font. Enter the text that you want to use on your logo in the box you have just created. Next, select a font size and type from the Character menu at the top.


Present your logo

Make sure your client is impressed by your logo. You should show each iteration of your logo, even the different colors. You will need to show the client every version of your logo in the presentation.


Final files exported

It is not enough to have a great Illustrator logo design. It is not enough to have a great Illustrator logo design. You need the correct files to use the logo on multiple media. You should send every file to your client. This includes both horizontal and vertical versions as well as black-and-white, black-and-white, black-only, and white-only versions.



Sometimes, creating a logo can seem difficult. However, it can be fun and creative if you have the right tools and procedures. No matter the logo’s purpose, it can be printed, digital, or multimedia. Illustrator has your back. This process will allow you to create your own workflow for creating logos in Adobe Illustrator. Explore the possibilities of creativity and try new things.

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